Your Face is the Window to your Soul

Engagements are exciting business. No two couples are the same, and the effort behind some surprise proposals can be pretty creative, but the initial reactions on most of those brides-to-be have one thing in common. Their hands come to their face at the moment of understanding.

It could just be an automatic surprise reflex, or it could be that she is so overwhelmed and her emotions so intense, she’s afraid her soul will spill out of her mouth. Expressing that kind of raw emotional happiness is the most vulnerable a person can be. Kind of like popping up naked in public by accident. Most people are quick to want to cover that up. We’re self-conscious animals, even subconsciously.  There will be a grin spreading across your face that will threaten to swallow the world. Let it out. True love and happiness is glorious, don’t hide it. Let the ugly-crying tears flow free.

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