Hilarious Wedding Photos

“Hilarious” and “wedding photos” aren’t words you would usually use in the same phrase; but for some non-traditional couples, fun and creative wedding photography makes their wedding day meaningful and personal. Hilarious wedding photos capture a couple’s unique sense of humor—and friends and family will love the unforgettably funny snap shots.

We’ve found some of the funniest and most exciting wedding photos on the Internet. Maybe they will inspire you to make your wedding photo shoot a little bit more innovative and zany.

 Quinn Miller Photography

Quinn Miller Photography

This wedding shot has gone viral and we love it! While everyone looks scared they also look beautiful—and like they’re having a lot of fun. Everyone is in character; the photo is perfectly balanced and symmetrical; and the bride is the first thing I notice in the picture, despite the fact that most of the image is taken up by a photoshopped dinosaur. Overall, it’s not only a fun image, it’s also very well executed.


This next image attempts a similar theme with a Star Wars focus. Everyone is in character yet again, but about the best part of  this image is that you can see the people in the forefront more clearly. One of the downfalls of this image is that several people are completely cut out of the image except for their legs. On the upside, the pink bridesmaid dresses really stand out and looks great in this landscape. Unfortunately, my eyes are drawn to the bridesmaid center-left rather than the bride (who isn’t even facing the camera). This shot needs a few adjustments, but it’s a fun variation of the dinosaur photo.


What guy doesn’t want to feel like a superhero on his wedding day? This photo is a fun and playful way to highlight the men—for a change. The girls are wearing capes and the bride is sporting Wonder Woman cuffs, but really this photo is about the groom and groomsmen, who are unveiling superhero uniforms under their suits. We think it’s a great photo that the guys will really love and get excited about.

 Image by Micah Bowerbank

Image by Micah Bowerbank

Now here’s a hilarious wedding photo that brides will love. With the bride’s foot in the foreground and the men in the distance, the image is produced to look as if she’s about the crush them with her foot. It really symbolizes the control the woman has during the wedding (and maybe during the marriage), but more than anything it’s a fun and creative way of showing off the bride’s personality.

Photo courtesy of MoIllusions.com

Photo courtesy of MoIllusions.com

This photo is another one that went viral, but it takes a while to realize what’s “funny” about this picture. Look closely: The groomsmen are all down on one knee and the bridesmaids are seated on the men’s knees, but because of their dresses it looks as if all the bridesmaids are little people (about 4 feet tall). Once you see how bizarre the illusion looks, you can’t help but smile! If you want to confuse and crack up your friends and family take a few photos like this and see if they can spot what’s wrong.


The bride has to have some pictures exclusively with her bridal party. In this case, the funny wedding photo shows the women doing some pretty hilarious things as they get ready. Each bridesmaid is acting out something mildly taboo, while the bride covers the flower girl’s eyes. This is way better than a photo that has all the girls standing in a row smiling because the bridesmaids get to show off their personality.  This might not be an appropriate photo to frame on your wall, but if you post it on Facebook you’ll get a lot of Likes!


Finally, here’s something just as fun as the previous photo for the groom and groomsmen. There’s nothing funnier than a bunch of guys acting like a bunch of women. The stereotype is light-hearted and well executed. Here, the groom shows off his wedding ring to his groomsmen as they all flip out. This is an easy shot to replicate and it will get lot of laughs.

It’s fun to have a few silly photographs along with all the professionally-directed, smiling shots. For your wedding consider throwing in some curveballs, it’ll make your wedding album feel more exciting and complete.


Jillian Zacchia is a contributing writer for The Bridal Guide.

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