New vs. Old


What’s Right for You?

By: Dino Di Saverio

Depending on how far you are in your wedding plans, you and your soon-to-be husband have made or will soon make a ton of decisions on important matters such as reception venue, colour of flowers, guest list, menu, invitations, budget, and so on and so forth…It’s no wonder, planning a wedding takes so much of your precious time together, not to mention a substantial amount of money. Amidst the stress and insanity of planning a wedding, many couples are also looking for their first home. If you and your better half have already begun this process, then you’ll know that it entails a whole new list of decisions that need to be made. With the added stresses that come with shopping for and purchasing your first home, your relationship with your significant other can really be put to the test. As a Bride embarking on her first time journey of purchasing a home with her Groom, one of the biggest decisions the two of you will encounter is the type of home you’re looking to buy. Most couples often find themselves torn between one person liking older, more mature properties; while the other favours newer, move-in ready type properties that will require minimal work. Finding a reasonable compromise can prove to be very challenging. Nonetheless, knowing the pros & cons of old homes and new homes will help the two of you make that decision more easily and confidently. (more…)

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Dino Di Saverio gives GTA brides some advice on another important step for a bride and groom…buying their first house!

Now that you’ve made the commitment to get married and start a life together, the next biggest decision you’ll make is finding that perfect place to call home. The one mistake that most young couples make is thinking that they can’t afford a home, and convince themselves that their only option to becoming first time homeowners is to rent or lease. With the high cost of weddings these days, many couples find themselves struggling to put money aside for a home as they watch their savings deplete. For some, the financial burden of saving money is compounded by having to repay school and/or car loans. Needless to say, the idea of even thinking about buying a home is a daunting one, especially for those who think that in order to buy, they must have at least $80,000 lying around for a sizeable down payment. (more…)

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