Would you CrowdFund your Wedding Costs?

A Guelph couple, Samantha Hartley and Chris Denis, are making news for crowdfunding their wedding, and they aren’t the only ones.

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The average cost of a wedding in Ontario is about $30,000-$40,000 and can be a struggle for young couples who haven’t saved or don’t receive help from their families. So, tacky or genius, Crowdfunding is becoming a real trend. Aside from GoFundMe, CrowdRise, and IndieGoGo pages, there are sites like Sponsor My Event that allow couples to hook up with corporations willing to invest in an event for product mentions or visibility. As with anything, there are couples who will ask for everything, and there are couples who will ask for just one thing. 

Like this OffBeat Bride we found who explained her crowdfunding option with a poem.

Our quirky gift idea might seem a bit skew,
But you know with us that’s nothing new.

You see, we really don’t need any more stuff.
As far as things go we have more than enough.
So, when it comes to gifts we’re trying something new.
You see, what we really want is a wedding with you.

We aren’t super rich, we have our own kind of wealthy.
We’re rich in love and we think that’s healthy.
But, when it comes to our wedding, we hit a bit of a snag.
You see, an intimate wedding just isn’t our bag.

And while it’s a reality that leaves us bereft,
Love just isn’t a currency most vendors accept.
So we looked at our options and settled on one,
because it didn’t feel right to leave out anyone.

You see while we don’t need a TV or bookshelf,
we really need some help with the wedding itself.
We promise your money won’t go on her dress,
it won’t go on the rings, or our shoes — this we stress.

You see, all of the money we get sent our way,
Goes on the food, entertainment, and booze on the day.
It’s called crowdfunding, and we really feel,
it’s the best gift of all because part of the deal,
Is that we get to share our gift with everyone
Who matters to us most in this world, with the exception of none.

So while we know it’s a little bit strange.
We hope you’ll agree that it’s far from deranged.


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