Bridal Wellness: Which Spa Treatments to Choose

Every bride wants to be pampered, feel her wonderful, and look her best in the process of planning her wedding and for her wedding day. A great way to achieve those positive feelings and results is to visit a spa. Spa treatments can be difficult to choose between if you are a first-timer, so the Bridal Guide is here to help you sort through the procedures and choose the ones best suited to your needs.

Photo courtesy of Victoria Spa Services

Photo courtesy of Victoria Spa Services

Hands and Feet

This is likely the category that you’re most familiar with. All spas should offer a range of services for your hands and feet including a traditional manicure or pedicure, a shellac or gel version, nail art, and more. If you’re interested in trying something other than a traditional manicure, a Shellac or gel manicures and pedicures are more expensive than regular polish, but they last much longer. Why not add some nail art to give your wedding manicure some flair? Some spas will also have exfoliating scrubs, and complimentary massages with these services. Prices should begin around $30/service.


There are many different types of facials offered at most spas. They range in length and intensity from quick facial touch ups to reparative anti-aging treatments. If you have never had a facial, we suggest requesting a custom treatment where your facialist will create a facial especially for your needs. If you want a wedding day glow, try out a hydrating facial that will leave your skin supple, soft, and radiant. If you have some fine lines and wrinkles that you want to diminish, perhaps going to the spa for a couple of anti-aging facials before your big day is the best bet. Facials begin around $100.

Photo courtesy of Whistler Spa

Photo courtesy of Whistler Spa


If you’re stressed out, tense, sore from your bridal workouts, or just in need of some serious relaxation, a massage may be your savoir. All spas offer a range of generic and specialty massages that will certainly help you relax. If your body is sore or you have some muscle knots a deep tissue massage will be best for you. This intense massage will release your muscles and leave you feeling light as air. If it’s relaxation you’re after, sign up for a hot stone massage, in which your registered massage therapist will use hot stones on pressure points to loosen up your body. Many spas will have signature massages; just make sure you know exactly what they involve before choosing them. Massages usually begin at around $80/hour.

Body Care

Most people have not had a body care treatment like a full body exfoliation or body wrap. They often seem like intimidating processes, and are often pushed aside for the more traditional massage. We think that body wraps and exfoliation are a definite must try for a bride to be. Exfoliation fully rejuvenates the appearance of the body by schlepping off old, dead skin cells to renew bright and glowing skin all over. Body wraps deposit essential vitamins, minerals and proteins into the skin to nourish, soothe, revitalize, and contour the body. Some wraps even claim to remove inches from your waistline. Body wraps and exfoliation start at about $100.



Other services or treatments that can be found at spas are eyelash and eyebrow tinting; eyelash extensions; full body waxing; and hair cuts, colour, and styling. They are all very straightforward. These services are your finishing touches!

Whichever treatments or services you choose to have to prepare for your wedding will make you look and feel amazing! If you keep a positive attitude and find time to relax amongst all the wedding planning and organization, you’re sure to maximize the effects of spa wellness.


Lauren Chan is the Editor of the Bridal Guide.

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