The Grand Married Couple’s Silhouette Entrance

After you’re married and the initial photographs have been taken, it’s time to enter the reception. It’s the first time you’ll be arriving at a celebration as a married couple. Your entrance needs to be dramatically huge.


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A total crowd-pleasing trend right now to consider is the use of silhouettes. You can use a projection screen to create your silhouette for your guests to see, but it’s not mandatory for the effect. Although, a first dance starting behind a screen can be a lot of fun.


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The use of lighting techniques can also create the silhouette without the need for a screen. It also makes for some seriously gorgeous photography. 


Photo Credit: © Susie Linquist Photography

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Understand Wedding Gowns Before you Shop

Wedding dress shopping is an exciting adventure. It’s a rite of passage that all brides-to-be should be able to enjoy, the ultimate search for the perfect dress.

Photo Courtesy of The Hitching Post

When determining your perfect dress, it’s important to remember that we all have different body types, personalities,¬†likes and dislikes. Finding the perfect gown (that puts your best you front and centre on your wedding day) can be a bit stressful. How can you know what looks good on you and where do you begin?

Understanding the different options available to you is the best place to get started. Check out these infographics to verse yourself on gown-speak before you head out to the stores. Knowing the various silhouettes and neckline names can help communication with bridal staff to ensure they offer you options that you know you’ll love.

The Gown Silhouettes:


Photo Courtesy of BridalGuide

The Gown Necklines:


Photo Courtesy of PaperBlog

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