Things you would like to know about wedding cards.

Weddings cards come in so many shapes and sizes that it can get confusing. You want something that is elegant, suits your feelings and that is easy to send. You can either have a grand card speaks volumes or a sinple card that conveys your excitement in just the right words.

You can pick something tasteful, a card emblazoned with a beautiful wrap, something with a beautiful theme, or a card that has fun text styles. Choose something that suits your style and your budget. You can get these cards off the shelf or you can get it designed online these days.


Customising a card gives you the chance to create your own design, incorporate the names of your folks, or add an element that is personal to you. These cards can also include a lyric, quote, petition or individual messages. Keep it short, straightforward, and ardent.

What should a wedding card contain?

  • Name of the couple
  • Exact Dates
  • Venue/s
  • Time of events
  • RSVP

Wedding card samples

Let us look at some interesting wedding card samples. They are interesting, innovative and enterprising. These formats will give you a good idea of how you can plan your card.

Wedding Card 1

I like the way the leaves of this card have differnet shapes. It gives an element of fun and prepares the guest to look for something entertaining at the wedding.

Theme-based cards

You can create cards using interesting themes such as this one. If you and your partner have a common passion, go for it. Choose that as a theme and design your wedding card around that. It is a lovely way to celebrate your togetherness and showcase it to the world.


Keep is simple silly! Go for a card that is simple but effective such as this one. The card explains everything simply. However, the choice of colour and the text appeal a great deal.

Make it personal

Couples these days are also choosing to make it as personal as possible. In such a case, nothing works as well as a note. Write something calligraphy style or in your own handwriting and get it printed. Simple but sweet isn’t it!?

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