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Woodbridge, ON

Company Profile

Life Lens specializes in professional wedding cinematography services that create timeless, modern cinematic films edited to sophisticated music. However, the element that truly sets our company apart from others is how heavily we are influenced and inspired by the art of filmmaking. Life Lens focuses strongly on the structure of story development, a key factor in film production that will help us frame your love story into an inspiring work of art. Our team of cinematographers pride themselves in being passionate about telling real love stories with real people and so, because of this, over the years, Life Lens has worked on multiple types of film projects that have increased our experience in the cinematic field as well as cultivated and developed a wide variety of techniques and styles that is sure to benefit our diverse group of customers.  These valuable experiences have helped shape a company that is well rounded, inventive and interchangeable.

A high performing cinematographer, Joe Smith has built his own company (Life Lens) on the basis of his talents. His passion for filmmaking always ensures a lineup of new and upcoming projects that continue to expand his knowledge and skills. His primary goal to emotionally impact people by putting ideas and concepts into perspective is one of his greatest strengths as a filmmaker. His attention to detail and ability to capture and frame even the smallest moments are what makes him an adept and memorable cinematographer.

Life Lens offers three well equipped packages which offer a variety of options. In order to optimize the final product, all of these packages are interchangeable and can be customized to suit your personal needs. Most importantly, Life Lens considers your budget and will always present you with an option that will fit your vision. Life Lens also offers destination options and add-ons such as photography to cover any services you should require.

Life Lens cares about its clients and will take the time to communicate through email, phone and face to face meetings not only to discuss wedding details but to connect with our customers on a personal level so as to fully understand them and their personal love story. This approach helps us to understand what footage will be captured on that special day and how it should be captured. We take the time to pinpoint the needs, wants and important details that help create videos that move and warm the hearts of our clients and their viewers. As mentioned before, we are very flexible and happy to individually customize packages to ensure quality to every love story we create. Book Life Lens as soon as possible in order to ensure availability!

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