10 Stellar Winter Wedding Photos

To get you in the mood for all things wintery wedding wonderland, check out these gorgeous and inspired photos.


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Plan your Winter Wonderland #Wedding Cake

The winter season conjures rich colours, warm layers, crackling fires and cozy textures. It also brings seasonal flavours to tempt your taste buds. A few unique cake flavours for this wintery season are peppermint buttercream, brown butter spice, bourbon-soaked coconut and pecans, maple butter almond, or white chocolate and pomegranate curd. Once you’ve selected the inside, check out some of these gorgeous outsides. 


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10 Winter Wedding Ideas to Steal

A winter wedding can offer just as much elegance and romance as a sweet summer wedding. The icy-chic colour palette surrounded by a blanket of snow offers a plethora of decor ideas for every bride-to-be. From venue to flowers to favours, check out some of these stunning winter wonderland weddings for your inspiration.


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The Perfect Winter Wedding Storm

Eden and Mitchell Graham got married late last month during a winter storm that brought down 35cm of snow. The couple was wed at Paradise United Baptist Church in Nova Scotia and the raging snowstorm didn’t dampen their spirits.


Photo Credit: © Steve Skafte of Berserker Photography

Even when the bride’s SUV got stuck in a ditch and she had to climb out the passenger side in her wedding gown. “I never pictured a winter wedding ever. It never was my plan, but it was awesome, it was perfect,” said Eden Graham.

The bride could be seen gallavanting through snowbanks in her gown (and rubber boots) to take advantage of the weather for some unique shots.


Photo Credit: © Steve Skafte of Berserker Photography

Not all of the wedding goers were as adventurous as the bride and groom, but the wedding photographer managed to get a few guests to join the fray for some gorgeous wintry photos.


Photo Credit: © Steve Skafte of Berserker Photography

This wedding will be remembered for the grit of the bride and groom and their ability to approach their ‘wedding storm’ with positive spirits. A great start for a long and happy life together.

 – Catherine Thorpe

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3 Amazing Ski Chalet Venues

If you’re looking for a seriously cozy winter retreat, either for your bridal ceremony or a weekend “after party”, a chalet is an awesome way to go. They’re great for small, intimate bridal parties made up of your closest family and friends. They also provide the perfect setting for either relaxing with a good book or hitting the ski slopes. All in all, suitable for most any kind of guest you bring along. Here are some options to get you started.

Le Chalet Zannier


Photo courtesy of Le Chalet Zannier via lechaletzannier.com

Le Chalet Zannier, located in the French Alps near Mègeve, is a snug resort that, although charming and quaint in appearance, does not lack for amenities and comforts. The chalet sports 12 bedrooms, and the on-site restaurant, La Ferme, has delicious a-la-carte dishes fit for any palate. Be sure to visit the Wellness Center if you’re itching for some spa treatment and deep relaxation.

Chalet Illimani


Photo courtesy of Abercrombie & Kent on akvillas.com

Chalet Illimani is located in St. Anton, Austria, built using the traditional Tyrolian style. Outfitted with enough bedrooms to comfortably house 8 adults and a few children, it’s the perfect little wedding get-away for either a small ceremony or after-ceremony vacation. With all the comforts of home, including TV room, study, and kitchen, and all the elegance of a chalet in the mountains, you and your guests will be sure to have an amazing time.

Grand Geneva Resort


Photo courtesy of Carly McCray Photography

Calling Wisconsin home, the Grand Geneva Resort may not be a chalet in the true sense of the word, but the spirit of a lodge lies in it’s wood beams and décor. It’s a great location for both summer and winter weddings simply because of the stunning lakes located in its home state. Another thing to keep in mind are the many breweries available for exploring, so don’t forget!

– Samantha Muraca

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Holiday Food at Your Winter Wedding

It’s almost that time of year! Not wedding season…The holidays! If you love the holiday season as much as we do, then you must understand our excitement. If your wedding is set in holiday season, then we’re super excited for you. One of the ways to incorporate a holiday theme into your wedding without being too literal or tacky is with your food selection. How can you go wrong with some good old holiday favourites for your guests? The answer is: You can’t.

Start off with some holiday themed snacks during your cocktail hour, or have an open bar themed candy or treat table. Much like the famed holiday cookie exchange, we like to idea of having a table packed with different types of holiday cookies, squares, cupcakes, etc. The possibilities here are endless. The treats can be very innovative or traditional. All you have to do is Pinterest “holiday cookies” and you will see how many options there are for seriously outstanding and impressive seasonal snacks. You can find a great baker, enlist your bridal party to help bake, or take the task on for yourself if you’re a master baker.


Why not entice your guests with some classic eggnog? You can have a spiked version and a virgin version to ensure that everyone can enjoy a flute of the holiday staple. You can add this drink as your signature to your bar menu, or have waiters and waitresses passing out flutes throughout the cocktail hour. The second option will give your cocktail hour a very holiday party feel! Add some cinnamon and pine candles to the room and your guests will be sure to acknowledge the holiday theme.


Finally, you can add a holiday flare to your guests’ meals. Perhaps instead of having chicken as an option, you can serve white or dark turkey. You can have a traditional meal served complete with mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, beans, etc. If you are wary of only offering this holiday themed meal, give guests the option to choose steak dinner, seafood, or holiday plate. Those who choose the holiday plate won’t be disappointed, and those who like a more traditional wedding meal will still be satisfied. As long as all dishes pair well with the wines, we’re sure your guests won’t be complaining! This is a perfect way to offer something unordinary at your wedding without making people uncomfortable.


If you have any ideas on how to incorporate a holiday theme into your wedding, leave us a comment on our Facebook page to share!

Lauren Chan is the editor of the Bridal Guide.


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Choosing Your Wedding Colours by Season

Choosing your wedding date is one of the biggest decisions in the wedding planning process. If your wedding is going to be indoors, you have a bit more leniency because there are not potential weather issues. However, if the wedding is outdoors, you need to keep the climate in mind while planning. Most people have an idea of what time of year they would like to get married but some must make the decision based on what is available with their selected vendor(s). No matter what date you decide on, it is good to keep the season in mind when deciding what colours you would like to use for your wedding.

With each season comes ideal colours and/or themes that are best suited for that season. Here are some suggestions when narrowing down your wedding colours, based on the time of year that you plan to get married.


[Photo courtesy of livethelifeyoulovedaily.blogspot.com]

Spring: colours associated with Spring are brighter pinks, purples, greens or blues, or pastel colours of the same variety. A Spring wedding might remind people of Easter. Bridesmaid dresses should be seasonally appropriate and in most climates, a Spring wedding would use shorter dresses with either no sleeves or thin straps. Open toed (but still wedding appropriate) sandals would be a good choice for shoes.

Summer: a Summer wedding would be great with bright colours like yellow, blue or green. Summer is generally connected to sunshine, vacations and leisure activities. A Summer wedding screams “fun,” so the colours should represent that sentiment. Attire that would follow suit would be fun Summer dresses and sandals that are still elegant enough for a wedding. Something with a shimmer to reflect off the sun would be beautiful. Think of Summer treats like lemonade, watermelon and swimming pools as inspiration for your wedding colours!

Fall: with Fall comes changes. Leaves turn colour, the wind blows a little harder and nature becomes more deep toned. That being said, a Fall wedding color scheme would be best in the brown, green or orange family. Long bridesmaid dresses would work with most climates and a thicker strap on the dress would be fitting. Think of pumpkins and warm cups of coffee. These colors give out a warm and cozy vibe and a Fall wedding would feel warm and cozy wrapped up in these darker tones.

Winter: Winter weddings might be the toughest weddings to plan. In many places, Winter is a cold time of year and while snow and ice make for beautiful wedding backgrounds, they also make for very cold brides, grooms and guests. However, if you choose to have a Winter wonderland for your wedding, you want to think about colours that go with the dark nights and cold days. Reds, blacks and silvers are what come to mind with Winter, which celebrates the seasons of Christmas and New Year’s. Think of gorgeous snow covered trees, the smell of pine and the sparkling of ciders when planning a Winter wedding.

Once you have figured out the date and colours for your wedding, the rest of the planning usually comes together much easier. You can visualize the flowers that you want to use, the style of the attire for your wedding party, the way the cake should be decorated and so on. No matter which season and colors you decide to go with, your wedding will be beautiful and perfect!


Leena Kollar is a contributing writer for the Bridal Guide.

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The Perfect Season for a Wedding – Winter!

By Katherine Adamchick

Katherine Adamchick shares her advice on a growing trend…Winter weddings!

Fun wedding fact! Traditionally, the most popular month to get married used to be June, because of the Roman goddess Juno, who was the goddess of marriage. The irony, of course, being that Juno did not have a particularly good relationship with her husband Jupiter (more commonly known as Zeus). (more…)

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