Black Metal Band Photobombs Engagement Shoot

It’s just a regular day in Holy Jim Canyon, California where you’ve decided to roam the forest for your engagement photo session. While you’re posing for these special photos, a black metal band just happens to wander in. What do you do? Include them in your photos, of course.


Photo Credit: © Wheeland Photography

John Awesome and Nydia Hernandez were in the middle of a shoot with their photographer, Janet Wheeland, last weekend in the forest when they stumbled across the black metal band, Coldvoid, who were there to shoot some promo photos. The couple had initially chosen the dark woods for a “Forest Gump” theme to their engagement photos, but added the band to the mix for a little fun.


Photo Credit: © Wheeland Photography

Congratulations to the future Mr. and Mrs. Awesome, and rock on Coldvoid!

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