How to handle Unsolicited Wedding and/or Marriage Advice

Now that you’re engaged, there’s no shortage of worldly advice from all the married (and unmarried) couples around you. It’s like the engagement ring has some magical power that suddenly turns otherwise normal people into chatty wedding experts. And they don’t stop at just the planning, there will also be those who have some nugget of marriage wisdom they feel compelled to impart. No topic is sacred when folks begin to serenade you with their tips on how to have a happy or successful marriage. They’ll talk religion, money, sex, your in-laws, and of course, they’ll think they really know you… deep in your core.

Some days you’ll feel like slamming your head against the wall to make it all stop. But just smile and nod and move on with your day. It’s your wedding, it’s your marriage, you’ll figure it out together. Try to take the unwanted advice for the good intentions they arrived on. And you never know, you might actually hear something worth listening to. 

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If you don’t, well, here’s a few gems we gleaned from Pinterest to lift your spirits in the meantime.

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3 Steps to a Magnificent City Hall Wedding

A big to-do isn’t for everyone. Maybe it’s a second marriage, or maybe you’d just rather run down to the nearest Town Hall and then set out for a quiet picnic in the woods. Maybe you’d rather spend your budget on your honeymoon and get married in the nearest City Hall at your destination. Every couple has their own reasons and they are all awesome options.


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Planning a City Hall wedding is relatively easy if you know what kind of experience you’re hoping to have. And most Brides do. If you’re hoping for something a little quieter, you probably already know who’s on your invite list. Maybe it’s just the two of you. Whatever your experience, here are three steps to ensure a successful “I do”.

One: Book the Date in Advance

You will need to have a valid marriage license before you can get married. If you’re travelling to the States or overseas, it’s important to research if there are waiting periods, if you need a reservation, the operating hours, what the fees are, how many people can accompany you, what I.D. you need to have with you, etc. Find out everything you need to know ahead of time so there are no surprises or disappointments.


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Two: Book a Photographer & Figure out Flowers

Just because you’re going to City Hall doesn’t make you don’t want the whole thing documented. Bring a skilled Photographer with you to your destination, or do some research and find one in advance. You can still have a bridal bouquet, flowers in your hair and a boutonniere for your groom. Figure out what you want and then find a florist in the area to ensure they are super fresh.


Photo Courtesy of Blush Magazine

Three: Find Something to Wear

If you still want the princess gown, go for it. A City Hall wedding means anything goes. From traditional gowns, pantsuits, short gowns, to Comic-Con Fanfare… City Hall let’s you be you.


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Toronto Wedding has Maple Leafs Theme and You Can Too!

Wedding photographer Nikki Mills recently captured the Toronto wedding of Kristen and Tyler at the beautiful Berkley Church. The standout parts of their wedding were the classy Toronto Maple Leaf touches! Without being overbearing or tacky, the couple incorporated some symbols of their beloved Maple Leafs into their 1920s vintage themed wedding. The results were beautiful and may serve as some inspiration for you, if you want to add some favourite sports team touches to your big day.


Try cufflinks that match your favourite sports team. They are a subtle yet personal way to add your fandom to your big day. They’re a way to get the guys excited about their team without painting numbers on their chests or wearing giant foam fingers. You can find many different kinds of cufflinks that support your team. The ones pictured are great for Leafs fans because they’re the shape of the leaf. If you’re a baseball fan, you can get cufflinks made out of old seats from famous baseball stadiums. If you’re a golfing couple, try mini golf ball cufflinks.


Table décor can be a great way to more visibly show off your sports team loyalty. This way, more of the guests will be able to see the eye-catching decorations throughout the night. Here, Kristen and Tyler used mini jerseys to assign their seats. You could also use the classic back of a jersey with last names and numbers. For the centerpieces you can have floweres dyed your team colours or sprinkle little trinkets in the teams colours on the table clothes. Think: colourfully wrapped Hersey’s Kissed or personalized M&Ms.


Finally, you can make the biggest statement with your cake. According to Nikki Mills, Kristen surprised Tyler with this Stanley Cup cake. Since it’s well executed, it looks quite beautiful. Be careful not to buy into a cake idea like this unless it’s going to be executed perfectly. If not, it can seem cheap or unprofessional. Other ways to incorporate your team onto your cake (if you still want a more traditional cake) is to play with the cake toppers. You can have them custom made to add a jersey under the groom’s suit, a football by his feet, or a golf club in the bride’s hand—you get the gist!

[Photos courtesy of Nikki Mills Photography]


Lauren Chan is the Editor of the Bridal Guide.

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The Wedding Website For You

When you’re swamped with keeping track of all the outgoing save-the-date letters and the incoming RSVP replies, you’ve gotta wonder if there is a better way out there. The answer is the wedding website, a trend that has been picking up steam over the past year. It’s a webpage where you can have your guests RSVP in one place, give all the deets on your wedding times, venues and the wedding registry, share images and stories, and much more. It’s very useful because all your information is kept in one place so there’s no need for excessive individual Q&A with your guests or superfluous use to paper. Going green never looked so white (or whatever your color scheme is!).  Here are some tips on making your wedding website a success:

Budget – just a little bit


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Without the costs of invitations and such, you can definitely use this budget to make your website something that’s unique to you. Although most free templates look generic and don’t give you much freedom, you can easily upgrade to give your website more pizzazz. You could even hire a freelance web designer to add more custom details, which would cost much less than having a professional make your website from scratch.



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Personalizing will give your website a one-off touch. Make it feel personal by using nicknames that your friends and family call you for the title (doesn’t “Sunshine and the Chump are getting married” sound absolutely endearing?). Or you can try including little design details that represent the things you like. It’s time to get artsy!

Your Story


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Apart from the practical things that a wedding website is useful for, like RSVPing or directing your guests to the wedding registry, what’s really going to make it heartwarming is your story. Many wedding websites have a section where visitors can read how you two met, the proposal, and all the funny sweet details of your relationship accompanied by images. It’s really a great place to share you love with your family and friends.

Dawn Lo is a contributing writer to the Bridal Guide.

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Instagram Love: A Courtship in Images


[Photo Courtesy of See Ming Lee]

Nowadays a large percentage of couples meet on the internet. You’ve heard about how well online dating websites work but there’s a new place to meet your potential spouse now: Instagram. That’s where newly engaged couple Elizabeth Wisdom and Denis Lafargue met and the rest, as they say, is history.

It all started when Elizabeth posted a stunning landscape shot of a lake. Many people commented on the photo and Denis was one of them. The two struck up a conversation on Instagram – that is to say, they started to comment back and forth on each other’s account – and there was evidently a spark. Pretty soon they exchange phone numbers and eventually Elizabeth flew to meet Denis in person. Not long after, the two announced on Instagram that they were dating, with Denis calling Elizabeth his “Instalady.” And nine months later, he printed out a timeline of their Instagram posts which he made into a path leading to a rustic barn behind her grandmother’s house. There he played her a song he had written for her and proposed. She, of course, accepted and, lucky for us, there is photo evidence to show every step of the way. It’s a match made in hipster heaven.


[Photo Courtesy of Denis Lafargue]

We at Bridal Guide love the story of how they met, how they fell in love and how they were brought together by Instagram – how else would Elizabeth from Texas have met Denis from New Orleans? The possibilities of meeting just about anyone on social media are endless.

A picture is worth a thousand words so check out the incredibly sweet images of their relationship here.

Do you have a crazy story about how you met your significant other? We want to hear it! Send your stories our way by posting on your Facebook page.


Dawn Lo is a contributing writer to The Bridal Guide.

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Review: Marriage Isn’t for You


[Photo courtesy of Seth Adam Smith]

On Sunday, the Huffington Post published Seth Adam Smith’s Marriage Isn’t For You. Since then, there has been a big reaction to the 700–word piece. There’s already an abundance of Facebook shares, tens of thousands of Facebook Likes and hundreds of comments. If you haven’t yet read the article, click here, and spare two seconds to read it.

When I first read the title of this piece I was offended. I was angry based on my judgment that this article was a millennium minded piece steering young people away from the institution of marriage. I mean, that’s what it sounds like doesn’t it? I wanted to aggressively tell the author that some people may not be cut out for marriage but mine would be successful and happy. Then I read the article and realized that Smith’s message is exactly the opposite of what it seems to be. (Clever, eh?)

Smith’s beautiful article actually tells us that marriage is about being selfless in love and not putting yourself first by constantly making your relationship about yourself. In this piece, Smith realizes that to be happy and healthily in love, it can’t be all about him. Therefore, marriage isn’t about you, it’s about the person you love.


I agree that marriage—or any meaningful relationship—can’t be all about you. If that were the case, I bet many of those relationships wouldn’t work out.  When you love someone or care about them as a friend, you want to be selfless and make them happy. Often times, we get selfish, and that’s okay because we just need to remind ourselves that everything isn’t about us and things will work out. If you’re reading this and you feel like you have been selfish in a relationship lately, simply ask for forgiveness and give promises of a better effort to be more selfless. I bet those words will go a long way.

A great concept that Smith touches on is the “Walmart philosophy”, which is if it doesn’t make you happy, you can take it back and get a new one. I think that’s a great concept to think about in regard to marriage and divorce these days. How hard do people really try before they separate? How selfless or selfish were they? Did they really consider the depth and length of their marriage? I would like to think that anyone you once wanted to marry could read Smith’s piece and find it in their heart to try again—but maybe that’s because I haven’t been married. What do you think? Have you been married or divorced or married more than once? How does this article relate to your life and make you feel?


Lauren Chan is the Editor of the Bridal Guide.

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Justin and Emily: The Proposal


[Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Holland]

Recently, an engagement video hit the Internet and has taken people by storm. Justin Baldoni’s The Proposal is the 27-minute long video of his proposal to then girlfriend and current fiancé Emily. First published on October 8, 2013, the video has nearly 4 million views in less than one month. Watch it, here:

This is how the man behind the magic describes the video, “On April 13th I proposed to my girlfriend Emily at the restaurant where we had our first date. I told her I was running late, had the restaurant opened just for her, and set up hidden cameras all around her. When she sat down at the table, there was a TV in front of her set to take her on a journey that would lead to the proposal of a lifetime. This is what happened…”

Here are our opinions: We say, it’s very inventive and creative. We don’t know how Emily kept so calm, cool, and collected the entire time. Why wasn’t her sister in attendance? Can Justin really sing like Nick Lachey? Why didn’t he include any of her friends in the video? What a great flash mob!

Overall, we’re very smitten with this couple. From just 27 minutes, we can tell that they have a great and true love that the rest of us are (or will be) lucky to find. People like this are inspiring, and remind us that there are good and loving people out there. Everyone deserves a wonderful proposal, but they don’t have to be this extravagant. How did you get proposed to? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page and tell us!

You can watch the couple’s wedding video, here.


Lauren Chan is the Editor of the Bridal Guide.

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The Ceremony of a Second Marriage

Photo Courtesy of StudioDVM

Sometimes in life, the best things come the second time around! Many couples find the love of their life after their first marriage has ended. These brides are excited to begin their lives with their new mate, but what is the custom of planning for a second marriage? Can a bride plan a big wedding, or should she have a more toned down, low key event? Do people bring gifts or just bring well wishes? The Bridal Guide weighs in. (more…)

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Leaving A Legacy-A Love Story

Planning a wedding is an exciting event but the experiences you have years after the wedding is what counts. The wedding is simply a celebration into the rest of your life. On Valentine’s Day, The Bridal Guide decided to share a special story with you about a young Canadian couple, during the Second World War. How did the language of love happen back then? What was it like letting go of your love to worry about him going off into the harrows of war? (more…)

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Why Four Brides Does No Favors to Brides

Katie Adamchick shares her opinion about Bridal TV Shows and regular brides. Should we second guess ourselves?

By Katie Adamchick

On one hand, I wish that the explosion of bridal shows that are so popular on TV these days had happened just a little earlier. They really boomed in popularity right around when I was getting married…too late for me to garner any wisdom from them. (more…)

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Hosting The Perfect Bachelorette


Your best friend is getting married. The big day is coming up and you want to show your friend one last night of being “single”. Here are some tips for planning a great bachelorette party. (more…)

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