How the Wedding Industry is Supporting Healthcare Workers

The wedding industry has come to a screeching halt these last few months, with countless wedding cancellations and the entire wedding 2020 season on hold until next year. It’s still possible to get married in a more intimate wedding or with a more creative health-sensitive ceremony (like the couple who had a drive-in wedding with friends and family watching from their cars), but for the most part wedding vendors have seen business slashed by more than 70%. It’s an understatement to say the wedding industry is struggling right now, but we will make it through, and while we wait along with our anxious and eager couples, it’s important to step up and help those in need, like our dedicated first response and healthcare workers.

Couple, Kaitlyn Dinino and Steve Sekulski, both healthcare workers, sacrificed their wedding to continue fighting against covid-19.

Over the last several months while many industries have been at a standstill, healthcare workers have been putting in extra hours and working with extra precaution to make sure we get through this pandemic. The work they’ve done is beyond thanks. Everyday these nurses and doctors put themselves at risk and take time away from their families to help ensure the safety of entire communities.

Flower and Food Donations

The floral industry is one among many affected by covid-19. What would normally be peak season has become one of the worst lulls in the industry’s history. This turn of events was unexpected, and many florists with greenhouses or those that ordered in advance were left with a surplus of flowers and no events to bring them to.

Thoughtful florists around the globe decided to use those flowers to make arrangements for nursing homes, which have been particularly hard hit by the corona virus outbreaks, and hospitals, to cheer up both the patients and the dedicated healthcare workers.

Similarly, caterers and restaurants with a surplus of food and a shortage of events have decided to donate whatever food they can to hospitals and healthcare centres. These food donations help fuel frontline workers and first responders who have worked long and difficult hours without pause.

At a time when everyone is struggling, it’s good to know that we can all still help each other in order to get through this.

Moving forward

We know it’s disappointing to put plans on hold and compromise on your dream wedding, but through these difficult times the entire wedding industry is behind you, doing our best to support you and those working hard to keep us healthy and safe.

Your wedding day will come soon enough, and when it does those in the wedding industry will be there waiting to help you fulfill your every dream.

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