Groom Fashion Trends on the Rise

He may be quite happy to wear jeans and a hoodie, but that’s where you come in. The groom is no longer restricted to the basic tux or off-the-rack suit. And while his attire should be appropriate for the venue and fit with the overall wedding vibe, there is some wiggle room for self-expression… and more than a little quirk.

Forget what we thought we knew about seasonal colour, it’s anything goes in 2016.

Layers, textures, and old-school charm.


Photo Courtesy of Wedding Chicks

Floral, polka dots, checks… the patterns are endless.

groom 3

Photo Credit: Corina V Photography

And even all at the same time for a mismatched look.


Photo Courtesy of Queensland Brides

And say hello to the Cravat Ascot… again.


Photo Courtesy of Andrew Fuller

– Catherine Thorpe

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3 Stylish Tuxedos for Grooms

When it comes to wedding fashion, the focus is usually on the bride. Between her dress, shoes and accessories, there is often little time or energy left to think about the groom’s attire. If you are having a formal wedding, a tuxedo is a great option! While it might seem like all tuxedos look the same, there are many different styles and accessories that will allow any groom to make the look his own. Check out these three stylish tuxedos below!

Classic With a Twist

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.24.56 PM

Photo courtesy of Studio on 7

Give a classic, traditional tuxedo a little personality. From Studio on 7, this tuxedo is paired with a polkadot bow tie and matching pocket square. This is a great way to have a bit of fun with formal attire — simply choose colours and patterns that match your personality, or even the colour scheme of your wedding.

3-Piece Tuxedo

Photo courtesy of Tuxedo Royale

Photo courtesy of Tuxedo Royale

A three-piece tuxedo comes with a vest to be worn underneath the suit jacket. This can give the groom a much more formal look, but also give you a few extra options for the big day. For example, at the reception you can remove the jacket and leave the vest on and still look put-together. Don’t forget, a bow tie isn’t necessary when it comes to tuxedos — the one pictured above from Tuxedo Royale is paired with a traditional tie and a simple, white pocket square.


Photo courtesy of Andrews Formals

Photo courtesy of Andrews Formals

Take your tuxedo up a stylish notch by giving it some colour. The tuxedo pictured above is from Joe by Joseph Abbound, available at Andrews Formals. The single-breasted tuxedo is in a blue denim colour with a black trim and black collar. The striking combination is sure to give the bride a run for her money.


– Rosemina Nazarali, Editor

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A Groom’s Choice:Tuxedo Verses Suit

A bride is the center of attention on her wedding day, but who ranks a close second? Her husband of course! Many brides and grooms debate what a groom should wear on this important day. Should it be the elegant tuxedo or a great suit? Both brides and their husbands to be must choose what suit suits best! (more…)

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