Create your own Custom SnapChat Wedding Filter

Snapchat has an “on-demand” geofilter that allows you to create and pay for a custom filter which will temporarily appear within the app. The price varies on the size of the location, but for a private wedding venue, the filter should cost around $10. (About one city block.)


Photo Courtesy of Geofilters


Photo Courtesy of Etsy

Once you’ve designed your filter (Snapchat does offer some templates), you’ll map out the specific area you want the filter to appear in, and for how long. As with other user-generated geofilters, the new paid filters will require Snapchat’s approval before they are pushed into the app. The company estimates that approval process should take about one business day.


Photo Courtesy of Snapchat

Then all that’s left to do is let all your friends and guests now that it’s there to use.

Photo Courtesy of TieTheKnotScot


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