Ice Sculptures For Every #Wedding Budget

Ice sculptures may be considered a luxury but this unique and elegant piece of decor can be incorporated into any wedding.

The price of wedding ice sculptures depends on two things, size and intricacy. There are some small, simple designs that work great for small budget weddings and there are large, elaborate sculptures for upscale, big budget affairs.

Check out some of these options:

Image / Pinterest

Flower vases made of ice are extremely beautiful and relatively inexpensive. 

Image / IceDecor

Having an ice bar is one of the most exciting and practical ways to use ice sculptures. They add an element of fun at the bar and they’re a very memorable part of the wedding. They can be quite pricey though. 

Traditional ice sculptures are usually one piece that is the center of attention. These are a perfect choice for a big wedding with lots of decor – flowers, lights, crystals, chandeliers, candles, the whole nine yards. If you have a big ice sculpture like this, which can cost a large chunk of your budget, will likely be well-lit and sparkle across the room. 

Image / ImmediateIce

One of the latest trends in wedding ice sculptures is the ice cake. In many cases the wedding cake is mostly a decoration piece anyway. Newlyweds won’t be able to cut the cake, but it’s a great option for trendy couples who don’t care for the extra calories. 

Ice sculptures work in any wedding season. Get creative and add some ice to your big day. 


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Top 10 Most Memorable Weddings on TV

According to Mojo.

The weekend is here and since a serious dip in temperature is in store for us tomorrow, it’s a great weekend to unpack your flannels out of storage and binge-watch your favourite TV shows.


Photo Courtesy of Line up the Makeup

To help get you in the mood, here are Mojo’s Top Ten TV Weddings:

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Celebrating #NationalPuppyDay with Photos of Pups at Weddings!

National Puppy Day was created in 2006 to celebrate the magic and unconditional love that puppies bring to our lives. And it’s not just about those puppies, but how they grow to become part of our families, our lives and our hearts. In honour of the day, we’ve scoured the web for some fancy pups on wedding days.


Photo Courtesy of Wedding Dogs


Photo Courtesy of Wedding Dogs


Photo Courtesy of Mother Nature Network


Photo Courtesy of Mother Nature Network


Photo Courtesy of The Vine Leaf


Photo Courtesy of The Fairy Tale Life


Photo Courtesy of A Practical Wedding


Photo Courtesy of Vow Wow Wow

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What Will Your First Dance Be Like?


What will your first dance be like?

Remember the first slow dance of your life?

You were probably too young to know any special steps or too shy to do them even if you did. Chances are you just shuffled from side to side, barely lifting your feet off the ground, while your hands sweat on the shoulders of your elementary school crush. (more…)

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Hardest Question Ever to Answer, What Do You Do? by Jane Dayus-Hinch

Jane Dayus-Hinch-Wedding-The Bridal Guide-wedding

‘What exactly is it that you do….?’  I find this the hardest question ever to answer….

As a wedding planner it’s my role to make sure that EVERYTHING on a wedding day runs to time, to plan and I’m three steps ahead making sure that the Bride and Bridegroom are doing what they should, when they should and everyone is happy and it’s like juggling plates on sticks is the best visual I can give you. (more…)

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Brides and Grooms Beware:Top 10 Buying Mistakes


Top 10 Buying Mistakes

By:Dino Di Saverio

Much like planning your wedding, purchasing your first home will require careful thought, planning and preparation. Avoid rushing yourselves through the process, or thinking that a decision has to be made on the spot. Take your time to do the necessary research and follow the steps of the home-buying process prudently. Real estate professionals can offer plenty of advice, but do keep in mind that not all professionals have your best interest at heart. Ultimately, it’s going to be up to you and your fiancé to make sure that you are making the right decisions. (more…)

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Questions For Your Caterer


                Many modern brides want choice and control over the decisions of their weddings. Whether you and your hubby are foodies or you have a menu idea that is unique and a reflection of you as a couple, some brides find it very important to have a say over their food menu. Whether you are wanting your cultures signature dish incorporated into your reception dinner or have an array of yours and your husband’s favourite tastes at your meal, finding a caterer would be ideal for you. What should you know about caterers? What are some basic questions you should ask? Here are a few to add to your check list! (more…)

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5 Tips For Renting A Limo

Renting a limo for your wedding is a beautiful way to travel in style. The stress of not driving on your big day and being pampered with a beautiful limousine is the route many brides and grooms go. But when it comes down to choosing a limo or car company for your wedding day, what are some tips and advice you should have in mind?

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Double Celebration – Getting Married While Pregnant

By: Katie Adamchick

With more and more couples commonly moving in together before marriage, being pregnant while getting married does occur with a number of brides. I spoke with Tracy Saunders about her beautiful wedding and how plans changed once she found out about her pregnancy. (more…)

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Flowers: The Accent To Weddings


Flowers are used to accent most weddings. From bouquets to boutonnieres, flowers are a captivating  and traditional piece to any ceremony and reception.. Why stick with tradition and have flowers in a wedding and why are they the perfect décor? Here are a few reasons why flowers are a perfect décor piece for any wedding. (more…)

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Leaving A Legacy-A Love Story

Planning a wedding is an exciting event but the experiences you have years after the wedding is what counts. The wedding is simply a celebration into the rest of your life. On Valentine’s Day, The Bridal Guide decided to share a special story with you about a young Canadian couple, during the Second World War. How did the language of love happen back then? What was it like letting go of your love to worry about him going off into the harrows of war? (more…)

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Social Media and Your Wedding!

Why tweets, Facebook groups and blogging make your wedding easier!

Weddings are now more organized then ever! Brides and grooms everywhere are taking advantage of social media and its platforms to speak to their guests, plan engagement parties, bridal showers and link their bridal party to each other without trying to coordinate with so many different schedules! Social media is saving a bride time and making their life a lot easier to connect with their guests. (more…)

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When Parents Are Paying

Weddings are beautiful, momentous and one of the best days of your life. They are also incredibly expensive! While some couples pay for the wedding bill themselves, other couples have the financial support from their parents. There are a few couples, however, that encounter parents that believe since they’re paying, they’re the ones who will make the decisions! Stress, disputes and family fights all can occur if the bride and groom do not set out rules a head of time. How can a bride avoid a hostile takeover of her big day? Here are a few tips! (more…)

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The Bridal Guide Would like to Congratulate The Grand Prize Winners of

The Bridal Guide would like to Congratulate The Grand Prize Winners of the Free Mortgage for a Year draw at Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Village

Dominion Lending -Mortgage - The Bridal Guide
From the article by Jan Dean – Mississauga News

Buying a house is wonderful. Finding out you’ve won $12,000 towards your first year’s mortgage payments takes it to a whole new level! (more…)

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Cakes, Caterers and Creations- A Bride’s Signature

The modern bride’s mantra is simple, to have creative control over their wedding. From something as extravagant as a wedding theme right down to every last detail, the bride wants her say. Many businesses have taken notice to this trend and have responded. From venues allowing custom caterers to beautiful elegant cakes, a bride gets what a bride wants. There are many trends occurring to allow the bride to have her say from everything from signature dishes to specialty creations. (more…)

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A Groom’s Choice:Tuxedo Verses Suit

A bride is the center of attention on her wedding day, but who ranks a close second? Her husband of course! Many brides and grooms debate what a groom should wear on this important day. Should it be the elegant tuxedo or a great suit? Both brides and their husbands to be must choose what suit suits best! (more…)

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Timeless Photography

When a bride is getting married, she may look at past wedding photos of friends and family to get inspiration from photography poses. Occasionally, you stumble upon wedding photos that are decades old but the bride looks timeless in her photos. The bride achieves this with her appearance, hair and accessories. She is an elegant bride whose photos can be admired over time. How can you achieve photography that withstands the decades? (more…)

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Why Four Brides Does No Favors to Brides

Katie Adamchick shares her opinion about Bridal TV Shows and regular brides. Should we second guess ourselves?

By Katie Adamchick

On one hand, I wish that the explosion of bridal shows that are so popular on TV these days had happened just a little earlier. They really boomed in popularity right around when I was getting married…too late for me to garner any wisdom from them. (more…)

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Browsing Bridal Shows

Congratulations! You’re getting married! It is a wonderful time but there is so much to do and decide on and let’s face it, time flies. With so many decisions to make in such little time, many brides find themselves overwhelmed to come up with creative ideas. From the ceremony to the center piece it is hard to find a balance between your personal creative touch and the amount of time left in your day. As a modern bride, you may research on the internet various ideas and creations, but there is nothing like physically seeing a product before purchasing. With such time restraints how can you accomplish many different tasks in a period of time?


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Halloween may be over but there still is a type of monster lurking about. She has been seen wearing too much make-up and barking orders at her unsuspecting bridesmaids. Yes, bridezilla lives and she is not going anywhere! (more…)

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The Importance of Gift Registries

The Importance of gift registries -The Bridal Guide

Brides everywhere are looking for ways to make their wedding a smooth process.  They implement processes that make wedding planning just a little easier.  Receiving gifts from guests is a process that needs organization. Initially, a bride does not think that getting presents is something that needs planning but the transportation of gifts from the venue to your home and the process of writing many thank you cards for specific items takes some organization. It must also be considered that there will be some returns or exchanges for a few gifts, especially if there are doubles. How can a bride make this long process a little easier? Especially with a possible honeymoon a day or two after the wedding!

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Children At Your Wedding

The Bridal Guide children at your wedding

When writing your invitations, brides have a lot to consider. For every guest invited, one has to state whether each person that is invited is inclined to bring a guest. Furthermore, each family may bring their children. One invitation can evidently be the official invitation for five people. Brides must incorporate the extra guests in their final list. Some couples may not be interested in having children at their wedding. As a bride, do you want babies, small children or young teenagers at your wedding?

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The Cupcake Craze

The Bridal Guide - The Cupcake Craze

When the ceremony is over and the wedding reception begins, guests arrive to the venue that the bride has spent well over a year planning. From centre pieces to the décor, guests are in awe of the bride’s sense of style and the ambiance of the event. Other than the bride herself, the focal point of the room is of the wedding cake. Tiered, circular, squared, big or small, the cake is the piece de resistance of any celebration.

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The Bride of Today

The Bride of today -The bridal guide

Over the last several years, the design, structure and overall ambience of weddings have taken a huge turn. Brides who once followed strict traditions of a church ceremony and a venue reception are taking the reins back to their own wedding, infusing their own ideas and creativity to craft the perfect day. From destination weddings to a unique style of wedding dresses, weddings across North America have never been more creative! Brides can now identify with their own wedding by showering guests with a special day that represents them.

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