Our Favourite Bachelorette Party Favours

Bachelorette parties are a memorable time to let loose, have fun, and make some great memories. While they’re known as “The fling before the ring”, we don’t condone bad behavior during bachelorettes. We do, however, encourage you to have a seriously great party. Sometimes, that means letting loose and giggling at a few regularly inappropriate things….If you know what we mean!

Your bridal party will likely plan your bachelorette party, so you can thank them with some awesome party favours. Here, we are sharing our favourite bachelorette party treats.



[Photo courtesy of Hillary Boesch]

1. The Cocktail Glass Stocking. We like to think of this party favour as a Christmas stocking. Instead of actually using stockings, fill large cocktail glasses with little “stocking stuffers” that reflect the theme and nature of your bachelorette party. If you’re going to a spa, fill the glass with Epsom salts, face masks, hand towels, pedicure separators, etc. If you’re going out dancing with your girlfriends, pack the glass with mini alcohol bottles, Advil, lip gloss, beads, etc. If you’re having some male entertainment, fill the glass with dollar bills, blindfolds, whistles, etc. This is the time to be creative!


[Photo courtesy of Popular Pinterest]

2. Delicious Desserts. If you’re a baker and love to give the gift of yummy treats, try your hand at making some themed cookies or cupcakes. The possibilities here are endless for a passionate baker! You can make sugar cookies and ice them decadently. They can be made in the shape of almost anything: wine glasses, busiters, undies, wedding rings, boas, high heels, etc. We bet you can think of some more bachelorette themed shapes to bake up. Wink wink! With this party treat, you can try out new recipes while keeping your guests full and pumped up on a sugar rush!


3. The Useful Party Favour. Most party favours are either gag gifts, funny inside jokes, or edible, but we love receiving party favours that we can actually use after the party is over and everyone’s hangovers start kicking in. While surfing Pinterest, we found a few awesome ideas including personalized shot glasses for the guests, lacy undies, or photo frames, but our favourite party favour was home made lip balm! Pictured here with a label reading, “Kiss that single life goodbye!” we can’t help but think these are adorable. And really, what woman couldn’t use more lip balm?

With these party favours, you can make everyone’s night at your bachelorette party. Please be sure to drink responsibly and enjoy your big night!


Lauren Chan is the Editor of the Bridal Guide.

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Romantic Boyfriend Plans Dream Wedding with Pinterest

How would you like to have dream wedding planned and prepared for you – no invitations to address and mail and no hectic schedules to make and follow – just the wedding of your dreams all set up and waiting for you?

No, the Bridal Guide isn’t giving away fully packaged dream weddings. One super romantic boyfriend (and now husband) went above and beyond and planned his partner’s dream wedding all by following her wedding pins on Pinterest. She had no clue what he was up to!


Ryan Leak, 27, was so sure Amanda Roman, 25, was the one that he planned the whole wedding so that they could get married just hours after she accepted his proposal.

Let’s break it down if you’re having trouble grasping this monumental surprise.

Step 1: Check out your girlfriend’s Pinterest page.


Step 2: Book her dream venue, buy her dream dress and even hire her dream hairdresser (all corresponding to her Pinterest pins).

Step 3: Keep it all a secret from your girlfriend for the year that you’re planning it (by putting a lock on your phone and keeping all emails hidden).

Step 4: Get help from friends and family and send out secret invites without your bride’s knowledge.

Step 5: Prepare the surprise wedding for June 7 2013, the five year anniversary of the day you met.


Step 6: Fly everyone out to Miami for the wedding including the bride (who thinks she’s coming to help a friend move).

Step 7: Propose to your girlfriend…and ask her to walk down the aisle that same day!

Step 8: Get married in front of 100 friends and family.

We think if any guy can take over all the stress of planning a wedding and pull everything together according to all your deepest desires without asking you any questions, HE’S A KEEPER!

What do you think about this proposal/wedding? Would you rather have more control over your wedding and more time to process he engagement or would you be as ecstatic as I would if your partner took over the reigns and worked to make your fantasy wedding a reality.

Let us know in the comments!

[All images are courtesy of the Daily Mail]


Jillian Zacchia is a contributing writer for the Bridal Guide.

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Memorable Wedding Touches

Every bride wants their wedding to be standout, but often times we are stumped with how to do that. Going the extra mile on your wedding day can often mean lots more money spent, and we’re sure you would rather avoid another big bill. Our solution? We scowered the Internet to find you some unique and memorable wedding touches to add to your big day.

1. Tissues for Happy Tears. If you anticipate a super romantic ceremony or a very emotional audience, consider adding some tissues to your program. This idea screams “Pinterest”, but it is adorable and considerate—it’s everything your wedding ceremony should be! Even if the guests don’t use the tissue to wipe away happy tears, they will notice the added touch and they can always save the tissue for later.


[Photo courtesy of Blushing Bride Wedding]

 2. Plant something! If you’re having an outdoor wedding and/or you’re passionate about the environment, we suggest offering seeds to plant. Choose from your favourite flowers, vegetables, trees, etc. You can have guests take the packages home, or plant them on site (if you own the property). You can add something you designed to the packaging for your wedding like the name of the couple and date of the wedding. If you’re up for it, you can even add something punny like, “Watch our love grow.”


[Photo courtesy of Ruffled Blog]

3. Five Things You Didn’t Know about the Bride and Groom. This is our take on the pictured “5 Things Her Side Should Know About Him”. Instead, we suggest you make this one about the couple, instead of the individuals. Using these place cards at the guests dinner tables adds a touch of fun—and if you’re creative enough—lots of laughter to the reception. Think of some quirky, personal, or slightly embarrassing things to include.

Etsy [Photo courtesy of Etsy]

4. Personalized Hershey’s Kisses. Because who doesn’t love chocolate? Scattering these cute personalized Hershey’s Kisses on tables, or attaching them to menus, seating cards, wine glasses, etc. can make your wedding a little sweeter. All you need to do is customize some circular stickers that will fit on the bottom of the chocolates, and voilà, they are personalized for your wedding. Make sure you use a few different messages or quotes on the bottoms so that guests can compare them and use them as a conversation piece.


[Photo courtesy of Etsy]


Lauren Chan is the Editor of the Bridal Guide.

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Wedding Ideas from Pinterest: Décor

What bride doesn’t spend a few hours on Pinterest for some unique DIY wedding decoration ideas? Heck, what girl doesn’t go on Pinterest looking for fun DIY decoration and wedding ideas, even if she isn’t engaged yet?

As a wedding blogger my job is an excuse to peruse the infinite database of wedding photos to find what I think are the most exciting and doable ideas. Here are a few décor ideas that I really like. When my big day comes maybe I’ll use some of these ideas at my own wedding.  Maybe you will too.


[pinned by weddingwindow.com]

I’ll start with my favourite idea. I love the thought of a colorful fingerprint guest book, and the tree design just brings it all together. It may not be decoration for the wedding, but it would definitely become decoration in my future home should I have one at my wedding.

A guestbook of signatures and stories will get dusty while the fingerprint tree can be framed and hung. Of course it’s nice to have messages from all your loved ones, but you always have the wedding cards from the guests to cherish and keep, so maybe a traditional guest book isn’t necessary.

I love this idea because it’s easy, fun, and guests will want to add their fingerprint to the image. Make sure you have lots of hand wipes for them to clean the ink off afterwards.


[pinned by crafynest.com]

This next one is almost too good to be true. The final image is so gorgeous I doubt I would be able to put this together.  The picture below really captures all my fears.


[pinned by themetapicture.com]

If you were to succeed with this craft, the string light decorations would look perfect at a wedding. Maybe I’m just not artsy enough, but I know plenty of brides who have pulled off DIY projects way more daunting than this.

If you’re having a DIY wedding this is a must. You could even keep a few and hang them up in your hallway at home.


[pinned by heart-of-glass.tumblr.com]

This idea is something much more aligned with my craftiness level, and it’s just as beautiful. All you have to do is take Christmas twinkle lights and a sheer white stocking. Cut one of the stocking legs, fill the foot with the lights, and then string them up. It might get a little tricky with the wiring, but once it’s all set up they look gorgeous at night, both indoors and out.


[pinned by pocketfulofdreams.co.uk]

This last idea isn’t exactly decoration, but it falls into the category of décor since it will add so much to the ambience at the wedding ceremony. All you have to do here is fill a sheet with confetti or glitter (paper confetti is much easier to clean up afterwards) and hang the sheet above the bride and groom’s head during the wedding service. When they have their first kiss pull a string and release the confetti. It’s the perfect moment for a picture and it makes the wedding ceremony seem that much more magical!


Jillian Zacchia is a contributing writer to the Bridal Guide.

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Beautiful Wedding Dress Ideas from Pinterest

There’s a difference between looking at wedding dresses in a catalogue, wedding dresses online, and wedding dresses on Pinterest. Wedding gowns in print seem to have a more polished feel – they look glamorous and lush. Wedding gowns online look like stock photos and they aren’t as exciting. There’s just something about wedding dresses on Pinterest – they seem more attainable, more artistic, and much more romantic.

It isn’t hard to see from the pictures below, but there’s a general trend with wedding dresses from Pinterest. They are feminine, lacey, and heavily detailed with jewels and beading. For many brides this romantic look is what they want to walk down the aisle in.

If you want a feminine romantic dress here are some of the top trending designs from Pinterest to consider.


[pinned by theknot.com]

This neckline and beaded belt are to die for! If you want to really wow your friends and family this out of the box style is something they’re sure to remember. It’s modern with a vintage feel and with the tulle this is a dress fit for a princess. Perfect for petite brides, this gorgeous dress highlights a slim frame flawlessly.


[pinned by theknot.com]

One word – lace. Sleeves are definitely coming back into fashion and this lace gown is the perfect example of what’s trending right now on Pinterest and in the bridal world. This versatile gown is elegant enough for a big wedding but simple enough for a small family-only affair. With the sweetheart look and the jeweled embellishment this gown is very flattering for tall brides.


[pinned by girlsguideto.com]

This Pinterest wedding dress is something special – a combination of the traditional and ultra popular strapless sweetheart bodice with the super trendy detailed gown. These two looks complement each other perfectly with the simple sash belt and it’s a one of a kind look that is flattering even for curvier figures.


[pinned by tumblr.com]

The biggest trend of all on Pinterest right now has to be the detailed or open back look. This gown definitely leaves a lasting impression. Just seeing the dress from behind gives me an idea of what the entire wedding looks like – an outdoor summer wedding in the park, with paper lanterns, mason jars with flowers and lace runners on the vintage tables. It may be ‘hipster’ but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful, just make sure it looks as good in the front as it does in the back.

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Wedding Ideas from Pinterest: Desserts

Pinterest is a bride’s best friend! There are so many good ideas from food to dress to décor that any bride-to-be would be in heaven. But when it comes to Pinterest inspired desserts it won’t just be the bride that’s happy, these ideas are perfect for the groom and all the guests as well.


[pinned by indulgy.com]


Many weddings have a candy station or they just give out cake as the dessert, but this unique idea from Pinterest will have all the guests reminiscing about their childhood camping days. Having a s’mores stations is fun, it’s interactive, and it’s a delicious idea that everyone of all ages will love – just make sure mommy and daddy make the s’mores for the little ones.


[pinned by Judy Puttmann Nelson]


Wedding cakes are usually very girly, flowery, and classy, but a lot of the time that just isn’t symbolic of a couples’ relationship. If you want to do something really out there with your cake, a great idea is to have the groom’s cake play just as big a role and the traditional wedding cake. It doesn’t have to be a wheel spitting chocolate onto the gorgeous white-tiered cake, but displaying the two cakes together in a playful way is the perfect way to show everyone that the bride and groom have equal focus at this wedding.



[pinned by whengeekswed.com]


If you don’t want to have a whole other cake for the groom and you’d really prefer a more traditional look for the most part, this Pinterest idea is the perfect touch. By incorporating a sneaky character into the cake that represents the groom both bride and groom can be equally represented. Plus it’s a really cute idea that the guests will love.


[pinned by theperfectpalette.com]


If you don’t have a wedding cake and you opted for the cupcake tier instead, this is a classic Pinterest idea. Getting back the a more traditional and feminine look, having cupcakes iced like flowers just adds a level of beauty and romance to your dessert station. Who doesn’t love a white rose cupcake?


[pinned by thepeakoftreschic.com]


Finally, something special for the kids! When everyone gets a glass of champagne to toast the happy couple the kids can munch on cookies and raise their glass of milk. This is the perfect idea for couples with lots of young children at the wedding. It’ll be so popular we’re sure some of the adults will even be jealous!


Jillian Zacchia is a contributing writer for the Bridal Guide.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for Brides

Getting married these days means you have to go digital. Most of the time is makes your life a whole lot easier, like with the free wedding registry we offer here at the Bridal Guide, but other times it’s just not the time or place for social media.

Here are some of the major do’s and don’ts for the biggest social media platforms.


Facebook / Twitter


Write statuses/tweets before the wedding – but with a limit. You won’t check in to your wedding or tag yourself in a selfie in the limo ride to the ceremony (we hope not!) so it’s important to post A FEW statuses/tweets before the wedding. Tag yourself at the nail salon with the bridesmaids and get your guests excited. After the wedding there’s a huge time gap before you get your professional wedding photos, so it’s nice to be active on Facebook and Twitter before the wedding to make up for it


Post negative remarks about the wedding – EVER. It’s okay to be flustered and overwhelmed when planning a wedding, but you don’t need to broadcast it. Talk with close friends and family about issues you’re having, just don’t share them with everyone, it brings down the excitement of the wedding.


We Heart Photography

We Heart Photography


You will DEFINITELY want to create a unique hashtag that all your guests can use when tagging photos – this applies to Facebook and Twitter too. That way all the pictures from all the guests can be found in one place when you search the hashtag. It’s so practical!


Post all your photos with a cheesy filter. It’s nice to adjust lighting if it’s dark, but don’t start editing all the photos your friends and family took. Less is more right after a wedding so keep it simple and don’t post low quality or edited photos just for the sake of it – if a photo needs a filter, maybe you shouldn’t be posting it at all, you’ll have hundreds of other nice photos later.




Create a secret wedding board. Pinterest is practically made for brides, but you don’t want all your friends who follow you to know the exciting details and dress and decorations you’ll have at your wedding before the event. If you make all the pins that you will use a secret, your guests will be in awe when they come to the wedding and see everything for the first time.


Get hung up on DIY projects. Pinterest is a slippery slope – first you spending hours pinning things then the next thing you know you’re crying because the craft you spent another three hours on isn’t working and won’t be ready for the wedding. Keep things simple and true to what you have time for and what you’re capable of doing on your own.

There are a million other ways to use social media for your wedding but the biggest thing to remember is moderation. It’s easy to update your friends and followers on everything, but weddings are still pretty old fashioned. Don’t post that you’re engaged before telling your family and friends (my friend did that and the Maid of Honor was pissed!) and don’t make a Facebook event or send online invites for your wedding, but make sure you do take advantage of photo and video sharing and use social media to update people on your exciting honeymoon adventures.


Jillian Zacchia is a contributing writer for the Bridal Guide.


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