3 Ways to Wear a Hat On Your Wedding Day

Hats aren’t usually the accessory of choice when it comes to deciding your outfit ensemble for your wedding day. Many brides think of jewelry and shoes first, but a hat can be the perfect finishing touch to a bridal outfit. Depending on your tastes, different styles of hat can bring out some serious polish or class in how you look and feel. So, if you’re interested in wearing something stylish, here are some looks to get you started!

A Miniature Top Hat


Photo courtesy of LittleMissHattitude via etsy.com

Although full top hats have gone a little bit out of style, miniature top hats are still alive and kicking! If you’re looking for something dapper and super adorable, look no further. Wear this little number in all white with just the right amount of feathers and crystals (maybe even add a viel!) and you’re well on your way to a classy look.

A Wide Brimmed Hat


Photo courtesy of AwardDesign via etsy.com

The favourite headwear of elegant ladies everywhere, the wide brimmed hat not only looks polished and classy, it’s great for keeping the sun out of your eyes for outdoor events. Again, white is the colour of choice for these, but any little embellishments you’d like to add would also work great! Simple is usually better, but if you’re really feeling a certain colour or texture, go for it.

A Juliet Cap


Photo courtesy of GildedShadows via etsy.com

Although a little out of style, the Juliet cap is a very pretty and feminine take on headwear. If you’re going for that vintage theme or look, this might be the perfect compromise for you between an actual hat and something a little lighter. Lacy and airy, this might be the perfect little accent you were looking for!

– Samantha Muraca

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