Health & Wellness

Do you want to have a wedding experience that wows everyone? 

That offers health solutions not just for brides but for everyone? With Doterra you can handle all of your gifts for the bridal party, wedding favours, thank you gifts, bridal showers, and stag and does. From essential oils to skin care to supplements, every person can experience a high quality product that is not just a momento but a gift to your wellness.

With a large array of products, I can help you customize an array of gifts to any budget.

 Are you ready to lose 20-35 pounds in 6 weeks!  No exercise, drugs, pre-packaged food, shakes or bars.  Find out about our Doctor-supervised Chirothin weight loss program and LOSE THE WEIGHT BEFORE THE DATE!.

Providing chiropractic care for 37 years, Maximized Health offers a personalized experience to help clients achieve relief and wellness goals. Other services include yoga and massage therapy.

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