Stunning Bouquets fit for the Foodie Bride

Flowers in your wedding bouquet? Sure,┬ábut prim and proper are losing ground and wild and whimsical are gaining popularity. Everything you need for the perfect wedding bouquet might be right in your own backyard… or at your local farmer’s market.


Photo Courtesy of South Bound Bride

Brides today tend to be more hands-on and eco savvy, lending itself to the current trend of locally sourced seasonal product finding itself in their wedding bouquets.


Photo Courtesy of Eco Watch

Fruits, vegetables, herbs and mushrooms are making beautifully edible statements with heirloom carrots, purple kale and citrus fruits being all the current rage.


Photo Courtesy of Diamonds By Eyal

A heady mix of flowers, foliage, herbs, fruit and veggies provides a one-of-a-kind bouquet statement that will add an earthy vibe to your wedding day!


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