Robin Reitz
Ritzy Cakes & Eatery
20 Alice Street
Waterford, ON.


Company Profile

Ritzy Cakes & Eatery is a business built out of a passion for quality and great taste. Lead by Robin Reitz, the family-run business works tirelessly to ensure that every wedding is treated like it’s one of our own.One of the cornerstones of our business is helping with your special day.

Ritzy Cakes has provided for countless weddings throughout South Western Ontario. Everything from big extravagant events to small intimate gatherings. To ensure your day is perfectly sweet, we offer a free bridal consultation and tasting, where together we can design the cake of your dreams.

We believe every cake has a love story to tell. During your bridal consult, Robin will personally help you with her years of artistic experience to help tell YOUR love story, making your cake perfect. Perhaps it is a wildly fun, unique design, a design of the latest trends, or maybe a traditional classic design, we will work with you to make it perfect, and something your guests will talk about long after your wedding. Not only will your cake look amazing, it will have a taste to match. Made with quality ingredients, our delectable cakes and cupcakes are so fantastic that we earn the honour of providing cakes for future celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries etc. Our Brides & Grooms become part of the Ritzy Family for years to come.

The day is perfect, the dress is beautiful, the ceremony was breath-taking,and the cake is Ritzy……Making the edible….INCREDIBLE!

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