3 Unique Bridal Hosiery and Stockings

While your dress and shoes are very important parts of your overall bridal look, stockings, socks, and hosiery are often overlooked as possible candidates for accessorizing. Depending on your personal preference and how you wish to express yourself, there are many different kinds of legwear available that will not only enhance your ensemble, but quite possibly give it more of a finished polish. Here are three looks to get you started!

Lacy Thigh-High Stockings

Pretty and delicate, lacy thigh-highs are a classic go-to when it comes to stockings. These work well with shorter bridal gowns or dresses with sheer layers so you can see the details in the lace. You can choose to stick with plainer lace or more intricate patterns; choose plain if your dress is already elaborately embellished. Pair these with some simple, elegant heels and you’re ready to go!


Photo courtesy of Grace Loves Lace

Embellished Sheer Tights

For something a little more modern, try some sheer tights embellished with any design of your choice. The sheerness of the tights will make it seem as though the embellishments are stuck directly to your skin! For some glitz, try rhinestones. For something airy and ethereal, try small pearls. Either way, your outfit is sure to be remembered.


Photo courtesy of Cocorosa

Lace-Up Ballerina Socks

For the dancers among you, or simply the graceful, you can choose to highlight your skills by wearing some pretty lace-up ballerina socks. While the ballet flats are optional, the lace-ups will turn any choice of footwear into something you’ll feel like dancing in. Again, this legwear is optimal when worn with shorter dresses so you can see the lace-ups.


Photo courtesy of Nylon Journal

– Samantha Muraca


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