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`38 years of botanical, vegan, cruelty-free skincare, healthcare and make-up. ` #1 international brand for living healthy inside and out!

Skincare: RE9 Advanced Men and Women, Brightening, Calm, Prep-work, Clear Future

Bath & Body: NEW!! Botaniques line of hand and body creams/washes with scents of coconut, mango, nectarine, passion fruit and papaya

Nutrition Essentials: Teas, energy fizz sticks, protein bars, shakes, cleanses, and boosts essential oils

PhytoSport: For your physical fitness/sport needs. We carry a range of before and after workout supplements contained with Botanical ingredients, like Panax ginseng, to help enhance physical performance when the body is in physical stress.

Makeup: Full line of High-Quality makeup essentials including long lash mascara, eye shadow pallets, eye and lip liners, concealers and foundations, lipsticks and glosses. Everything you need to make your skin glow on your wedding day!

Hair: To maintain shiny and luxurious locks. We carry mousses, sprays, masques, and serums. For your everyday beauty maintenance, we have our True Hair product line of shampoo, conditioner, and a leave-in treatment.

Let’s have fun! book your in-home themed bridal spa party today! Maybe it’s margaritas and makeovers, an afternoon tea party, or skincare and shakes!

Contact Trish, your GLAM expert for beauty and Health!

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