4 Adorable Ways to Propose to Your Bridesmaids

Now that you’ve been proposed to (or did the proposing), it’s time for you to get down on one knee for yet another proposal, this time for your bridesmaids! Make asking your friends to be part of your bridal party a bit more fun by giving them a proposal of their own. Whether you want to be simple and sentimental and are looking for something more fun, a bridesmaid’s proposal is a memory you can both cherish after you’ve tied the knot.

Put a Ring on It

Photo courtesy of PetalandPaperie/Etsy

Photo courtesy of PetalandPaperie/Etsy

Propose to your bridesmaids with a ring of their own. This personalized card comes with a ring charm necklace that is simple, elegant, and would make a great addition to any bridesmaid’s dress.

DIY Lunchbox

Photo courtesy of Something Turquoise

Photo courtesy of Something Turquoise

A fun DIY project, you can personalize each lunchbox (or any other box you want to use) to each of your bridesmaids. Fill it with items you know they will love, like their favourite nail polish or lipstick shade, a piece of jewelry, their favourite candy, or even an item that holds a special memory for both of you. You can even decorate the outside of the box to match the colour scheme of your wedding, or just with a few fun bits and bobs.

A Simple Card

Photo courtesy of PheasantPress/Etsy

Photo courtesy of PheasantPress/Etsy

Sometimes it’s nice to just go back to basics. Propose to your bridesmaids with a card that says it all. The one pictured above is blank on the inside, so you can write your own, personalized message to each of your bridesmaids. The card is also available for junior bridesmaids, as well as maid and matrons of honour.

Bridesmaid Survival Kit

Photo Courtesy of Style Me Pretty

Photo Courtesy of Style Me Pretty

Get a little cheeky with your proposal and provide your bridesmaids with a survival kit. This is especially useful for the brides that know they can be a bit on the demanding side (it is your day, after all!), and know they’ll be getting the “bridezilla” tag. Fill it with items you know the bridesmaids will need, which can be anything from painkillers and water, to a mini bottle of champagne, a sewing kit and makeup wipes.


– Rosemina Nazarali, Editor

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Couple Sets the World Record with 126 Bridesmaids

We may all think that more than five bridesmaids is a little too much to handle. More girls just means more opinions, feelings, looks, and ideas for the brides and/or wedding planner to consider during the entire process of planning the wedding. It only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch, but your odds of not having a bad apple are pretty good when you have a low total of bridesmaids, right? Now, imagine being Sri Lankan couple Nisansala and Nalin, who had a whopping total of 126 bridesmaids!

Yup, you read that right: 126 bridesmaids. They officially set the Guinness World Record, beating out the former title-holders who had 96 bridesmaids. Interestingly enough, both weddings were held in Thailand.


According to reports, Champi Siriwardana, one of Sri Lanka’s leading wedding planners and dress designers (who also happens to be Nisansala’s sister-in-law), came up with the idea to try to break the world record. Can you imagine planning a wedding around that many bridesmaids? Wouldn’t the day become much more about the bridesmaids than the bride (and groom)? We certainly think that it would—and it has.

Were there also 126 groomsmen? The answer is: Not even close. We all know how hard it can be to get men involved in weddings, so that is understandable. (haha!) The groomsmen totaled 25, in addition to 20 page boys, and 23 flower girls.  The even brought out First Lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa to the wedding and put the couple on the world map, but we wonder if the couple thinks it was worth all the stress.


What’s the maximum number of bridesmaids that you would have at your wedding? Comment on our Facebook page and let us know!


Lauren Chan is the Editor of the Bridal Guide.

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Exciting Bridal Shower Games


[Photo courtesy of Wedding Party App]

Have you been to a super exciting bridal shower? Have you been to a totally lackluster one? Bridal showers can be a ton of fun, or kind of a drag. No one wants to be the bride with a boring shower…So how do you prevent that? We think the best way to have an amazing shower is to plan great entertainment that involves all guests. Look no further than the Bridal Guide for some exciting bridal shower games.

Two Truths and a Lie

Have every guest tell three memorable stories about themselves and the bride. Two will be true, and one will be a lie. Have the guest to their right guess the lie. If they get it right, award them with a small gift. The best part? The outrageous, heart warming, or quirky stories that will be shared.

Pin the Facial Hair on the Groom


[Photo courtesy of Glynis Ronchetti]

This game will get all guests up out of their seats and having fun. Hand out facial hair cut-outs with guests names on them. One at  a time, blindfold guests, spin them around, and direct them towards a photo of the groom on a wall. Watch them attempt to pin the moustache on the photo. Give a prize to whoever plants their facial cut-out most properly.

How Well Do You Know Your Groom?

Have the Maid of Honour ask the groom around 20 questions about himself, the couples’ relationship, etc. and record his answers. Then, pose the same questions to the bride and see what her answers will be. We guarantee some serious hilarity here. Want to make it more fun? For every answer the bride gets wrong, make her have a sip of wine.

Dream Hollywood Husband

Who hasn’t dreamt of a Hollywood celebrity husband? The answer is no one! Whether your guests are Johnny Depp or Adam Levine fans, everyone is bound to have a good answer. For this game, have everyone write their dream celebrity husband and make the bride guess who wrote what.

Gift Bingo


[Photo courtesy of Something Tourquoise]

Make or buy blank bingo cards for this game. Have everyone fill in the blank bingo boxes with what you think the bride will receive for gifts. When a guest gets bingo, hand out a fun prize. If they call bingo falsely, hand out a fun punishment.


Lauren Chan is the Editor of the Bridal Guide.

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How To Choose Your Bridesmaids

Forming your bridal party isn’t as straightforward as you imagined when you were young. There are a lot of factors that go into choosing your bridesmaids, and you don’t want to make a choice that you’ll later regret.

To choose the right bridesmaids for your wedding (and to avoid drama and conflict within the group of women) there are several important factors to consider.


Don’t let the bridesmaids choose themselves. Sometimes when you tell a friend that you’re getting married their instinct is to ask if they’ll be a bridesmaid. If this happens, the best thing to do is to tell them you haven’t decided on bridesmaids yet and you’ll let them know when you make a decision.

Reconciling the old and the new. It seems every young girl designs a fake list of bridesmaids for their imaginary future husband. But when a wedding is in you future you need to figure out how to reconcile the bridesmaid list from when you were ten with the list of ladies you’ve met more recently in your life. There is no rule that says the friend you’ve had for 15 years has to be your maid of honour. There’s also no rule that says you have to include the groom’s sister. Find a happy medium and mix old and new friends and family.

Pick a number first. Before you go through all your friends seeing whom you should ask, talk to your fiancé and see how many groomsmen he wants to have. The tendency these days is to have a big wedding party, with six or even seven bridesmaids/groomsmen, because couples want to include everyone. The truth is, having a big wedding party is a hassle. It’s hard to get all the bridesmaids together and there are bound to be some women who feel left out in a big group. To keep everyone feeling valuable try to limit your bridal party to five or so.

It’s not who asked who. Remember in school when someone you weren’t that close to invited you to their birthday and you felt obligated to return the favor and ask them to yours? It doesn’t work that way with bridesmaids. If a cousin or friend asks you to be their bridesmaid, that doesn’t require you to ask them. It may hurt their feelings, but you don’t want to feel obligated to ask anyone, you deserve to have the group of women you want most.

Don’t invite the whole friend circle. If you have a large group of friends you’re guaranteed to be closer to some than others. Every woman wants a ‘Sex and City’ friendship circle, but that’s not usually the case. If there’s someone you aren’t that close with, chances are they’d feel uncomfortable in your wedding party anyway, so never choose a bridesmaid out of pity or courtesy!

Who do you want? It seems silly, but the best way to decide your bridesmaids is by choosing the people you want and whom you’re closest with. Include your sister, your best friend, and girls who are friendly and crafty. Pick your best girls and don’t worry about excluding or hurting some of the others you can’t include. If you choose a bridesmaid for the wrong reasons you could end up causing conflict within the bridal party and you’ll regret it later on down the road.


Jillian Zacchia is a contributing writer to the Bridal Guide.

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How to Make your Maid of Honour Speech Epic


Have you ever been to a wedding where the maid of honor performs a rap instead of a traditional speech? Last week, a video surfaced of maid of honour Jennifer Gabrielli doing just that at her sister Nicole’s wedding at La Costa Resort in California.

While not every maid of honour will be comfortable writing and performing a five-minute rap, here are some tips for creating an epic maid of honour speech inspired by this amazing video.

Start with How the Couple Met

The maid of honor is usually the bride’s best friend—sisters are best friends too—so they inevitably have an interesting story to tell in regards to their first impression of the groom. Talking about the maid of honour’s interpretation of how the couple met is a great way to capture everyone’s attention and make the speech interesting and personal. In the featured video, Gabrielli talks about how her sister and brother-in-law met online. Because it’s a rap, it’s hard to understand what she’s saying, so the story gets lost. To make your story meaningful, make sure it is clear, short, and fun.

Stand Out

While it was impossible to hear all the words in Gabrielli’s rap, there were some lines that got stuck in viewers’ heads because of the Eminem beat playing in the background. To make your speech fun and memorable you will need a few ideas that help your moment stand out from all the other speeches at the wedding. Gabrielli was good at singing and she was clearly comfortable with a microphone, and it worked for her. Play up your own strengths! If you’re funny, write some jokes; if you’re artistic, create some props; if you’re tech savvy, create or edit a video to share with guests.  If you don’t want to do anything that elaborate and you still want to stand out, tell a personal story and include lots of shout-outs to guests.

Be Confident

Gabrielli’s rap is impressive because of the way she presented it. She was in-character and confident; and if you want an epic speech you have to be self-assured. The best speech I’ve ever heard at a wedding was by one of the guests who grabbed the microphone after he had a few drinks. He wasn’t drunk, but he was inhibition-free and confident enough to share a hilarious story about his childhood with the couple. He finished the speech by saying that he looked forward to making more fun memories with the bride and groom. To master the microphone you have to come prepared and you have to be sure of yourself.

If you want to make your speech stand out, all you have to do is be personal and write something honest, heartfelt, and entertaining. Even if you can’t rap like a pro, you can still blow everyone away. Good luck!


Jillian Zacchia is a contributing writer to The Bridal Guide.

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Hosting The Perfect Bachelorette


Your best friend is getting married. The big day is coming up and you want to show your friend one last night of being “single”. Here are some tips for planning a great bachelorette party. (more…)

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