The Ceremony of a Second Marriage

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Sometimes in life, the best things come the second time around! Many couples find the love of their life after their first marriage has ended. These brides are excited to begin their lives with their new mate, but what is the custom of planning for a second marriage? Can a bride plan a big wedding, or should she have a more toned down, low key event? Do people bring gifts or just bring well wishes? The Bridal Guide weighs in. (more…)

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The Bridal Guide Sits Down With Jane Dayus-Hinch!

As the official Wedding season begins, many Brides are looking for the latest trends, great ideas and different ways to incorporate their personality into their ‘big day’. A wedding planner is a Bride’s best friend, confidante and fairy godmother who can make their ‘vision’ become a reality. The Bridal Guide will be working together with the fairy godmother herself: Jane Dayus-Hinch. (more…)

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Gowns That Fit Your Body Type

As a bride begins to plan her wedding, the dress is what is to impress. Brides dive into bridal gown magazines and visit stores, looking for the latest trends and fashions to grace the aisle on their wedding day. However, the latest fashion may look great on a bridal model but may not suit the everyday bride. Women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes, so every bride deserves a dress that looks best and suits her body type! (more…)

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Flowers: The Accent To Weddings


Flowers are used to accent most weddings. From bouquets to boutonnieres, flowers are a captivating  and traditional piece to any ceremony and reception.. Why stick with tradition and have flowers in a wedding and why are they the perfect décor? Here are a few reasons why flowers are a perfect décor piece for any wedding. (more…)

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Leaving A Legacy-A Love Story

Planning a wedding is an exciting event but the experiences you have years after the wedding is what counts. The wedding is simply a celebration into the rest of your life. On Valentine’s Day, The Bridal Guide decided to share a special story with you about a young Canadian couple, during the Second World War. How did the language of love happen back then? What was it like letting go of your love to worry about him going off into the harrows of war? (more…)

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Social Media and Your Wedding!

Why tweets, Facebook groups and blogging make your wedding easier!

Weddings are now more organized then ever! Brides and grooms everywhere are taking advantage of social media and its platforms to speak to their guests, plan engagement parties, bridal showers and link their bridal party to each other without trying to coordinate with so many different schedules! Social media is saving a bride time and making their life a lot easier to connect with their guests. (more…)

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When Parents Are Paying

Weddings are beautiful, momentous and one of the best days of your life. They are also incredibly expensive! While some couples pay for the wedding bill themselves, other couples have the financial support from their parents. There are a few couples, however, that encounter parents that believe since they’re paying, they’re the ones who will make the decisions! Stress, disputes and family fights all can occur if the bride and groom do not set out rules a head of time. How can a bride avoid a hostile takeover of her big day? Here are a few tips! (more…)

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Invitation Interview: What To Expect When Speaking With An Invitation Designer

Wedding invitations have never been more beautiful! Invitation designers are now often graphic designers and can create works of art for you to hand out to your guests before your wedding. Every couple can have an invitation catered to them that is unique and tailored to the couple’s design. However, many couples know little about this fascinating industry. Recently, I sat down with Erin Flannery, a graphic designer who specializes in unique, modern wedding invitations to find out the facts about what couples should know when speaking with an invitation designer. (more…)

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Browsing Bridal Shows

Congratulations! You’re getting married! It is a wonderful time but there is so much to do and decide on and let’s face it, time flies. With so many decisions to make in such little time, many brides find themselves overwhelmed to come up with creative ideas. From the ceremony to the center piece it is hard to find a balance between your personal creative touch and the amount of time left in your day. As a modern bride, you may research on the internet various ideas and creations, but there is nothing like physically seeing a product before purchasing. With such time restraints how can you accomplish many different tasks in a period of time?


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Being A Bridesmaid



When you are asked to be a bridesmaid in a friend or family member’s wedding, it is an honour. However, when you joyfully agree to stand by the bride for their special day, there is a lot to consider when committing to the biggest day of your friends life. (more…)

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