Natasha Meister
265 Enfield Place

Company Profile

Natasha Meister – 28yr old, Canadian born, award winning singer/songwriter/guitarist. Over 10 yrs. in industry, she was recognized as a rising star, very passionate and limitless talent. To credit her name, she was the only woman in Africa who was endorsed by both Fender (USA) and Lakewood (Germany) guitar makers.

Her debut album “Half Way” in April 2012, with the single “Safe In The Silence” made it’s mark in the South Africa scene both on National Radio & TV.  Some of the tracks have also been play-listed in various parts the world – including: Canada, Australia and U.S. She caught the attention of international superstar Daniel Bedingfield, who insisted that she join him to collaborate in late 2012 for his South African tour.

From 2016-2018, Natasha lead her most successful band, The Sweet Resistance (TSR), a 4 piece alternative pop rock band. With 3 songs hitting the charts led TSR to open for The Pixies at Rock on The Lawns and LIVE The Reunion World Tour in Cape Town.

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