Win a Gift Certificate for “Sweet Creations For You”

Every month the Bridal Guide gives one lucky reader and Facebook fan a prize valued anywhere between $75-400! You can win anything from spa treatments to gift certificates for wedding vendors.

This month we’re giving away a $200 gift certificate for “Sweet Creations For You” to use towards a gorgeous wedding cake! Entry details here.

To show all the lovely brides-to-be what an exciting prize this is, we’re featuring some of the unique cakes and treats “Sweet Creations For You” offers.



Cupcake tier wedding cakes are very trendy right now, and at “Sweet Creations For You” they do it right! Each cupcake is unique but they all fit together perfectly to create a dynamic and exciting cake design. The wedding cake on top with the adorable cake topper is just gorgeous.

Wedding Cake Chandelier


This is not an optical illusion and no we didn’t just flip the photo upside down, this is chandelier cake by “Sweet Creations For You.” I don’t know how it stays together, but this cake design will certainly make an impression on your wedding guests.

Anniversary Cake


We love the idea of an anniversary cake. Traditionally, it’s cute to save the first layer of cake in the freezer and each it on your first anniversary, but why not save room in the freezer and get a delicious fresh cake instead!

Thank You Cookies


To end the evening “Sweet Creations For You” offers elegant and yummy thank you cookies to give to the guests as a wedding favor. You can write messages on the cookies, initials, or just go with a romantic bride and groom theme. This is a great idea and so well done.

But you’ll have to taste for yourself to see if these cakes are as delicious as they are beautiful and unique.

All the images are provided by Sweet Creations For You.


Jillian Zacchia is a contributing writer at the Bridal Guide.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for Brides

Getting married these days means you have to go digital. Most of the time is makes your life a whole lot easier, like with the free wedding registry we offer here at the Bridal Guide, but other times it’s just not the time or place for social media.

Here are some of the major do’s and don’ts for the biggest social media platforms.


Facebook / Twitter


Write statuses/tweets before the wedding – but with a limit. You won’t check in to your wedding or tag yourself in a selfie in the limo ride to the ceremony (we hope not!) so it’s important to post A FEW statuses/tweets before the wedding. Tag yourself at the nail salon with the bridesmaids and get your guests excited. After the wedding there’s a huge time gap before you get your professional wedding photos, so it’s nice to be active on Facebook and Twitter before the wedding to make up for it


Post negative remarks about the wedding – EVER. It’s okay to be flustered and overwhelmed when planning a wedding, but you don’t need to broadcast it. Talk with close friends and family about issues you’re having, just don’t share them with everyone, it brings down the excitement of the wedding.


We Heart Photography

We Heart Photography


You will DEFINITELY want to create a unique hashtag that all your guests can use when tagging photos – this applies to Facebook and Twitter too. That way all the pictures from all the guests can be found in one place when you search the hashtag. It’s so practical!


Post all your photos with a cheesy filter. It’s nice to adjust lighting if it’s dark, but don’t start editing all the photos your friends and family took. Less is more right after a wedding so keep it simple and don’t post low quality or edited photos just for the sake of it – if a photo needs a filter, maybe you shouldn’t be posting it at all, you’ll have hundreds of other nice photos later.




Create a secret wedding board. Pinterest is practically made for brides, but you don’t want all your friends who follow you to know the exciting details and dress and decorations you’ll have at your wedding before the event. If you make all the pins that you will use a secret, your guests will be in awe when they come to the wedding and see everything for the first time.


Get hung up on DIY projects. Pinterest is a slippery slope – first you spending hours pinning things then the next thing you know you’re crying because the craft you spent another three hours on isn’t working and won’t be ready for the wedding. Keep things simple and true to what you have time for and what you’re capable of doing on your own.

There are a million other ways to use social media for your wedding but the biggest thing to remember is moderation. It’s easy to update your friends and followers on everything, but weddings are still pretty old fashioned. Don’t post that you’re engaged before telling your family and friends (my friend did that and the Maid of Honor was pissed!) and don’t make a Facebook event or send online invites for your wedding, but make sure you do take advantage of photo and video sharing and use social media to update people on your exciting honeymoon adventures.


Jillian Zacchia is a contributing writer for the Bridal Guide.


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Social Media and Your Wedding!

Why tweets, Facebook groups and blogging make your wedding easier!

Weddings are now more organized then ever! Brides and grooms everywhere are taking advantage of social media and its platforms to speak to their guests, plan engagement parties, bridal showers and link their bridal party to each other without trying to coordinate with so many different schedules! Social media is saving a bride time and making their life a lot easier to connect with their guests. (more…)

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