10 Stellar Winter Wedding Photos

To get you in the mood for all things wintery wedding wonderland, check out these gorgeous and inspired photos.


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10 Bridal Makeup Before and Afters

Nothing inspires your bridal makeup fantasies more than seeing some awesome before and after photos of regular brides-to-be who are just like you. And we’ve got some serious inspiration for you. Check ’em out.

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The Fearless Award-Winning Wedding Photos

Wedding photographers are all about capturing those moments of raw, unadulterated emotion. There’s even a website that curates the best of the best from around the world and bestows an award every two months. For your #FridayWeddingFeels, here’s a sample of some of those images. 

Love, Laughter and Happy Ever After

A good, long-lasting marriage has a solid start. The wedding day marks the very first day of your marriage, and that one day can be very stressful. It’s important to remember to infuse a little fun and laughter into the big day to ease a little of the stress and ensure you start your marriage out capturing the sentiments that will hold your marriage together forever.

If you have studied the funny bone of your intended, you may already know exactly how to make him smile. Little (or big) surprises that create laughter are the perfect way to show your partner (and all the witnesses present on your big day) that you don’t take yourself too seriously, and that you’re committed to creating special moments for the duration of your lives together. 

A wedding party roast with slightly embarrassing stories, choreographed dance numbers, flash-mob speeches, and late-night food truck services are awesome, but nothing says funny like a fake moustache in a photo booth. No, really. You can roll your eyes, but this booth creates a ridiculous amount of silly, contagious laughter from even the most stern of chins. You may even need bouncers to get grandma out of the booth.

Guests love a photo op, and having a photo booth installed is a great way to capture the crazy that you call family and friends. Consider a theme—go old-school Hollywood glamorous or silly cartoon-crazy—the possibilities are endless.  Use chalkboard signs to allow guests to create stories. Cardboard cut-outs in the shape of speech bubbles are another way to allow guests to create their own signs with personalized messages. Old picture frames are also a great way to squeeze guests into a smaller space, creating some cozy and entertaining photos.  But whatever you do, make sure you go heavy on the props. 

If the budget doesn’t allow for this, consider creating a selfie corner and add an abundance of props there. Be sure to invent a memorable #hashtag for the festivities in order to track on Instagram, Twitter—and yes, even Facebook—to keep the love and laughter flowing in the weeks that follow.

Art-Inspired Bridal Backdrops for Wedding Day Photos

The big day is going to go by fast. Set aside some time for a real photography session that will give you art gallery worthy bridal shots. Bring the photography studio to you with muslin backdrops, vinyl wallpaper, graffiti walls, or get create and paint your own. Regardless of your wedding theme, style or personality, there’s a painted backdrop out there with your name on it.

Check out some of these gorgeous and inspired photos.

Image / Pinterest

Image / Pinterest

Image / Pinterest

Image / AliExpress

You Need a Stop Motion Wedding Video

Whether it tells the story of your love, it provides your wedding announcement, serves as a wedding invitation or captivates your audience with the details of your big day, choosing a stop motion video presentation is pure awesome. Look how much fun this couple is having. That could be you! Call your photographer, stat!

Love Knows No Borders for #FridayWeddingFeels

Falling in love with that perfect someone is something extraordinary, but deciding to give your entire life to that person, is something even better than that.

This is quite possibly the cutest wedding story video ever made. Their sweet and innocent love has got me ugly crying all over my keyboard.


The Grand Married Couple’s Silhouette Entrance

After you’re married and the initial photographs have been taken, it’s time to enter the reception. It’s the first time you’ll be arriving at a celebration as a married couple. Your entrance needs to be dramatically huge.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

A total crowd-pleasing trend right now to consider is the use of silhouettes. You can use a projection screen to create your silhouette for your guests to see, but it’s not mandatory for the effect. Although, a first dance starting behind a screen can be a lot of fun.


Photo Courtesy of DiscoMobile


Photo Courtesy of EverAfterGuide

The use of lighting techniques can also create the silhouette without the need for a screen. It also makes for some seriously gorgeous photography. 

Black Metal Band Photobombs Engagement Shoot

It’s just a regular day in Holy Jim Canyon, California where you’ve decided to roam the forest for your engagement photo session. While you’re posing for these special photos, a black metal band just happens to wander in. What do you do? Include them in your photos, of course.


Photo Credit: © Wheeland Photography

John Awesome and Nydia Hernandez were in the middle of a shoot with their photographer, Janet Wheeland, last weekend in the forest when they stumbled across the black metal band, Coldvoid, who were there to shoot some promo photos. The couple had initially chosen the dark woods for a “Forest Gump” theme to their engagement photos, but added the band to the mix for a little fun.


Photo Credit: © Wheeland Photography

Congratulations to the future Mr. and Mrs. Awesome, and rock on Coldvoid!

Wedding Party poses with Adoptable Pups for Wedding Photos

Matt and Sarah Cain are animal lovers. For their big day photo shoot a few weeks ago, they decided to work with the non-profit animal rescue where the bride works to include adoptable pups in their photos and then let the naturally adorable chaos ensue. I mean, who doesn’t love puppies? Of course the photos went viral.

The wedding took place at Moonstone Manor in Pennsylvania and included a litter of eight-week old boxer-coonhound sisters. It’s all pure puppy bliss.

Check out the rest of Matt and Sarah’s wedding photos on Caroline Logan Photography.

Lighten up, it’s your Wedding!

You’ve been planning for months, maybe years, to make sure that all the details of your wedding day come together perfectly. It has been stressful, maddening, and an adventure in self-control to be sure. (The budget is just a guideline, right?) But when the big day finally comes, take the time to enjoy it. Assign friends and family (if you don’t have a planner) to ensure that everything falls into place on time. Take a moment and treasure the day. Cherish every single moment, because it will be over before you know it. Having a few silly or light moments captured by your photographer can also help you look back on the entire wedding adventure with a smile. All the stress of planning will be forgotten. It’s your big day!

For inspiration:


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest


Photo Courtesy of Magic4Walls


Photo Credit: © CoreyAnn Photography


Photo Credit: © BOURN Photography

Instagram’s @Muradosmann is the new Inspiration for Wedding Photography

Moscow-based photographer Murad Osmann and his wife (and muse) Natalia Zakharova have been a longtime favourite couple on Instagram for their breathtaking images. A hand-in-hand witness to the beauty of their surroundings, this couple is inspiring brides and grooms across the globe to follow in their footsteps for extraordinary wedding and honeymoon photography.

Photo Courtesy of ABC13

This adorable couple has been travelling the world documenting their excursions through a #FollowMeTo hashtag across the web. They’ve even included their own love story.


Photo Courtesy of Instagram


Photo Courtesy of Instagram

Follow their adventures on Instagram or check out a behind-the-scenes video on YouTube. Happy feel good Friday. 🙂

 – Catherine Thorpe

Saskatoon throws surprise Wedding Reception for Syrian Refugee Couple

Just 10 days after they were married, high-school sweethearts, Al-Noury and his new wife, Athar Farroukh, were forced to flee Syria. Consequently, they were unable to obtain any photos of their big day or even have the opportunity to relax with family and celebrate their love.

After arriving in Saskatoon, a CBC reporter, Eman Bare, who was interviewing refugees for another story, spoke to Farroukh who mentioned that she never got to have any wedding photos taken. Bare offered to take a few photos of the couple, and after mentioning them in a Facebook post, things snowballed.

Several individuals and area businesses started contributing, and an impromptu wedding reception came together. A woman donated a suit and a wedding dress, another made a wedding cake, and a local hotel donated a banquet room for the reception.


Photo Courtesy of CBC

Farroukh found out about Bare’s plan only moments before she entered the room for the photo shoot. The couple had invited a few friends to their “wedding shoot,” but more than 50 people showed up to celebrate.

Thank you Canada for giving Athar Farroukh the gift of kindness, generosity, and her wedding photos. 🙂


Photo Credit: Eman Bare / CBC

– Catherine Thorpe

Outrageously Fun Trash-The-Dress Ideas

Deciding what to do with the gown that you spent months (maybe years) labouring over, tailoring to fit, and dancing the night away on your biggest day, can be difficult. Some may decide to donate it or sell it, and some still may never want to part with it. It will be cleaned, wrapped, and preserved for future generations. And there are those that seek the thrill of the trash-the-dress ritual. But not all “trashing” has to be permanent. 🙂

Considering adding a little mud.


Photo credit: agwpja.com via The Best Wedding Blog Ever

Or take your dress into the water.


Photo courtesy of Style Sizzle

A little washable paint party?


Photo courtesy of Dress Safari

Maybe you want to get cake-messy?

Fire is a little harder to get dry-cleaned. (Not to mention crazy dangerous.)

– Catherine Thorpe

Extreme Wedding Photography in Unforgettable Destinations

Planning a wedding away from home is attractive to different couples for different reasons. Maybe you met backpacking through Europe, or maybe you’ve just always imagined an idyllic backdrop for when you say your “I do’s”. Choosing a location can be a great deal of research and planning, but it can also be a lot of fun. To get you inspired, we’ve found a few wedding photos with some seriously scenic backdrops to add to your dream destination list.

Bandung, Indonesia

Wanaka, New Zealand

Waterton Lakes, Canada

North Conway, New Hampshire

Lake Louise, Canada

– Catherine Thorpe

The Awkward Family Photo Engagements

Engagement photos are a great way to capture your love for one another. It’s a great time to be creative, fun, and let your personalities shine through. It’s important to remember, however, that not all poses are timeless. If you’re not careful, one day you may find yourself in the Awkward Family Photos database.

We love awkward family photos, especially when we aren’t in them. And thank goodness for the interwebs and the spreading of awkwardness everywhere. (What else would I be doing on a Friday afternoon?) If you’re planning your engagement photos in the near future, check out this video to remind you how fine the line really is between unique and awkward.

You’re welcome.

– Catherine Thorpe

Should you have an Unplugged Wedding?

Since Australian Wedding Photographer, Thomas Stewart, posted his 531 word rant on his Facebook page about why guests should leave their cameras and phones turned off, there has been a buzz of controversy regarding whether a couple should ask guests to come to their wedding unplugged.

Thomas started his rant with, “Right. I’ve had enough.” And then went on to show this image of a groom having to lean out past the mob of guest-paparazzi to see his lovely bride coming down the aisle.

thomas stewart

Photo Courtesy of Thomas Stewart Photography

Some couples want the candid shots that only their friends can seem to capture, however, there should be some rules put down by the couple in advance. For example, no phones during the ceremony. (The reception is a different story.) A wedding photographer can be a large expense and there shouldn’t be anything or anyone getting in the way of that professional doing their job. Besides, you want all eyes on you and not focused on the glow of a mobile screen. A lot of brides don’t want their ceremony images hitting social media before they’ve had a chance to vet them, or even say “I do.”


Photo courtesy of Amy Mancuso Events

With the advancement of technology, more and more people are rarely without their devices. To ensure that your wedding is as unplugged as you want it to be, make sure that you are clear upfront about what you want. Add a note to the invitations, use cute signs at the service, and have the officiant remind your guests before the ceremony begins. Your wedding ushers can also serve as unofficial phone-bouncers as they seat guests.

unplugged wedding

Photo courtesy of Jay Farrell Photography

The moment goes by in a blink and the professional photographer will capture it. Everyone else should be savouring it.

 – Catherine Thorpe

Photographing Best Friends on your Big Day

When it comes to the most important people in your life, hold nothing back when it comes to freezing those moments on your wedding day. Your photographer will have plenty of suggestions when it comes to detailing the moments of your big day, but it’s great to come armed with some ideas of your own. Especially when it comes to your ladies-in-waiting as well as the boys-who-will-be-boys. Check out some of these fabulously posed images for the modern bride.

Grab your iPhones

Photo courtesy of http://www.cinematicbydavidm.com/

Photo courtesy of CinematicbyDavidM

If you and your gals are all about your shoes (especially if they’re fancy or unique) then this is a must in your image repertoire.


Photo courtesy of Anna Kinchen

Sweetness under a veil. (Oh the feels.)


Photo courtesy of Wedding Journey

Photo courtesy of Wedding Journey

A lazy morning slumber party.


Photo courtesy of Bruce Weber

And of course, the many faces of the groomsmen.


Photo courtesy of Carl Zoch


This is the Most Canadian Wedding Photo You’ll Ever See


One couple were caught in the midst of perhaps the most Canadian wedding photo that was ever taken, thanks to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Steve Howlett, a RCMP officer himself, and his new wife Naomi had the photo snapped during The RCMP Musical ride, a volunteer-run equestrian showcase that took place in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland.

The photo was snapped by wedding photographer Megan Smith, who said organizing all 11 RCMP officers and their horses as a bit chaotic, but she’s very pleased with the result.

“It’s actually really exciting,” she told CBC News. “We knew we wanted something kind of dramatic. So when they set them up, I popped them in front of the horses and shot as quickly as I could because we literally only had about five minutes.”

The photo, naturally, went viral after being posted to social media, which has led to a boost in business for Smith.

“Working for yourself and as a photographer it’s all word of mouth and getting yourself out there, so to get a picture of mine out there at this level is really exciting for me,” she said. “I’m so excited for my bride and groom, they deserve the attention — they were fantastic and are a wonderful couple.”

You can see more of Smith’s photos here.


– Rosemina Nazarali

A Wes Anderson-Themed Wedding Shoot

wes 1

Photographer Jennifer Van Elk is a huge fan of filmmaker Wes Anderson, so when it was time to plan her wedding, it was clear that it had to pay homage to Anderson. The wedding shoot in particular was shot in the style of Anderson, with many of the wedding details paying tribute to some of Anderson’s most iconic films.

The shoot itself was styled alongside Ashleigh Fisher of AWF Events. The photos were all shot at The Inn at Irwin Gardens in Columbus, Indiana, which was inspired by Anderson’s film The Royal Tenanbaums. Everything from the poses to the colour grading were inspired by the film.

wes 2

Pulling off the shoot was no easy feat. It required help from vendors from all over the States, and will even be featured in an upcoming issue of Utterly Engaged.

“Each detail was chosen to be a reflection of Wes Anderson’s characters and the scenes of many of his movies,” Van Elk, 29, told BuzzFeed. She and her husband Steven own Jennifer Van Elk Photography.

wes cake

“When it comes to the cinematography in his movies, I love the symmetry and the unconventional composition of love scenes,” she said. “Personally, his main characters are a huge inspiration for me.”

Rather than using models for the shoot, Van Elk decided to go with actors, since portraying emotion was such an important aspect.

wes invitation

The wedding invitation was inspired by The Grand Budapest Hotel, as was the overall colour scheme.

Certain shots were a nod to Moonrise Kingdom, while other details were inspired by The Darjeeling Limited and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

wes menu

“Even the details and meals on the menu card reflect what we thought would be served at a wedding in a Wes Anderson movie,” Van Elk said. “Although we used a lot of inspiration from his other movies, our whole goal was to create a collection that looked like Wes Anderson planned a wedding for his characters for our current time period by putting a creative twist on some of the details.”

It’s not just Van Elk who is a fan of Wes Anderson; the couple have a shared love for the filmmaker. After they met, they both named The Royal Tenenbauns as each of their favourite movie.

– Rosemina Nazarali, Editor

*All images courtesy of Jennifer Van Elk