Wedding Budget: Where to Spend and Where to Save

Budgeting a wedding isn’t easy, and when you’re in too deep, it’s a bit like buying groceries when you’re hungry. Everything looks delicious and perfect and necessary, but when it comes down to it, there are some splurges that are just frivolous.

Here are key areas where you can save and where you should splurge when it comes to your wedding budget. 

Spend on food and drink

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Feed your guests and feed them well. You don’t need to overdo it with four layer wedding cakes or six course meals. Choose the foods you like, prioritize your favourites and cut out anything you don’t like or need. 

Save on decor

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Decor costs can add up quickly. While some feel like details make the wedding, that doesn’t mean you need every inch to be covered in sparkles, flowers and candles. Do it yourself projects and handmade elements will bring your wedding more life than all the wedding decorations out there. Spend time rather than money when it comes to decor. 

Spend on your look

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You want to look and feel your best on your wedding, so make sure you invest in yourself on the big day. You can find deals on hair, makeup, suits and dresses, but ultimately you want to spend enough to feel truly stunning.

Save on stationary and postage

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Wedding invitations, seating cards, save the dates and postage stamps are pricey. You can cut these costs altogether with online invitations or response cards, along with a free wedding website. These online elements can be much more personalized than print and will add to your wedding rather than detract from it. 

Spend on entertainment

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If you and your guests don’t have fun, what’s the point of the wedding? Spend on entertainment and make sure it’s the best day of your life. 

Save on thank you gifts

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It’s important to thank your guests, but they have enough serving dishes and ice cream bowls to last a lifetime. Don’t waste money and wrapping on any of that. Instead give homemade practical gifts guests will actually use and enjoy. 

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