A DIY Moroccan #Wedding Blanket

Exotic handcrafted textiles are becoming increasingly popular in Western culture, and that includes the dreamy and romantic Moroccan Wedding Blanket. This creamy, sequined blanket, or handira, is traditionally made by the bride’s female family. During the making of the blanket, the relatives impart all of their marriage advice to the bride-to-be. After the wedding, the bride ties the blanket around her neck and wears it into her home. (Clearly a blanket with soul. ) 

And while you don’t need to fuss with all of the tradition, the Moroccan blanket idea can be customized into a wondrous DIY event with your bride tribe. Have each of your gals bring a different piece to add to the blanket and watch it become an heirloom to treasure for the rest of your life.

Check out this DIY Moroccan Wedding Blanket how-to here.   

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