3 Wild Venues for the Adventurous Spelunker

Sometimes a traditional wedding in your average hall or rented space is just too tame and predictable. Even the trendy weddings taking place in forests or fields might not be exciting enough. For some thrill-seeking couples, the road less travelled is the more rewarding one. So, with the spirit of adventure in mind, why not take your wedding to a more remote area? Here are some location ideas to get you started.

Mayan Ruins


Photo courtesy of Belize Wedding Photography

Mayan ruins, the remnants of an ancient civilization, are both haunting and breathtaking. Take advantage of all the culture, history, and gorgeous view of both ruins and the surrounding landscape! Not only will you have seriously brag-worthy photos to share with family and friends, your ceremony will also have that extra bit of adventure you crave.



Photo courtesy of Morgan Trinker

There’s nothing that says adventure quite like exploring a dark and mysterious cave. Having your ceremony in such a place not only affords you some real opportunity to indulge your craving to discover and explore, it also makes for some amazing photo ops and memories. The natural stalagmites in some of these locations are just one natural feature worthy of photographing!

The Desert

Photo courtesy of Denise Burridge Photography

Although the desert isn’t usually the first place that comes to mind when you think of a bridal venue, some of those landscapes are absolutely picturesque. Aside from risk of dehydration (which is totally preventable with the right precautions!), setting up your ceremony in a desert is a great way to experience that feeling particular to explorers of such places: the sublime. Who wouldn’t want their wedding to be sublime?

 – Samantha Muraca

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