Coutinho's Made-To-Order Bridals


Company Profile

At Coutinho’s bridals, we celebrate the individuality and beauty of each bride with the understanding that no two brides are the same. Our goal is to make designing a wedding dress a fun and fully interactive experience for the brides. They are involved in the creative process from choosing a style to picking their fabrics and details with us to make their dream dress a reality. With over 20 years experience in custom made bridal gowns, Pearl Coutinho, the founder of Coutinho’s bridals, specializes in guiding brides towards fits and styles that flatter their figures the most. She believes in giving brides that special time and attention that is needed when creating such a special piece for their wedding day. She also likes to make the experience fun for the brides so they can look back on it as part of their wedding memories.

We are appointment based only so please feel free to contact us to book a consultation and let’s talk about bringing your ideas to life!

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