3 Alternative Bridesmaid Style Ideas

If you’re looking for something a little less “bridesmaid-y” and a little more wow, check out these 3 alternative dress ideas for your best gal pals to wow and delight on your big day.

A 50s/60s simple mustard yellow frock with matchy shoes:

Image / Pinterest

Jaw-dropping black couture:

Off the shoulder sequins and muted hollywood glam:

Image / Asos


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5 Stunning Bridesmaid Dress Colours

There are so many different styles, fabric choices and designs of bridesmaid dresses, how do you sort through it all and find your perfect fit? Start with the colour you love and then enlist the help of your bride tribe. We’ve got 5 gorgeous colours to get you started.

Image / Pinterest

Image / AliExpress

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Choosing your Bridesmaid Gifts

Your bridesmaids are an important part of your wedding. They’re your people, the closest of the close, the inner circle, the BFF squad. Not only do they stand with you on one of the most important days of your life, but they also invest a great deal of time, money and effort into making sure your day is the best day that it can be. 

Getting them a gift is non-negotiable. Budget this in at the beginning. It’s important, and shouldn’t be an afterthought. When it comes to picking out gifts for them, there are two ways to go about it. The first, is that each girl gets the same gift. Jewelry and/or handbags are quite common. 

Image / Pinterest

This is a great idea for a group that is super close. Having something that is the same (with minor variances) will make them feel forever part of the tribe. If this sounds like your “I do” crew, consider splurging for something a little more personal and a lot more permanent. Your sisters are forever, right? They are the anchors that keep you grounded. Together you have unbreakable hearts. (Or something like that.)

Image / Pinterest

Image / Tattoos

Image / Pinterest

The second school of thought is to shop for each one like it’s their birthday. This allows you to be sentimental and choose something personal and appropriate for each girl. 

Whatever you choose, don’t cheap out. You don’t have to spend as much as they did on their dresses, but make sure that you put thought and effort into their gifts. And don’t forget the card. A personal note to each girl acknowledging what they mean to you individually is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Write brilliant prose and make those girls cry big ugly tears!

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5 Stunning Bridesmaid Dresses under $100

The average cost of a bridesmaid dress is $200. While you probably want your bridal party to look as polished as possible, it’s also important to consider their budget limitations. While you may have dreams of custom-made couture, your friends won’t want to break the bank on a dress that they may only wear once.

There are plenty of budget-friendly options available that will fit the theme and colour palette for your wedding, make for jaw-dropping wedding photos and also allow your friends to fall in love with them. Here are a five styles for under $100.


$79.97 – One Shoulder Chiffon Dress from Davids Bridal


$99.60 – A-Line/Princess Sleeveless Sweetheart Pleats Short/Mini Satin from Missy Dresses


$83.39 – Floor-length Lace / Tulle Bridesmaid Dress Sheath / Column Scoop with Appliques from LightintheBox


$99.95 – Floral Print Crêpe de Chine V-Neck Tunic from Le Chateau


$69.99 – Jacquard-weave dress from H&M


[Featured image courtesy of Brides Magazine UK]

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The Perfect Gift for your Bridal BFFs

Your day wouldn’t be complete without your best friends. These girls are your squad. They have seen you at your worst (and likely have the video to prove it) and have got your back through thick and thin. The group of you are goals for all others.

A standard gift for them just simply won’t do. Get creative, get personal, and show them what they mean to you.

Like a personalized keepsake.


Photo Courtesy of The Wedding Planner Mag

Or turn their essence into shared art. (Lip prints for everyone!)


Photo Courtesy of Brit

More art that’s probably closer to the truth of your life adventures.


Photo Courtesy of Buzzfeed

The art of them.


Photo Courtesy of Venue Lust

Homemade personalized lockets.


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Hosting The Perfect Bachelorette


Your best friend is getting married. The big day is coming up and you want to show your friend one last night of being “single”. Here are some tips for planning a great bachelorette party. (more…)

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