A DIY Moroccan #Wedding Blanket

Exotic handcrafted textiles are becoming increasingly popular in Western culture, and that includes the dreamy and romantic Moroccan Wedding Blanket. This creamy, sequined blanket, or handira, is traditionally made by the bride’s female family. During the making of the blanket, the relatives impart all of their marriage advice to the bride-to-be. After the wedding, the bride ties the blanket around her neck and wears it into her home. (Clearly a blanket with soul. ) 

And while you don’t need to fuss with all of the tradition, the Moroccan blanket idea can be customized into a wondrous DIY event with your bride tribe. Have each of your gals bring a different piece to add to the blanket and watch it become an heirloom to treasure for the rest of your life.

Check out this DIY Moroccan Wedding Blanket how-to here.   

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March #Wedding Gown Roundup

For your #wedding dress inspiration, check out our latest Instagram roundup.



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February #Wedding Gown Roundup

For your #wedding dress inspiration, check out our latest Instagram roundup.

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BOHO Inspired Bridal Jewellery for 2018

If you’re a free-spirited bride-to-be and looking for ways to accessorize your wedding fashion, we’ve got some feminine bohemian styling inspiration for you.

Arm cuffs. Think bracelets for your biceps. From simple bangles to elaborate decorative pieces, there’s something for everyone. 

Image / Pinterest

Image / Pinterest

The traditional Boho leaf. Work it into the small details.

Image / Pinterest

Chunky bridal rings.

Image / Pinterest

Image / Emasscraft

Image / Etsy

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The Pantone #Wedding Colours for Spring 2018

According to Pantone, Ultra Violet is taking center stage as the 2018 colour of the year.

Image / Pantone

Pantone has also set the palette for the year ahead with the top 12 call-out shades and the 4 seasonal classics that will influence New York designers this spring. These colours will be embraced in wedding colour themes and used in floral bouquets, wedding centerpieces, tabletop linens, and other wedding details. Here are the top 12 shades for spring 2018.

Image / Pantone

If you’re a classic sort of bride, these 4 seasonal classics are a must in your colour palette.

Image / Pantone

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More and more brides are walking the aisle alone

If you love tradition but can’t wrap your head around someone “giving” you away, you’re not alone. Many bride-to-be’s take offence at the innuendo that there is an ownership about them and it is somehow being transferred from one man to another. (Although, it’s not like he’s dragging you by the hair down the aisle.) 

Traditionally, it’s the brides father and there is love and affection involved.  But this isn’t always the case… or always possible. That’s why the solo bride is becoming more and more popular. If you like the idea but aren’t convinced, consider the plethora of ways that you can make your grand entrance. Ready the spotlight, cue the music… and all eyes are on you. <sigh>

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3 Bridal Jewellery Tips for the Big Day

Aside from style, colour, and how to accessorize your wedding jewellery, there are three common sense tips we’d like to impart for your big day that are often overlooked. 

The first being to match your jewellery to your dress, and not the other way around. Seems obvious enough, but often times a bride-to-be will fall in love with a piece of jewellery before she’s purchased the gown. That can lead to major disappointment if the much-loved jewellery doesn’t fit with the dress. 

The second is to be extra cautious with bracelets. Bracelets can add romantic charm and a little bling as it slides up and down your arm. It can also snag on just about everything and drive you bonkers while doing so. Find a non-catching bracelet or try one on with your dress or a lace skirt. Do a little dance, move around and see what happens.

Lastly, the earings. Avoid anything too heavy. Again, this may seem obvious, but they may not feel heavy until you’ve had them on for 7 hours and your lobes are dragging on the ground. Give them a test run for the entire day before you commit.

Image / HappyWedd

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The Top 5 Wedding Songs of 2017

Your wedding music selection is almost as important as your wedding menu, your guests will remember it and it will set the tone for your entire reception. No pressure.

As 2017 comes to a close, we’ve got your top 5 wedding songs according to Spotify. 

1. All of Me – John Legend

2. Marry You – Bruno Mars

3. Thinking out Loud – Ed Sheeran

4. A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

5. Ho Hey – The Lumineers


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10 Gorgeous Gown Details to Steal

Do you love the bodice of one dress and the back of another? Want the beading and lace that only comes on the mermaid? If you want a wedding dress that’s as unique as you are, you’re not alone. With so many dresses to choose from, finding the right one with every detail you want can be an impossible task. But, if you happen to know someone who knows someone who’s a talented seamstress, then consider creating your very own gown with the details you love. Arm yourself with loads and loads of pictures. Here are some magnificent details to get you started.


A post shared by George Elsissa (@georgeelsissa) on


A post shared by Wedding Cure (@weddingcure) on


A post shared by Brechó Mirrô (@brechomirro) on


A post shared by @everafterbynlt on


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A post shared by ほっちゃん (@hochan_wedding) on

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10 Unique #Engagement Rings on Instagram

Looking for that perfect engagement ring that just screams magnificence? Behold, the rings of Instagram. Be inspired.

A post shared by Anna Reynolds (@aspaceship) on

A post shared by STACEY LYNN (@rivet_pdx) on

A post shared by Decors.club (@goldenbaft) on

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Don’t forget your #Wedding Day Selfies

Yeah, you’ve got a professional photographer, and yeah, all your friends and family will be taking scads of photos and posting them everywhere for the world to see. But there’s nothing quite like the 1st person story of you… told through your own selfies. From the moment you wake up to the moment you close your eyes on your big day, capture it all from your own perspective. 

Image / Techly

Image / Pinterest

Image / Hitched

Image / Pinterest

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10 Instagram Inspired Bridal Shoe Ideas

The shoes are a big part of the look. You want comfort, but after that, anything goes. Sneakers, boots, flats, heels, sandals… the possibilities are absolutely endless. Check out some of these gorgeous Instagram finds.


A post shared by Barirah 👸 (@barirahmaddi) on


A post shared by Ramona (@bubidulisulifudi) on


A post shared by CATerina (@cat.katarina) on

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Swoon-worthy Summer Wedding Gowns

Off the shoulder, plunging necklines, delicate appliques, sheer lace, blush ruffles… the 2017 summer wedding gowns are dominating the runways. Here are a few of our favourites. 

Image / DHGate

Image / InStyle

Image / DHGate

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5 Gorgeous Gowns of Instagram

Searching for the perfect wedding dress is a perfectly normal obsession. When you find the one you’ll know it. Doesn’t matter if you’re already married, months away from the altar or still on your search for the perfect mate. True love exists. Believe it. Since we’re gown enablers, we’ve got 5 gorgeous gowns from Instagram to feed your obsession. 

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10 Gorgeous Backless Wedding Gowns for the Modern Bride

A backless dress is a jaw-dropping statement, and one of our favourites. It’s undeniably sexy, ridiculously alluring and still offers that wee hint of skin mystery that will cause knees to buckle and grooms to swoon. Here are 10 stunning gowns from Instagram to inspire you to show off a little of your back skin.


A photo posted by Dress (@dressdreamz) on


A photo posted by 27hangers (@27hangers) on


A photo posted by Frebecca (@frebecca_atelier) on


A photo posted by The Home Girls (@thehomegirlsau) on

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6 #Insta Bridal Bouquets that stole the Show

The bridal bouquet is an extension of you (the bride) on your wedding day. It’s an integral part of the ceremony and must match your style and elegance. The bouquet will be with you most of the day and will have a strong visual impact on your entire presence. Not just in person, but in the wedding photography as well. It’s important that the bouquet match the theme of the wedding along with your vision. Colour, budget and season are the three main considerations when selecting your ultimate bouquet partner. Looking for bridal bouquet inspiration? Check out these jaw-dropping Instagram beauties. 


A photo posted by #wemakefloralmagic (@floralmagic_) on


A photo posted by @magnoliaflowerco on


A photo posted by Mlle Artsy (@mlleartsy) on


A photo posted by KALEIDOSCOPE (@kaleidoscopenaples) on

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Bride is Walked Down the Aisle by her Father’s Heart

Today’s #FridayWeddingFeels video will have you ugly-crying at work. Just let it flow.


Photo Credit: © Lauren Renee Designs

Bride Jeni Stepien’s father was tragically murdered 10 years ago while walking home from his job as Head Chef at a Restaurant in Pittsburg. His organs were donated through an organization that allows the recipients and donor’s family to stay in touch. Jeni’s father heart went to a New Jersey father of four named Arthur Thomas.

Over the years they kept in touch through phone calls, letters, and cards. They had never met physically, until the day of the wedding. Check out the rest of the story below.

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5 DIY Wedding Centerpieces we LOVE

The budget-conscious bride-to-be is always on the lookout for ways to cut costs and still deliver the wedding of her dreams. Centerpieces are an easy way to create the atmosphere you want and still be able to keep most of your hard earned cash in your pocket.

Check out these 5 DIY options that we love!

Punched Paper Candles


Photo Courtesy of Musely

Wood Block Centerpieces


Photo Courtesy of RuffledBlog

More Wood Block Centerpieces


Photo Courtesy of Indulgy

Painted/Corded Bottles


Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Candles, Candle Holders and Flower Petals


Photo Courtesy of WeddingBee

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3 Steps to a Magnificent City Hall Wedding

A big to-do isn’t for everyone. Maybe it’s a second marriage, or maybe you’d just rather run down to the nearest Town Hall and then set out for a quiet picnic in the woods. Maybe you’d rather spend your budget on your honeymoon and get married in the nearest City Hall at your destination. Every couple has their own reasons and they are all awesome options.


Photo Courtesy of BrideStory

Planning a City Hall wedding is relatively easy if you know what kind of experience you’re hoping to have. And most Brides do. If you’re hoping for something a little quieter, you probably already know who’s on your invite list. Maybe it’s just the two of you. Whatever your experience, here are three steps to ensure a successful “I do”.

One: Book the Date in Advance

You will need to have a valid marriage license before you can get married. If you’re travelling to the States or overseas, it’s important to research if there are waiting periods, if you need a reservation, the operating hours, what the fees are, how many people can accompany you, what I.D. you need to have with you, etc. Find out everything you need to know ahead of time so there are no surprises or disappointments.


Photo Courtesy of Bids by Pros

Two: Book a Photographer & Figure out Flowers

Just because you’re going to City Hall doesn’t make you don’t want the whole thing documented. Bring a skilled Photographer with you to your destination, or do some research and find one in advance. You can still have a bridal bouquet, flowers in your hair and a boutonniere for your groom. Figure out what you want and then find a florist in the area to ensure they are super fresh.


Photo Courtesy of Blush Magazine

Three: Find Something to Wear

If you still want the princess gown, go for it. A City Hall wedding means anything goes. From traditional gowns, pantsuits, short gowns, to Comic-Con Fanfare… City Hall let’s you be you.


Photo Courtesy of WeddingPartyApp

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Bride Takes Honeymoon without her Honey

Huma Mobin, a bride from Lahore, Pakistan, found a way to make the best of her honeymoon when a visa problem prevented her husband from joining her. Convinced by her new husband to take the 10-day trip to Greece (that was already paid for), and after crying her eyes out (of course), Mobin posted a series of anguished photos to her Facebook during her trip to let her husband know just how much he was missed.


Photo Courtesy of Mobin on Facebook


Photo Courtesy of Mobin on Facebook


Photo Courtesy of Mobin on Facebook


Photo Courtesy of Mobin on Facebook


Photo Courtesy of Mobin on Facebook


Photo Courtesy of Mobin on Facebook

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Boxed CEO pays for Employee Weddings

This week’s feel good Friday brings you, Chieh Huang, the CEO of Boxed, a U.S. based company that ships bulk products, who understands that his employees are real people with real people problems.

26-year-old, Marcel Graham, had been doing double-time with shifts in order to pay for his mother’s medical bills as well as save for his upcoming wedding. The pressure and stress got the better of him one day at work and when the boss found out he called a company meeting. Check out what happened next.

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Lighten up, it’s your Wedding!

You’ve been planning for months, maybe years, to make sure that all the details of your wedding day come together perfectly. It has been stressful, maddening, and an adventure in self-control to be sure. (The budget is just a guideline, right?) But when the big day finally comes, take the time to enjoy it. Assign friends and family (if you don’t have a planner) to ensure that everything falls into place on time. Take a moment and treasure the day. Cherish every single moment, because it will be over before you know it. Having a few silly or light moments captured by your photographer can also help you look back on the entire wedding adventure with a smile. All the stress of planning will be forgotten. It’s your big day!

For inspiration:


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest


Photo Courtesy of Magic4Walls


Photo Credit: © CoreyAnn Photography


Photo Credit: © BOURN Photography

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Brides-to-Be and Beautiful Scarves

You’ve seen tons of shrugs, shawls, capes, cardigans and jackets to accessorize on your big day, but why not consider a beautiful scarf? A splash of colour, an intricate lacey number or a family heirloom. Go old-Hollywood head-scarf, the modern infinity, or something simple and square. You can choose from an array of fabrics like cotton, silk, pashmina, linen, cashmere, jersey, chiffon, alpaca, satin, wool, and acrylic… just to name a few. Check out some of these brides rockin’ the scarf.


Photo Courtesy of qc weddings


Photo Courtesy of We Fell In Love


Photo courtesy of Wedding Inspirasi


Photo Courtesy of ScarfWorld


Photo Courtesy of AliExpress


Photo Courtesy of AliBaba


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The Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay Salon Experience

This post is sponsored by Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay.

Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay is designed to provide you with the ultimate shopping experience for everything you need on your special day. From your first appointment to your last fitting, we will ensure that the dress you wear on your wedding day is everything you’ve always imagined and more.

Here’s a quick overview of your initial gown consultation:

First, you’ll meet your consultant and share details about your dream dress. Feel free to mention gowns you have seen on our website, but be sure to walk through our beautiful gown gallery to pick out more options.


While you put on your robe in one of our spacious fitting rooms, your consultant will search the salon for a selection of gowns that match your description of the perfect dress. Your consultant may present you with a few gowns that you hadn’t initially considered, so it’s important to have an open mind.


You’ll try on the dresses that you believe will be strong contenders for your special day and show them off to your friends and family.


Many brides find their wedding gown on their first visit to Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay, while others return for a follow-up appointment.


Take some time to browse through our beautiful assortment of shoes and accessories, and try them on with your gown.


It’s always an emotional and celebratory moment when you say “I do” to the dress of your dreams with loved ones by your side.

For your own incredible experience, book your appointment today.

PHONE:            416-861-4800

EMAIL:              kleinfeldbridal@hbc.com

ONLINE:            www.kleinfeldbridal.ca

We encourage you to call to get the best available date and time.


And for a unique bridal shopping experience, visit us during our weekend trunk shows that feature your favourite designers.

Here’s what’s coming up:

Hayley Paige                           June 3 – 5

Tara Keely                               June 10 – 12

Rivini                                       July 22 – 24

Call 416-861-4800 to book a trunk show appointment. See our full list of trunk shows at kleinfeldbridal.ca

Join the Kleinfeld conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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The Story of You Wedding Gift Ideas

An optional tradition for the bride and groom is to exchange gifts with each other. Whether you do it the night before the wedding, the morning of, or when the nuptial shenanigans are all over, it’s up to you.  It could be something to wear for the wedding itself, it could be something for the honeymoon, or just a small token from the heart. It doesn’t have to be a budget-breaking gift. Here are a few adorable ideas that tell the story of you from the heart.

A permanent love note that won’t fall apart.


Photo Courtesy of Etsy

Start writing in a journal ahead of time noting all the awesome ways in which your betrothed makes you feel loved.


Photo Courtesy of Etsy

Take the journal a step further with photos and turn it into a book.


Photo Courtesy of LoveBookOnline

Or for those old-school retro fans, turn your adventure of love into a viewfinder slide.


Photo Courtesy of Image3D


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Spring 2017 Bridal Fashion Week on Instagram

The top designers in bridal have been unveiling their new collections at the spring 2017 Bridal Fashion Week in New York City. And what a glorious week it has been. This year the bridal rules have changed. Gowns are now more about personal expression and the versatility of the brides who want to throw caution (and past traditions) to the wind. Brides today have a different way of doing things, and they are definitely bringing sexy back. Check out some of these notable moments from the week.

Flirty and Fabulous


#WTW #WhatsTrendingWednesday Suit me up – “The Modern Bride” Although still a controversial wedding outfit, trouser (pant) suits have been seen all over the catwalks this week in New York during Bridal Fashion Week. For the non-traditional bride #spring2017 is all about structured suits with effortlessly tailored trousers in crisp-white as seen from designers like @houseofherrera. Other designers got even more creative with the silhouette. @naeemkhannyc offered a contoured all white beaded long sleeve jumpsuit while @moniquelhuillier showcased a softer ensemble, a strapless jumpsuit with lace overlay made complete by a delicate tulle train. This fashion choice has got split decision from the Diana Collins Team. It has left us wondering whether the white trouser suit can be just as chic, formal and impactful as a ball gown or if the modern choice is a fashion step too far? We would love to know what you think? #instablog #modernbride #trousersuit #nybfw #carolinaherrera #naheemkhan #moniquelhuillier #bride #bridalgown #weddingdress #wedding #weddingdress #weddinginspiration #bridalwear #bridalsuit #weddingsuit #IDo #weddingsbydianacollins #luxuryweddingplanners #luxuryplanners #luxuryweddings @lovemydress @spraepr @sweetpeapr

A photo posted by Weddings By Diana Collins (@weddingsbydianacollins) on


That’s a wrap! #NaeemKhan #SS17 #BFW2016

A photo posted by Naeem Khan (@naeemkhanbride) on

Peek-a-boo Lace

#BERTA beauty squad ❤️

A photo posted by BERTA (@bertabridal) on

Boho Chic

Winged inspiration

Plunging necklines

– Catherine Thorpe

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Instagram’s @Muradosmann is the new Inspiration for Wedding Photography

Moscow-based photographer Murad Osmann and his wife (and muse) Natalia Zakharova have been a longtime favourite couple on Instagram for their breathtaking images. A hand-in-hand witness to the beauty of their surroundings, this couple is inspiring brides and grooms across the globe to follow in their footsteps for extraordinary wedding and honeymoon photography.

Photo Courtesy of ABC13

This adorable couple has been travelling the world documenting their excursions through a #FollowMeTo hashtag across the web. They’ve even included their own love story.


Photo Courtesy of Instagram


Photo Courtesy of Instagram

Follow their adventures on Instagram or check out a behind-the-scenes video on YouTube. Happy feel good Friday. 🙂

 – Catherine Thorpe

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3 Charming Boho Bridal Accessories

Boho chic as a fashion trend has found itself coming and going for the past 25 years or so. Drawing on both bohemian and hippie influences, it’s a varied style that places emphasis on loose, flowing skirts, natural materials, and various other elements. If you’re a fan of the boho look and are looking to incorporate it into your bridal outfit, here are a few accessory ideas to help you get started.

Hair Chains


Photo Courtesy of NaynaJewelry via etsy.com

Hair chains are not only very beautiful and regal looking hair pieces, they’re also super comfortable and easy to wear. That’s one of the advantages of boho chic – you look so stylish without all the hassle of feeling uncomfortable! You also have a lot of options here with a hair chain. Keep it simple and minimalistic with the chains and colours if your bridal affair is of a subdued nature. If you’re looking for more sparkle, feel free to pick a hair piece with more beads and jewels.

Raw Crystal Jewelry


Photo courtesy of poorsparrow via etsy

Raw crystal jewelry, despite lacking the polish of cut stones, have their own special charm. They refract light in more mysterious ways, their colours are more varied and interesting, and their shapes are not as predictable. Pick a stone that matches your colour scheme, your theme (all stones have meanings!), or, if you can’t decide, layer them! Layers are always good.

White Statement Sandals


Photo courtesy of wheretoget.it

Boho chic is all about casual stylishness, so what could be more casual and stylish than a pair of snazzy sandals? Pick a white pair to up the fanciness (wouldn’t want to be too casual) and don’t be afraid of embellishment. Feathers, stones, and metal coins are just some of the many decorations you could go for. Comfort and style – what could be better?

 – Samantha Muraca

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Tips for Attending a Bridal or Wedding Show

Bridal (wedding) shows can be one of the best tools for a busy bride planning her wedding. The shows serve to fuel your wedding excitement and they are full of great ideas. Unlike planning your wedding on Pinterest (which is also awesome) local wedding shows give you a real-world feel of the costs involved. Bridal shows bring you face-to-face with the professionals who will show you samples of their work and you can get a feel for their vibe. The abundance of vendor booths offer just about everything you will need to plan, and offer competitive options. There’s usually a bridal runway and you also tend to get some pretty great swag.


Photo Courtesy of Ancaster Wedding Show

Bridal shows can also be busy and overwhelming, so we’ve got some tips to help you navigate and get the most out of the show experience.

  1. Bring a posse of positive vibes. Invite friends and/or family that will have fun with you, even though planning your wedding can be a gruelling business. One or two of these folks should be decision-makers and you should all be wearing comfortable shoes.
  2. Prepare. Have a vision for your wedding going in. Decide the basics like theme, colours, number of guests, etc. to save yourself from being pulled in multiple directions. (They should all be in your Bridal Planner which you can find in the back of the latest issue of The Bridal Guide Magazine.) Bring a datebook or calendar in order to book confidently, and consider bringing some pre-stamped cards with your contact info + wedding date in order to enter as many contests as possible. Most exhibitors have some sort of promotion and you can save time by having these done in advance.
  3. Ask questions. Don’t be shy, speak up. You’re the CEO of your wedding. The vendors and professionals at these shows are potential “employees” of your I Do extravaganza. Don’t worry about probing into the tough questions. How much, what’s involved, insurance contingencies, etc. These are need to know answers that will keep you making the most informed decisions.
  4. Make Decisions. Cross as many items off your list as you can. Take some time after the show to review options you may be on the fence about with your decision-makers. Then follow-up with the vendors you’re interested in. Most of them can only do one wedding at a time, and the sooner you decide, the more availability they will have.

Finally, stop by and say hello. We make an effort to attend as many shows as we can, and we’re here for you. If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed and need to refocus, find our booth and we’ll help you get back on track.


Photo Courtesy of snapd Queen

Check here to find the shows coming up in your neighbourhood.

– Catherine Thorpe


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Beautiful Bouquets for a Spring Wedding

A great way to get through the winter blahs is to surround yourself with the beauty of spring. Planning your bridal bouquet is a very personal experience. Favourite flowers, colours and textures can be combined in just about any arrangement in order to give you a fresh and unique flower experience that will keep you grounded to the earth and as happy as every bride should be. We’ve got plenty of inspiration for you.

A smattering of everything


Photo Courtesy of Helen Jane Floristry

Roses galore


Photo Courtesy of Coles Florist


Photo Courtesy of Wedding Girl

Cascading Beauties


Photo Courtesy of Mon Cheri Bridal


Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth Ann Designs

Solid colour themes


Photo Courtesy of United With Love


Photo Courtesy of Picmia



Photo Courtesy of Red Lotus Photography


Photo Courtesy of WedBook

– Catherine Thorpe

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Wedding Day Makeup Tips

Every bride deserves to look absolutely flawless on her wedding day. It’s a day where you get to glam up and be the best you that you can be. Wedding day makeup doesn’t have to be a chore. Even if you rarely wear makeup, indulge a little to enhance that sassy, vixen bride you were born to be.


Photo Courtesy of Be a Bliss Bride

Start with booking some time for facials and massages before the big day. Your complexion will thank you and your skin will be the perfect texture and base for makeup.


Photo Courtesy of Body Revival

If you’re using a Pro do to your makeup, schedule a few trial runs to find the look you love the best. Even if you’re doing your own, it doesn’t hurt to play around with different styles. If you feel like a goddess when you’re done, you’ve found your look.

Make sure the products you’re using will last and stay put. Most everyday makeup isn’t cut out to endure a marathon, and that’s exactly what your wedding day is. Tears, sweat, laughter, selfie, repeat.  A proper primer and even, thin layers are essential.

Remember that translucent powder is your friend and keep it handy. A luminous healthy shine is ethereal in photos, but under the strobe lights of the dance floor it can look like a hot mess. A sheer dusting across the t-zone helps keep you looking naturally radiant.

Waterproof masacara is non-negotiable. Enough said.


Photo Courtesy of Run Jersey

Finally, make sure you have enough time. Don’t rush your makeup on your wedding day. However long you think it will take, add another 30 minutes to be sure.

 – Catherine Thorpe


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3 Different Looks for Bridal Gloves

Gloves are bridal accessories that are, in my opinion, not considered quite as often as they perhaps should be. They add that little extra bit of elegance, class, and sophistication to any bridal outfit. Not to mention, gloves also have the added benefit of creating an overall finished and polished look. If you’re looking for something that’s a little bit vintage and more than a little bit stylish, here are some styles of glove to get you started.

Solid Opera Length

A classic pair of solid opera length gloves are a great accessory for brides who’s gowns are simply and elegantly cut. Strapless works especially well in conjunction with these gloves, here, to emphasize shoulders and collarbones. Elbow length gloves are best in solid colours to either match your dresses’ hues or accent them. White and cream are great neutrals, but other colours are available if you want to tailor them to your tastes.

Fishnet Wrist Length


Photo courtesy of Ruche

Wrist length fishnet gloves are not only vintage in look and feel, they’re also super romantic. Pair them with a short, fishnet veil and you’re on your way to an awesome ensemble. While you can use these kinds of gloves with any outfit, they’re best used with dresses that are also vintage in feel or that have short sleeves.

Fingerless Lace Wristlets


Photo courtesy of JhumkiDesigns on etsy.com

While not technically gloves, wristlets function in much the same way as an accessory. Lace detailing is super dreamy and lack of finger pieces keep these accessories really functional too. Some people just find gloves to be tedious to wear because of lack of grip or, perhaps most importantly of all, difficulty using the touch screen on their phones! Wristlets solve those problems by leaving the fingers behind altogether!

– Samantha Muraca

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Those Interfaith Wedding Feels

Do you remember falling in love this past summer with bride, Simran Malhotra, and her groom, Frank Gregoire? Frank spent six weeks learning the popular Bollywood love song “Tum Hi Ho” to surprise his wife. The video of her reaction was so full of feels, it went viral.

That same couple launched a social media campaign shortly afterward challenging people to express their own gestures of love. They teamed up with Just Doing It, a Canadian-based company that specializes in sharing positive messages on social media. Sim and Frankie G’s challenge is called #ShowYourLove. Here’s their sweet video on the campaign.

“Our mission is to remind everyone that it’s the little things in life that are cherished most and let’s not be shy to express our love while we still have a chance,” Malhotra says.

If you and your sweetheart are from different cultures and/or religions, show everyone how love prevails. Don’t be shy, #ShowYourLove.

– Catherine Thorpe

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Two Fathers put rivalry aside for Bride

Families come in all shapes and sizes these days. When planning the wedding, knowing what to do, who to ask, and how to be considerate of strained or rocky relationships within the family can be a huge stress on the bride and her groom.

This story of bride, Brittany Peck, and her two fathers shows the kind of compassion that all brides hope for on their wedding day.

After a long and ugly custody battle, Peck’s father, Todd Bachman, and step-father, Todd Cendrosky, spent the next decade where they wouldn’t even look at each other. Understanding the importance of his daughter’s big day, Peck’s biological father interrupted the ceremony to ask her step-father to help walk her down the aisle. The result is a series of emotional photos that tug at your heart-strings.

“He came and grabbed my hand and said, “Hey, you’ve worked for this as hard as I have, you deserve this as much as I do, you’re gonna help us walk our daughter down the aisle.” Cendrosky said in an interview with WKYC in Cleveland, Ohio. “I got weak in the knees and lost it. I couldn’t have anything better in my life, the most impactful moment in my life.”

An unforgetable moment that shows a true love story. Families really are what we make them. #ParentingGoals

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Peck!

– Catherine Thorpe

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3 Unique Bridal Looks For Girls With Glasses

One of the major issues for brides who wear glasses is whether they should use contacts for their special day or not. For some, contact lenses are uncomfortable. However, many brides-to-be believe that sporting eyewear might make their whole look more drab. It doesn’t always have to be this way! Here are some unique looks that work great with certain styles of glasses.

Retro Eyewear


Photo courtesy of DeFiore Photography

Pair up a retro style dress with retro frames. Cat eye and winged eyewear are the more elegant choices for this! They add a sophistication and classiness to your look – just make sure to keep the rest of your look as youthful as possible. Style your hair more loosely, for instance, to avoid looking matronly with a tight bun.

Trendy Frames


Photo courtesy of Lisa Jane Photography

Eyewear styles like Ray-Ban are really in, and any bride who’s into trendy looks will want to pair up frames like these with a really modern and cool outfit. The trick is to make your trendy look appear effortless but still put together. A simple white dress with some fun accessories (glasses included!) will do. Keep it light and fun!

Rimless Glasses


Photo courtesy of Nicolette Clark

If you still feel like bold frames might make too much of a statement on your wedding day, opting for simple, rimless glasses are another great option. They’re as comfortable as regular eyewear, but far less noticeable! Light and airy looking, you can barely tell they’re there. And they go with pretty much everything, so they’re an awesome choice for brides who like to keep their options open when it comes to style.

– Samantha Muraca

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DIY Wedding Accessories

There’s no doubt that in recent years we have seen a rise in rustic, country or outdoor themed weddings because they are cozy, simple, elegant and inexpensive. Creating your own accessories in the same vein will give you the same result: a bit different and rough around the edges but completely unique to you. Here are some tips on how to make your own accessories for your simple outdoor wedding.

Birdcage Veil


[Photo Courtesy of Carmen Weddings]

If a long traditional veil seems too cumbersome but you don’t want to completely nix the idea, you’ll love this style of veil. It’s sweet, stylish, sassy and easy to make. All you need is some Russian veiling, a hair comb and some decorative materials like ribbons, feathers and gems. First sew the veiling into a slight bunch at one end to make the convex shape of the cage before attaching it to the comb with needle and thread. Glue on lace, ribbon, pearls or whatever material you have to get the look you want – simple, natural beauty!

Floral Statement Necklace


[Photo Courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes]

Statement necklaces and jeweled necklines are all the rage these days and so to give this trend a natural twist, try using real flowers. With twine and wire make the necklace and frame from which your flowers will be attached. Trim and arrange your flowers, and attach them to the frame with more wire. This is the best alternative if you’re having an outdoor wedding and you don’t want to deal with real jewelry. For more detailed instructions check this article out.

Barefoot Sandals


[Photo Courtesy of Sweet Violet Bride ]

This is for the wild child in some of you who likes to go around barefoot because, let’s face it, heels and the outdoors don’t mix very well. But with colorful beads, pearls, gems, shells and charms, and some stretchy cord or twine you can easily make yourself a pair of these barefoot sandals. Perfect for dancing the night away!

Dawn Lo is a contributing writer to the Bridal Guide.

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Angel Rivera is the Latest Designer to Reveal 2014 Gowns


Angel Rivera is the latest American designer to reveal his 2014 gowns, and we’re excited about it. Rivera is the designer out to capture brides’ attention with the mission of making modern day princess gowns. All of his looks are sophisticated and glamorous while being sure to flatter the female shape. While some of his usual looks are very “princess-y”, our favourite looks from his 2014 collection are the more understated dresses.

“A wedding dress is the most important garment a woman will ever wear, and one that she will always remember and treasure,” says Angel.


The charming and feminine features of his gowns make them stand out in a sea of dresses. From this collection, we love his illusion necklines added to ball gowns for some extra coverage and to balance out the look. Second, we love the jeweled neck and capped sleeves of the Grecian inspired dress. Third, we are obsessed with his modern looking lace—it’s a rich ivory packed with big flowers in lieu of a traditional fine-point lace design.

The Knot recaps the collection saying, “Off-the-shoulder sleeves and feminine fabrics are just a few of the gorgeous details that make up Angel Rivera‘s latest collection. From a ballroom wedding to a fancy outdoor affair, these classic silhouettes look both regal and romantic.”


[Photos courtesy of the Knot]


Lauren is the Editor of the Bridal Guide.

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Trend Watch: Patterned Decoration

2014 is going to be a big year for patterned wedding decorations. They’re much more than just a color or a subject theme, they’re a quirky and fun way to add color and to separate your wedding from the rest. Using patterns as your theme is a great way of tying everything together. Have your patterns permeate throughout your wedding planning by incorporating a bit of it in everything from invitations to venue decorations.

Polka Dots


[Photo Courtesy of The Northern Bride]

Polka dots have made a comeback in fashion so why not use it in wedding decorations as well? This theme can be a sweet throwback to childlike nursery patterns or sexy 50’s vintage. Either way, polka dots are versatile and, depending on what colors combination or sizes you use, can give off many different vibes.



[Photo Courtesy of Confetti]

Geometric shapes are very trendy right now; you can find this print on clothes, in accessories, textiles and much more. The origami vibe of the geometric theme is cute and unique, and most of all inexpensive to make by yourself. It’s a fun way to incorporate a little color into your venue. Have yourself a little origami-making party to decorate your wedding!



[Photo Courtesy of Savor the Success]

For a warm, sunny and colorful ambiance, take a look at this textile pattern from Indonesia that has now picked up in popularity. Similar to the tie-dye, the thread is dyed with patterns before woven into cloth. The colors and patterns can be personalized to your own liking and to fit the theme of your wedding.

Floral Print


[Photo Courtesy of Kiss the Dress]

For a romantic and feminine theme, the floral print is just the right touch. This pattern is common enough so there is sure to be lots of prints to choose from. Floral print on bridesmaid’s dresses is also a great way of setting your own white wedding dress apart.


Dawn Lo is a contributing writer to the Bridal Guide.

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