Wedding Entertainment for Guests

No one likes to attend—much less host—a wedding with dull periods, speeches that drag on, a scattered reception, etc. While it’s nearly impossible to ensure that every single guest has an amazing time, you can sure try! Designating a chunk of your wedding budget to entertainment for guests (and yourselves) will go a long way. An entertained guest is a happy one, and that makes for an amazing wedding reception.

Here are some entertainment suggestions to consider for your wedding.

1. A good DJ and welcoming dance floor. A DJ accommodates everyone’s music tastes better than a band does, simply because they are able to play a very wide range of music. They can easily change tempo, take nearly any request, read to crowd, and change tracks quickly. A Good DJ is sure to get the crowd dancing all night!


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2. A photo booth with fun props. A new trend in wedding entertainment is photo booths with fun props. Many modern weddings provide quirky props like top hats, fake mustaches, feather boas, and more to guests who enter a photo booth and make silly photos. The photos can then be printed and provided to guests, or left to the couple as an album.

3. Chinese lanterns. If you’re having a wedding reception outdoors and in an open place, consider lighting paper lanterns. The guests can each have a giant paper lantern to light and send off into the sky. As they float away, guests make wishes. What’s more? Imagine the photo opportunity of the sky full of wedding lanterns.


4. A caricaturist. An off-beat type of entertainment is a single entertainer. Someone like a caricaturist can roam your reception and provide caricatures for guests as they wait to be served, in between speeches, while the dancing is happening, etc. Other entertainers to consider are comedians and magicians.

5. A “Build Your Own” food station. Food can be fun! By adding a “Build Your Own” food station at your reception, the act of preparing and eating can be very entertaining. There are a number of stations you can host. Think “Build Your Own” ice cream sundaes, candy bags, mashed potato martinis, slushies, and more.

Photo courtesy of Embellished Weddings Ok

Photo courtesy of Embellished Weddings Ok

6. An open bar. This one explains itself. An extra tip for a wedding bar is to create one or a couple signature cocktails for the night. An open bar virtually grantees that guests will let some inhibitions loose and have a great time no matter what other forms of entertainment you provide.


Lauren Chan is the Editor of the Bridal Guide.

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