3 Keys to a Stress Free Wedding

Planning a wedding is stressful, and even if you think you have everything under control, you’re going to freak out at some point, as in big time break down. But don’t panic, that doesn’t mean your wedding won’t be picture perfect. That just means things will be a little messy behind the scenes.

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We’ve got you covered. Here’s our handy guide to manage your emotions before the big day! (From a bride who completely lost her cool the day before her wedding).

Step One: Don’t leave too much for the day before

There are loads of brides who get the whole family together to make floral centrepieces the night before the wedding. That’s great for the budget, but not so much for your mental health. Rushing to get things done the night before is a pretty clear sign you’ll start to panic. 

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Getting married, no matter how confident you are in your partner and your relationship, is a big deal. You’re bound to have a “whoa, what is happening” moment at some point during the planning. The closer you get to the wedding, the more likely that moment creeps up on you. 

The key is to try and plan a relaxing day before the wedding so as to avoid any unnecessary meltdowns. 

Step Two: Spend time with others 

If you have a million thoughts and worries racing through your mind, the best thing is to sit down with friends and family and talk. Whether you’re at the nail salon, getting ready for the wedding, or if you’re going out to lunch, just find time to breathe and relax. 

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The more time you spend with others the less time you’ll spend freaking out alone inside your mind. 

Step Three: Disaster Control 

If and when the freak out happens (in my case I was at a gas station the day before my wedding) make sure you get it out of your system. If you want to cry, cry. No one is judging you, you’re in the midst of a whirlwind of emotions. Just make sure you talk it out with your partner to make sure there are no lingering anxieties after the fact. He’ll forgive you for your gas station meltdown, make sure you forgive yourself as well. 

And on the big beautiful important day, no one will know what happened before you walk down aisle, so enjoy the moment! 

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