Love, Laughter and Happy Ever After

A good, long-lasting marriage has a solid start. The wedding day marks the very first day of your marriage, and that one day can be very stressful. It’s important to remember to infuse a little fun and laughter into the big day to ease a little of the stress and ensure you start your marriage out capturing the sentiments that will hold your marriage together forever.

If you have studied the funny bone of your intended, you may already know exactly how to make him smile. Little (or big) surprises that create laughter are the perfect way to show your partner (and all the witnesses present on your big day) that you don’t take yourself too seriously, and that you’re committed to creating special moments for the duration of your lives together. 

A wedding party roast with slightly embarrassing stories, choreographed dance numbers, flash-mob speeches, and late-night food truck services are awesome, but nothing says funny like a fake moustache in a photo booth. No, really. You can roll your eyes, but this booth creates a ridiculous amount of silly, contagious laughter from even the most stern of chins. You may even need bouncers to get grandma out of the booth.

Guests love a photo op, and having a photo booth installed is a great way to capture the crazy that you call family and friends. Consider a theme—go old-school Hollywood glamorous or silly cartoon-crazy—the possibilities are endless.  Use chalkboard signs to allow guests to create stories. Cardboard cut-outs in the shape of speech bubbles are another way to allow guests to create their own signs with personalized messages. Old picture frames are also a great way to squeeze guests into a smaller space, creating some cozy and entertaining photos.  But whatever you do, make sure you go heavy on the props. 

If the budget doesn’t allow for this, consider creating a selfie corner and add an abundance of props there. Be sure to invent a memorable #hashtag for the festivities in order to track on Instagram, Twitter—and yes, even Facebook—to keep the love and laughter flowing in the weeks that follow.

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Lighten up, it’s your Wedding!

You’ve been planning for months, maybe years, to make sure that all the details of your wedding day come together perfectly. It has been stressful, maddening, and an adventure in self-control to be sure. (The budget is just a guideline, right?) But when the big day finally comes, take the time to enjoy it. Assign friends and family (if you don’t have a planner) to ensure that everything falls into place on time. Take a moment and treasure the day. Cherish every single moment, because it will be over before you know it. Having a few silly or light moments captured by your photographer can also help you look back on the entire wedding adventure with a smile. All the stress of planning will be forgotten. It’s your big day!

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