Ice Sculptures For Every #Wedding Budget

Ice sculptures may be considered a luxury but this unique and elegant piece of decor can be incorporated into any wedding.

The price of wedding ice sculptures depends on two things, size and intricacy. There are some small, simple designs that work great for small budget weddings and there are large, elaborate sculptures for upscale, big budget affairs.

Check out some of these options:

Image / Pinterest

Flower vases made of ice are extremely beautiful and relatively inexpensive. 

Image / IceDecor

Having an ice bar is one of the most exciting and practical ways to use ice sculptures. They add an element of fun at the bar and they’re a very memorable part of the wedding. They can be quite pricey though. 

Traditional ice sculptures are usually one piece that is the center of attention. These are a perfect choice for a big wedding with lots of decor – flowers, lights, crystals, chandeliers, candles, the whole nine yards. If you have a big ice sculpture like this, which can cost a large chunk of your budget, will likely be well-lit and sparkle across the room. 

Image / ImmediateIce

One of the latest trends in wedding ice sculptures is the ice cake. In many cases the wedding cake is mostly a decoration piece anyway. Newlyweds won’t be able to cut the cake, but it’s a great option for trendy couples who don’t care for the extra calories. 

Ice sculptures work in any wedding season. Get creative and add some ice to your big day. 


Merry Christmas to YOU!

Christmas is a special time to enjoy with family and friends. It’s a time for laughter, love and spreading cheer. (Singing loud for all to hear.) From our publishers,  Joe and Trula, and the rest of our Bridal Guide team and families, we wish you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas. To those who don’t celebrate, happy holidays to you and yours.

Image / Globalgiving

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Starting this weekend, we’ve got two shows! The first shows of the year are always exciting. And we’ve got so much to share with you. This weekend we’re introducing our brand new FULL SIZE magazine with our 2017 issue.

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We’ve made some BIG changes to this issue and we’re super excited to get it into your hands!

Coming in January 2017, our new full-size magazine will have more bridal fashion and spa mavens, out-of-this-world reception venues, floral geniuses, and innovative photographers than we have room for. Not to mention the cakes, entertainment, and miles-long list of incredible vendors waiting to partner with you to provide the wedding of your childhood dreams. We wanted to refresh the magazine so we could do an even better job of showing them off, and also offer you, dear bride-to-be, more of what you love—great advice, informative tips, and real wedding inspiration all in our same unique layout with our easy-access and clearly defined categories.


In this issue you’ll find tips on finding the perfect wedding gown, the pros and cons of hiring a photography drone, an updated guide to your wedding footprint along with more great content that will keep you flipping through the pages and sharing with your bridal team. As always, our exclusive Bridal Planner is included to keep you reveling in the details of your wedding day.

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We have 


Behind the Scenes at TBG Magazine

Every year we put our magazine together with excitement, passion, and a keen eye for the details. We feel very fortunate to be able to work with some of the best photographers and top models in our communities. Choosing a cover for The Bridal Guide magazine is a lot of fun and a huge team effort.

2016 BG Cover

Check out this video by Bright Sky Wedding Designs showing part of the process for finding that perfect 2016 edition cover.

The 2016 issue of The Bridal Guide Magazine is out this Weekend!

Welcome to the new year and the 2016 issue of The Bridal Guide Magazine! Join us at Canada’s Bridal Show in Toronto this weekend or at the 47th Annual Hamilton – Halton Spring Bridal Wedding Show in Hamilton to pick up your copy.

2016 BG Cover

Planning a wedding is a wondrous, exciting, all-consuming affair full of details, details, details. We want you to revel in those details. Linger from one to the next. Let the anticipation of your big day be playful, heart-warming and wide-open. We’re passionate about those details and our team works hard every day to ensure that we can provide inspiration and direction whenever you might need it. We even have the organization of your details covered with our exclusive Bridal Planner included in the magazine. It’s the perfect size to carry around everywhere, as one never knows when inspiration will strike. (That’s part of the fun, no?)

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 – Catherine Thorpe

Design Your Wedding Bar Menu

All weddings have a big focus on food and refreshments. Just think about how much of your budget is allocated to feeding your guests! While the appetizers, dinner, and dessert are very important, the bar menu often gets left out of wedding planning discussion and conversation. That’s where we come in! The Bridal Guide wants to ensure that your wedding bar menu is well thought out, planned, and executed. We’ll toast to that!

Whether you decide to have a paid bar, toonie bar, or open bar, there are a couple of options you should consider. First, a signature drink is a fun way to get guests talking and drinking up a storm. Second, have a menu of standard options for the less adventurous drinkers. Finally, try bride and groom recommend drink options for add a personal touch to the menu.

Signature Cocktails


[Photo courtesy of Mariee Ami]

First and foremost, use a signature drink (or a few) as your headline for your wedding bar menu. These drinks should reflect your dinner menu, colour scheme, or wedding theme. Think this way: If your dinner menu is Italian or Chinese, try suggesting drinks from the same culture. If your wedding colours are bright and bold, use coloured liquors in your drinks to play up the tones. If you are having a fall themed wedding, try using drinks with orange, red, and yellow tones to reflect the colours of changing leaves.

Basic Drinks


[Photo courtesy of]

Basic drinks are easy to offer up at your reception. They serve as a good option for people who have already tried a signature drink, and want to switch back to a staple for the rest of the night. Make sure to cover all common bases here. Offer a couple of good reds, whites, beers, all typical spirits, and juice/soda mix.

Bride & Groom Recommend


[Photo courtesy of Etsy]

This option is our favourite one! It adds a very personal (and fun!) touch to the wedding’s bar menu. By having a bride recommends drink, you will usually end up with something light, flavourful, and visually appealing for the ladies and youngsters. The groom recommends drink can be all of those things too, but it will typically be something more classic, rustic, and…well…manly! These drinks give guests some insight into the couples likes and dislikes, and anything that connects the guests to the couple at their wedding is a good thing!



Lauren Chan is the Editor of the Bridal Guide.

Win a Gift Certificate for “Sweet Creations For You”

Every month the Bridal Guide gives one lucky reader and Facebook fan a prize valued anywhere between $75-400! You can win anything from spa treatments to gift certificates for wedding vendors.

This month we’re giving away a $200 gift certificate for “Sweet Creations For You” to use towards a gorgeous wedding cake! Entry details here.

To show all the lovely brides-to-be what an exciting prize this is, we’re featuring some of the unique cakes and treats “Sweet Creations For You” offers.



Cupcake tier wedding cakes are very trendy right now, and at “Sweet Creations For You” they do it right! Each cupcake is unique but they all fit together perfectly to create a dynamic and exciting cake design. The wedding cake on top with the adorable cake topper is just gorgeous.

Wedding Cake Chandelier


This is not an optical illusion and no we didn’t just flip the photo upside down, this is chandelier cake by “Sweet Creations For You.” I don’t know how it stays together, but this cake design will certainly make an impression on your wedding guests.

Anniversary Cake


We love the idea of an anniversary cake. Traditionally, it’s cute to save the first layer of cake in the freezer and each it on your first anniversary, but why not save room in the freezer and get a delicious fresh cake instead!

Thank You Cookies


To end the evening “Sweet Creations For You” offers elegant and yummy thank you cookies to give to the guests as a wedding favor. You can write messages on the cookies, initials, or just go with a romantic bride and groom theme. This is a great idea and so well done.

But you’ll have to taste for yourself to see if these cakes are as delicious as they are beautiful and unique.

All the images are provided by Sweet Creations For You.


Jillian Zacchia is a contributing writer at the Bridal Guide.

What Will Your First Dance Be Like?


What will your first dance be like?

Remember the first slow dance of your life?

You were probably too young to know any special steps or too shy to do them even if you did. Chances are you just shuffled from side to side, barely lifting your feet off the ground, while your hands sweat on the shoulders of your elementary school crush. (more…)

Hardest Question Ever to Answer, What Do You Do? by Jane Dayus-Hinch

Jane Dayus-Hinch-Wedding-The Bridal Guide-wedding

‘What exactly is it that you do….?’  I find this the hardest question ever to answer….

As a wedding planner it’s my role to make sure that EVERYTHING on a wedding day runs to time, to plan and I’m three steps ahead making sure that the Bride and Bridegroom are doing what they should, when they should and everyone is happy and it’s like juggling plates on sticks is the best visual I can give you. (more…)

A Wedding Grace With Jane Dayus-Hinch

A Wedding Grace- Jane Dayus Hinch - The Bridal Guide

I am asked many times if it is appropriate to say Grace before a Wedding Breakfast (the first meal a couple eats together after they are married….) if indeed the wedding was a civil ceremony…? (more…)

The Rose Ceremony With Jane Dayus-Hinch

Rose Ceremony Pic- The Bridal Guide

For many years we have seen the ‘lighting of the Unity candle’, or the ‘Sand Ceremony’ being performed as an endorsement from the couples, their families or their uniting of their extended family. Now an old custom has been re-introduced and seen again in marriage ceremonies both here and abroad. (more…)

Sand Ceremony wording – Jane Dayus-Hinch


At the start of the ceremony the Officiant or Registrar says:

‘Today you are making a life-long commitment to share the rest of your lives with each other. Your relationship is symbolized through the pouring of theses individual containers of sand – (more…)

Welcome To Wedding Wednesdays With Jane Dayus-Hinch:The Perfect Venue


By: Jane Dayus-Hinch


You have probably dreamed of what your wedding day would, and will be like many, many times. Can you picture the dress, the ring, the man and of course the perfect location? Whether it be a Gothic castle, a beautiful beach front ceremony, a candlelit intimate hall, a luxury 5* hotel or a fabulous bespoke marquee tent in your own grounds. The options are endless. So let’s say that the beach front isn’t for you and the marquee tent in your own grounds would not be your first choice as both of these locations we will tackle at a later date. Lets say you are opting for a venue that can host the celebrations and cater for your every need on the day…So what should you be considering? (more…)

The Ceremony of a Second Marriage

Photo Courtesy of StudioDVM

Sometimes in life, the best things come the second time around! Many couples find the love of their life after their first marriage has ended. These brides are excited to begin their lives with their new mate, but what is the custom of planning for a second marriage? Can a bride plan a big wedding, or should she have a more toned down, low key event? Do people bring gifts or just bring well wishes? The Bridal Guide weighs in. (more…)

Fabulous Flowers For Your Wedding

By Jane Dayus-Hinch

Fabulous Flowers for your Wedding

Flowers have been linked with romance and fertility since time immemorial. They lend grace and a natural elegance to any setting, buy they are especially key to weddings, accounting for up to 20% of the total budget. (more…)

Questions For Your Caterer


                Many modern brides want choice and control over the decisions of their weddings. Whether you and your hubby are foodies or you have a menu idea that is unique and a reflection of you as a couple, some brides find it very important to have a say over their food menu. Whether you are wanting your cultures signature dish incorporated into your reception dinner or have an array of yours and your husband’s favourite tastes at your meal, finding a caterer would be ideal for you. What should you know about caterers? What are some basic questions you should ask? Here are a few to add to your check list! (more…)

The Bridal Guide Sits Down With Jane Dayus-Hinch!

As the official Wedding season begins, many Brides are looking for the latest trends, great ideas and different ways to incorporate their personality into their ‘big day’. A wedding planner is a Bride’s best friend, confidante and fairy godmother who can make their ‘vision’ become a reality. The Bridal Guide will be working together with the fairy godmother herself: Jane Dayus-Hinch. (more…)

5 Tips For Renting A Limo

Renting a limo for your wedding is a beautiful way to travel in style. The stress of not driving on your big day and being pampered with a beautiful limousine is the route many brides and grooms go. But when it comes down to choosing a limo or car company for your wedding day, what are some tips and advice you should have in mind?


Double Celebration – Getting Married While Pregnant

By: Katie Adamchick

With more and more couples commonly moving in together before marriage, being pregnant while getting married does occur with a number of brides. I spoke with Tracy Saunders about her beautiful wedding and how plans changed once she found out about her pregnancy. (more…)

Gowns That Fit Your Body Type

As a bride begins to plan her wedding, the dress is what is to impress. Brides dive into bridal gown magazines and visit stores, looking for the latest trends and fashions to grace the aisle on their wedding day. However, the latest fashion may look great on a bridal model but may not suit the everyday bride. Women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes, so every bride deserves a dress that looks best and suits her body type! (more…)

Brides: Hiring A Realtor

Should We Hire a Professional Realtor?

 Real Estate Agent Dino Di Saverio gives us his tips on why hiring a Realtor helps you shop for a home and why it is a valuable asset…

Whenever you and your significant other decide it’s time to begin the house hunting process, you’ll have to decide whether or not you are going to tackle this BIG endeavor alone or with the services of a professional Realtor.  I guess it’s the same dilemma couples have of whether or not they’re going to hire a professional wedding planner to advise and look after every detail of their special day.  The only difference is enlisting the services of a professional Realtor isn’t going to put a dent in your cheque book.  Now, I bet I even got your fiancé’s attention with that one. Humour aside, working with a Realtor is quite simply a win-win situation. Here’s why: (more…)

Leaving A Legacy-A Love Story

Planning a wedding is an exciting event but the experiences you have years after the wedding is what counts. The wedding is simply a celebration into the rest of your life. On Valentine’s Day, The Bridal Guide decided to share a special story with you about a young Canadian couple, during the Second World War. How did the language of love happen back then? What was it like letting go of your love to worry about him going off into the harrows of war? (more…)

The New Guest Books

By: Katherine Adamchick

Wedding guest books have come a long way since their conception in the 1930s…okay, the truth is I have no idea where or when wedding guest books arrived on the wedding scene. My extensive research (i.e. Google search under “history of wedding guest books”) yielded no results. (more…)

Social Media and Your Wedding!

Why tweets, Facebook groups and blogging make your wedding easier!

Weddings are now more organized then ever! Brides and grooms everywhere are taking advantage of social media and its platforms to speak to their guests, plan engagement parties, bridal showers and link their bridal party to each other without trying to coordinate with so many different schedules! Social media is saving a bride time and making their life a lot easier to connect with their guests. (more…)


Dino Di Saverio gives GTA brides some advice on another important step for a bride and groom…buying their first house!

Now that you’ve made the commitment to get married and start a life together, the next biggest decision you’ll make is finding that perfect place to call home. The one mistake that most young couples make is thinking that they can’t afford a home, and convince themselves that their only option to becoming first time homeowners is to rent or lease. With the high cost of weddings these days, many couples find themselves struggling to put money aside for a home as they watch their savings deplete. For some, the financial burden of saving money is compounded by having to repay school and/or car loans. Needless to say, the idea of even thinking about buying a home is a daunting one, especially for those who think that in order to buy, they must have at least $80,000 lying around for a sizeable down payment. (more…)

The Perfect Season for a Wedding – Winter!

By Katherine Adamchick

Katherine Adamchick shares her advice on a growing trend…Winter weddings!

Fun wedding fact! Traditionally, the most popular month to get married used to be June, because of the Roman goddess Juno, who was the goddess of marriage. The irony, of course, being that Juno did not have a particularly good relationship with her husband Jupiter (more commonly known as Zeus). (more…)

The Bridal Guide Would like to Congratulate The Grand Prize Winners of

The Bridal Guide would like to Congratulate The Grand Prize Winners of the Free Mortgage for a Year draw at Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Village

Dominion Lending -Mortgage - The Bridal Guide
From the article by Jan Dean – Mississauga News

Buying a house is wonderful. Finding out you’ve won $12,000 towards your first year’s mortgage payments takes it to a whole new level! (more…)

A Groom’s Choice:Tuxedo Verses Suit

A bride is the center of attention on her wedding day, but who ranks a close second? Her husband of course! Many brides and grooms debate what a groom should wear on this important day. Should it be the elegant tuxedo or a great suit? Both brides and their husbands to be must choose what suit suits best! (more…)

Choosing Bridal Undergarments


Your gown fitting is just weeks away, time to shop for the undergarment to make your fitting run smoothly.  Building anything of beauty starts with the right foundation. (more…)

Being A Bridesmaid



When you are asked to be a bridesmaid in a friend or family member’s wedding, it is an honour. However, when you joyfully agree to stand by the bride for their special day, there is a lot to consider when committing to the biggest day of your friends life. (more…)