10 Stellar Winter Wedding Photos

To get you in the mood for all things wintery wedding wonderland, check out these gorgeous and inspired photos.


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‘Tis the Season to be Married

Christmas is a magical time of year. And with only nine more sleeps to go, the holiday spirit is in full swing. Here are some of our favourite Christmas themed wedding photos for your Friday feels. 

Ah, the romantic ambiance.

Photo Credit: ©2012 Jennifer Kathryn Photography

The dress options.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

The little details.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

The cake.


Photo Courtesy of WeddBook

The snowy weather photo op.

Photo Courtesy of Engaged Diamonds

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Bride Takes Honeymoon without her Honey

Huma Mobin, a bride from Lahore, Pakistan, found a way to make the best of her honeymoon when a visa problem prevented her husband from joining her. Convinced by her new husband to take the 10-day trip to Greece (that was already paid for), and after crying her eyes out (of course), Mobin posted a series of anguished photos to her Facebook during her trip to let her husband know just how much he was missed.


Photo Courtesy of Mobin on Facebook


Photo Courtesy of Mobin on Facebook


Photo Courtesy of Mobin on Facebook


Photo Courtesy of Mobin on Facebook


Photo Courtesy of Mobin on Facebook


Photo Courtesy of Mobin on Facebook

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Lighten up, it’s your Wedding!

You’ve been planning for months, maybe years, to make sure that all the details of your wedding day come together perfectly. It has been stressful, maddening, and an adventure in self-control to be sure. (The budget is just a guideline, right?) But when the big day finally comes, take the time to enjoy it. Assign friends and family (if you don’t have a planner) to ensure that everything falls into place on time. Take a moment and treasure the day. Cherish every single moment, because it will be over before you know it. Having a few silly or light moments captured by your photographer can also help you look back on the entire wedding adventure with a smile. All the stress of planning will be forgotten. It’s your big day!

For inspiration:


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest


Photo Courtesy of Magic4Walls


Photo Credit: © CoreyAnn Photography


Photo Credit: © BOURN Photography

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Saskatoon throws surprise Wedding Reception for Syrian Refugee Couple

Just 10 days after they were married, high-school sweethearts, Al-Noury and his new wife, Athar Farroukh, were forced to flee Syria. Consequently, they were unable to obtain any photos of their big day or even have the opportunity to relax with family and celebrate their love.

After arriving in Saskatoon, a CBC reporter, Eman Bare, who was interviewing refugees for another story, spoke to Farroukh who mentioned that she never got to have any wedding photos taken. Bare offered to take a few photos of the couple, and after mentioning them in a Facebook post, things snowballed.

Several individuals and area businesses started contributing, and an impromptu wedding reception came together. A woman donated a suit and a wedding dress, another made a wedding cake, and a local hotel donated a banquet room for the reception.


Photo Courtesy of CBC

Farroukh found out about Bare’s plan only moments before she entered the room for the photo shoot. The couple had invited a few friends to their “wedding shoot,” but more than 50 people showed up to celebrate.

Thank you Canada for giving Athar Farroukh the gift of kindness, generosity, and her wedding photos. 🙂


Photo Credit: Eman Bare / CBC

– Catherine Thorpe

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Should you have an Unplugged Wedding?

Since Australian Wedding Photographer, Thomas Stewart, posted his 531 word rant on his Facebook page about why guests should leave their cameras and phones turned off, there has been a buzz of controversy regarding whether a couple should ask guests to come to their wedding unplugged.

Thomas started his rant with, “Right. I’ve had enough.” And then went on to show this image of a groom having to lean out past the mob of guest-paparazzi to see his lovely bride coming down the aisle.

thomas stewart

Photo Courtesy of Thomas Stewart Photography

Some couples want the candid shots that only their friends can seem to capture, however, there should be some rules put down by the couple in advance. For example, no phones during the ceremony. (The reception is a different story.) A wedding photographer can be a large expense and there shouldn’t be anything or anyone getting in the way of that professional doing their job. Besides, you want all eyes on you and not focused on the glow of a mobile screen. A lot of brides don’t want their ceremony images hitting social media before they’ve had a chance to vet them, or even say “I do.”


Photo courtesy of Amy Mancuso Events

With the advancement of technology, more and more people are rarely without their devices. To ensure that your wedding is as unplugged as you want it to be, make sure that you are clear upfront about what you want. Add a note to the invitations, use cute signs at the service, and have the officiant remind your guests before the ceremony begins. Your wedding ushers can also serve as unofficial phone-bouncers as they seat guests.

unplugged wedding

Photo courtesy of Jay Farrell Photography

The moment goes by in a blink and the professional photographer will capture it. Everyone else should be savouring it.

 – Catherine Thorpe

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3 Ways to Use Old Photos at Your Wedding

This weekend, we stumbled upon some old photos of ourselves and got to thinking: How could we incorporate these (adorable) snaps of our old selves into our weddings? Moreover, how can we use old family wedding photos or include our guests in the fun? The answers: Take a cue from these fun ideas!

Old Photos of the Bride and Groom


[Photo courtesy of Luminaire Foto]

If you have old photos of yourself and your spouse to be and you want to stay away from a slideshow presentation, try to think outside of the box. Find an old solo photo of each of you to label the washroom doors with. If you have a groom’s cake and a traditional cake, label the tables with the same type of photos. If you have a tech-smart friend, try having them super-impose you two together as young children. You get the idea!

Old Family Photos

[Photo courtesy of Lifestyled.com.au]

Do you have old photos of your parents’ and grandparents’ weddings? Think about how great it would be to have a small ode to them at your wedding! Try a Pinterest-inspired design and string together some of the old photos over your bar or dessert station. If you have a photo booth, try hanging some photos around there. If you aren’t a fan of that idea, try finding some vintage or shabby-chic looking frames to hang them in.

Vintage Style Photo Booth


[Photo courtesy of Fun Little Day]

Finally, to get your guests in on the old photo idea, have a vintage style photo booth! What does that mean? Rig the booth to produce sepia-toned photos and have vintage-inspired props for the guests to pose with. Think: cat-eye glasses, demure hats, boas, monacles, etc.

Happy snapping!

Lauren Chan is the Editor of the Bridal Guide.

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Last week on Shark Tank—ABC’s Dragons’ Den series—viewers saw an interesting wedding-themed business proposal. It was called Paparazzi Proposals. It’s New Yorker James Ambler’s business of candid “paparazzi” engagement photos—and we think it’s clever. Ambler was a paparazzi photographer for 6 years, and when he proposed to his wife, he thought of the idea of paparazzi style engagement photos. The business provides couples with candid photos of a moment they will remember forever. It’s one of the very few moments in a couples engagement, wedding planning, wedding, and honeymoon that isn’t typically documented, and this is a great solution!

Having begun this venture in New York City in early 2011, Paparazzi Proposals is now all across America.


This is how Ambler describes the service:

– With every proposal we offer a consultation with ideas, maps and suggestions from our proposal experts. If you’re flying to town we can arrange maps and the consultation to be done by phone. We have planned 100’s of proposals so bounce your ideas off our team of experts and they can help and offer suggestions!

– On the day of your proposal we will capture the build up and moments before the big question! If you need an extra pair of hands organizing the finer details we are here to help, whether it’s having a picnic laid, organizing a gondola or just having a spot kept for you with some flowers we can help with any detail. We will then capture the build up before the proposal.

– You cannot re-create the moment you drop to one knee so let us capture your loved ones face as you ask her to marry you! Not only will she love having this moment to cherish forever but you can also share your engagement with family and friends.

-Share and Print: You will receive a CD of high res photo shopped images as well as our secure online gallery of the whole album that you can order prints from and share with friends and family.


Paparazzi Proposal’s prices range from $525 USD to $1150 USD based on the amount of time you want their photographer following you. Prints start at $15 for 10×8’s and go up in price and size from there. Frankly, for $525 for 2 hours of paparazzi photography, we think it’s worth capturing this unique moment. The photo results are always very raw with emotion, sometimes very comical, other times very touching and heartfelt. It will be interesting to see how Ambler’s Paparazzi Proposals will be replicated across the United States, in Canada, and around the world.


Lauren Chan is the Editor of the Bridal Guide.

[Photos courtesy of Paparazzi Proposals]

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Instagram Love: A Courtship in Images


[Photo Courtesy of See Ming Lee]

Nowadays a large percentage of couples meet on the internet. You’ve heard about how well online dating websites work but there’s a new place to meet your potential spouse now: Instagram. That’s where newly engaged couple Elizabeth Wisdom and Denis Lafargue met and the rest, as they say, is history.

It all started when Elizabeth posted a stunning landscape shot of a lake. Many people commented on the photo and Denis was one of them. The two struck up a conversation on Instagram – that is to say, they started to comment back and forth on each other’s account – and there was evidently a spark. Pretty soon they exchange phone numbers and eventually Elizabeth flew to meet Denis in person. Not long after, the two announced on Instagram that they were dating, with Denis calling Elizabeth his “Instalady.” And nine months later, he printed out a timeline of their Instagram posts which he made into a path leading to a rustic barn behind her grandmother’s house. There he played her a song he had written for her and proposed. She, of course, accepted and, lucky for us, there is photo evidence to show every step of the way. It’s a match made in hipster heaven.


[Photo Courtesy of Denis Lafargue]

We at Bridal Guide love the story of how they met, how they fell in love and how they were brought together by Instagram – how else would Elizabeth from Texas have met Denis from New Orleans? The possibilities of meeting just about anyone on social media are endless.

A picture is worth a thousand words so check out the incredibly sweet images of their relationship here.

Do you have a crazy story about how you met your significant other? We want to hear it! Send your stories our way by posting on your Facebook page.


Dawn Lo is a contributing writer to The Bridal Guide.

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How to Make your Maid of Honour Speech Epic


Have you ever been to a wedding where the maid of honor performs a rap instead of a traditional speech? Last week, a video surfaced of maid of honour Jennifer Gabrielli doing just that at her sister Nicole’s wedding at La Costa Resort in California.

While not every maid of honour will be comfortable writing and performing a five-minute rap, here are some tips for creating an epic maid of honour speech inspired by this amazing video.

Start with How the Couple Met

The maid of honor is usually the bride’s best friend—sisters are best friends too—so they inevitably have an interesting story to tell in regards to their first impression of the groom. Talking about the maid of honour’s interpretation of how the couple met is a great way to capture everyone’s attention and make the speech interesting and personal. In the featured video, Gabrielli talks about how her sister and brother-in-law met online. Because it’s a rap, it’s hard to understand what she’s saying, so the story gets lost. To make your story meaningful, make sure it is clear, short, and fun.

Stand Out

While it was impossible to hear all the words in Gabrielli’s rap, there were some lines that got stuck in viewers’ heads because of the Eminem beat playing in the background. To make your speech fun and memorable you will need a few ideas that help your moment stand out from all the other speeches at the wedding. Gabrielli was good at singing and she was clearly comfortable with a microphone, and it worked for her. Play up your own strengths! If you’re funny, write some jokes; if you’re artistic, create some props; if you’re tech savvy, create or edit a video to share with guests.  If you don’t want to do anything that elaborate and you still want to stand out, tell a personal story and include lots of shout-outs to guests.

Be Confident

Gabrielli’s rap is impressive because of the way she presented it. She was in-character and confident; and if you want an epic speech you have to be self-assured. The best speech I’ve ever heard at a wedding was by one of the guests who grabbed the microphone after he had a few drinks. He wasn’t drunk, but he was inhibition-free and confident enough to share a hilarious story about his childhood with the couple. He finished the speech by saying that he looked forward to making more fun memories with the bride and groom. To master the microphone you have to come prepared and you have to be sure of yourself.

If you want to make your speech stand out, all you have to do is be personal and write something honest, heartfelt, and entertaining. Even if you can’t rap like a pro, you can still blow everyone away. Good luck!


Jillian Zacchia is a contributing writer to The Bridal Guide.

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Hilarious Wedding Photos

“Hilarious” and “wedding photos” aren’t words you would usually use in the same phrase; but for some non-traditional couples, fun and creative wedding photography makes their wedding day meaningful and personal. Hilarious wedding photos capture a couple’s unique sense of humor—and friends and family will love the unforgettably funny snap shots.

We’ve found some of the funniest and most exciting wedding photos on the Internet. Maybe they will inspire you to make your wedding photo shoot a little bit more innovative and zany.

 Quinn Miller Photography

Quinn Miller Photography

This wedding shot has gone viral and we love it! While everyone looks scared they also look beautiful—and like they’re having a lot of fun. Everyone is in character; the photo is perfectly balanced and symmetrical; and the bride is the first thing I notice in the picture, despite the fact that most of the image is taken up by a photoshopped dinosaur. Overall, it’s not only a fun image, it’s also very well executed.


This next image attempts a similar theme with a Star Wars focus. Everyone is in character yet again, but about the best part of  this image is that you can see the people in the forefront more clearly. One of the downfalls of this image is that several people are completely cut out of the image except for their legs. On the upside, the pink bridesmaid dresses really stand out and looks great in this landscape. Unfortunately, my eyes are drawn to the bridesmaid center-left rather than the bride (who isn’t even facing the camera). This shot needs a few adjustments, but it’s a fun variation of the dinosaur photo.


What guy doesn’t want to feel like a superhero on his wedding day? This photo is a fun and playful way to highlight the men—for a change. The girls are wearing capes and the bride is sporting Wonder Woman cuffs, but really this photo is about the groom and groomsmen, who are unveiling superhero uniforms under their suits. We think it’s a great photo that the guys will really love and get excited about.

 Image by Micah Bowerbank

Image by Micah Bowerbank

Now here’s a hilarious wedding photo that brides will love. With the bride’s foot in the foreground and the men in the distance, the image is produced to look as if she’s about the crush them with her foot. It really symbolizes the control the woman has during the wedding (and maybe during the marriage), but more than anything it’s a fun and creative way of showing off the bride’s personality.

Photo courtesy of MoIllusions.com

Photo courtesy of MoIllusions.com

This photo is another one that went viral, but it takes a while to realize what’s “funny” about this picture. Look closely: The groomsmen are all down on one knee and the bridesmaids are seated on the men’s knees, but because of their dresses it looks as if all the bridesmaids are little people (about 4 feet tall). Once you see how bizarre the illusion looks, you can’t help but smile! If you want to confuse and crack up your friends and family take a few photos like this and see if they can spot what’s wrong.


The bride has to have some pictures exclusively with her bridal party. In this case, the funny wedding photo shows the women doing some pretty hilarious things as they get ready. Each bridesmaid is acting out something mildly taboo, while the bride covers the flower girl’s eyes. This is way better than a photo that has all the girls standing in a row smiling because the bridesmaids get to show off their personality.  This might not be an appropriate photo to frame on your wall, but if you post it on Facebook you’ll get a lot of Likes!


Finally, here’s something just as fun as the previous photo for the groom and groomsmen. There’s nothing funnier than a bunch of guys acting like a bunch of women. The stereotype is light-hearted and well executed. Here, the groom shows off his wedding ring to his groomsmen as they all flip out. This is an easy shot to replicate and it will get lot of laughs.

It’s fun to have a few silly photographs along with all the professionally-directed, smiling shots. For your wedding consider throwing in some curveballs, it’ll make your wedding album feel more exciting and complete.


Jillian Zacchia is a contributing writer for The Bridal Guide.

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Can You Have Too Many Wedding Photos?

Paul Roy Photography

Paul Roy Photography

No wedding is complete without lots of gorgeous wedding photos; but does there come a point when enough is enough?

I recently attended the wedding of one of my close friends; and as soon as I saw her walk down the aisle in her gorgeous mermaid dress I burst into tears. Not only is she the first of my close friends to get married, but I couldn’t believe how stunning and happy she looked. All I wanted to do was give her a big hug and congratulate her. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a minute alone with her for hours following the ceremony because she was busy taking pictures.

I understand the importance of capturing every moment at a wedding on film. There is so much going on throughout a couple’s wedding day that sometimes it’s hard to remember it all. You would think that you would recall every millisecond of your big day, but couples often do not. In the moment, your mind is in so many places at once and you are overtaken by emotions. You could imagine that, more often than not, you’re disconnected. When you think back to your wedding day, everything can be a big blur. That’s where the photos come in. All you have to do is look back at your wedding photo album and all the memories of the day will come flooding back.

All photos are used to trigger memories, but wedding photos are unique because they capture your big day moments and make them look perfect. When a photo is perfect, the memory associated with it follows suit. You won’t remember that pimple on your chin once it’s airbrushed out of your photos.

Hundreds of perfect weddings photos generate hundreds of beautiful memories, but there can come a point where you have more photos than memories.

Every time my friend went to speak to one of her guests or walked onto the dance floor at her wedding, the photographer would come in and position her for a new photo. With a photographer telling you where to put your arms and directing you around the venue for hours you may not be able to enjoy your wedding—all you’re doing is taking photos that look like you’re enjoying your wedding.

Can you have too many wedding photos? I think so. The more time you spend with your photographer away from your guests, the less fun you’ll have, and the less authentic all those smiling photos will be. You have to find the right balance between enjoying your wedding, interacting with guests, and taking photographs.

A simple solution is to have lots of candid photographs. The photographer can take pictures of the couple dancing or enjoying themselves and they still get hundreds of beautiful photographs after the wedding. As long as there’s the right balance between photos and fun, everyone will be happy, and the bride and groom will have created and captured hundreds of precious memories from their wedding day.

Jillian Zacchia is a contributing writer for The Bridal Guide.

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Timeless Photography

When a bride is getting married, she may look at past wedding photos of friends and family to get inspiration from photography poses. Occasionally, you stumble upon wedding photos that are decades old but the bride looks timeless in her photos. The bride achieves this with her appearance, hair and accessories. She is an elegant bride whose photos can be admired over time. How can you achieve photography that withstands the decades? (more…)

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