Canada Day Wedding? Perhaps

The Canada Day long weekend is ripe with celebration, so why not add your nuptuals to the mix? Well, a lot of people tend to travel to cottage or camping or head out on road trips that weekend, it’s kind of tradition. So if you’re planning a huge event, prepare yourself for a few extra declined invitations.

However, if a small, intimate family and friends affair is your idea of a dream wedding, then break out the red and white theme and check out some inspo below.

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June #Wedding Gown Roundup

For your #wedding dress inspiration, check out our June Instagram roundup.

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2019 Wedding Trends you’ll want to try now!

With unique wedding themes, colours and gowns the 2019 wedding season is going to be an exciting one! We collected some of our favourite current trends for you that you’re sure to want to add to your wedding plans. 


  1. The first trend we’ve noticed coming out for 2019  is celestial decor themes. It adds a feel of magic to any wedding with its glittery star and moon decorations and deep blues and golds. This trend is sure to stick around and can help make any wedding even more romantic. 


Via: Etsy

2. Next on our list are the beautiful and boho belle sleeve wedding gowns. Giving a throwback to the 70’s this 2019 trend has become popular again this year and will definitely be sticking around for 2019. We love the flowy romantic look it gives and you can find it in different styles that would suit any bride. 

3. Geometric backdrops are the perfect mix between modern and rustic. Natural materials add a feel of warmth and cozy to any wedding and these geometic backdrops filled with flowers are simply stunning. 


4. We’ve seen a lot of these this season already and we’re only at the end of May! Bridal kimonos/robes are a fast-spreading trend that we’re sure to see a lot of in 2019, especially for those getting married early Spring or Fall. These kimono add a classy yet bohemian touch similar to the belle sleeve trend and the combination of both trends makes for a very romantic look.


5. Neon signs are one of our top 3 trends for the season, they look fantastic and they add an unexpected design element to your wedding that you can keep for years to come! Check out these examples we found that add some flare to your special day!

Via: LoveInc




Thanks for checking out our roundup of 2019 wedding trends! Be sure to check back soon for some more 2018/2019 wedding inspiration and follow us on Instagram & Facebook with the hashtag #thebridalguide. 





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April #Wedding Gown Roundup

For your #wedding dress inspiration, check out our April Instagram roundup.

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March #Wedding Gown Roundup

For your #wedding dress inspiration, check out our latest Instagram roundup.


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Be Head over Heels, not Heels over Head

If you’re getting married this summer and your wedding photography includes stomping around on the grass, check out this must-have genius solution for your bridal heels.

Shop them at Solemates!

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February #Wedding Gown Roundup

For your #wedding dress inspiration, check out our latest Instagram roundup.

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January #Wedding Gown Roundup

For your #wedding dress inspiration, check out our latest Instagram roundup.

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3 Bridal Jewellery Tips for the Big Day

Aside from style, colour, and how to accessorize your wedding jewellery, there are three common sense tips we’d like to impart for your big day that are often overlooked. 

The first being to match your jewellery to your dress, and not the other way around. Seems obvious enough, but often times a bride-to-be will fall in love with a piece of jewellery before she’s purchased the gown. That can lead to major disappointment if the much-loved jewellery doesn’t fit with the dress. 

The second is to be extra cautious with bracelets. Bracelets can add romantic charm and a little bling as it slides up and down your arm. It can also snag on just about everything and drive you bonkers while doing so. Find a non-catching bracelet or try one on with your dress or a lace skirt. Do a little dance, move around and see what happens.

Lastly, the earings. Avoid anything too heavy. Again, this may seem obvious, but they may not feel heavy until you’ve had them on for 7 hours and your lobes are dragging on the ground. Give them a test run for the entire day before you commit.

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Current Trends for Bridal Nail Art

Now that you’ve got your theme, your dress, your shoes, accessories and your hairstyle sorted out, it’s time to focus on your nails. 2017 has seen some huge upswing trends in nail art. From floral nail art, to glitzy points or to jewel-studded perfection, there’s a perfect nail design befitting your personality and big day. Check out some of these trending designs. 


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Give Your Bouquet an Elegant Vintage Throwback

It’s often the little subtleties that can make a simple wedding feel elegant and luxurious. Bouquets are one of the aspects of your big day where you can add a bit of pizzazz and personality, with aspects that are both personal to you and befitting of a vintage-inspired wedding. The bouquet ideas below are easy to create at home and will give your walk down the aisle a simple nod to old Hollywood glam.

Pearls. Whether you have a simple strand of pearls that hugs the stem of your bouquet, or you go all out with pearl brooches woven through a white rose bouquet, you’ve got yourself some vintage glam. Between the tiny bit of colour and the various textures, the bouquet will add just enough aesthetic without taking away from your gown. 

Image / Pinterest

Lace-Wrapped Bouquet. For lovers of delicate lace, this is the bouquet you never knew you’ve always wanted. Hydrangea, snowberry, sage, stock, dusty miller, English roses, seeded eucalyptus all resting in a twine nest and wrapped in vintage lace. The best part about this bouquet is that the lace can come from just about anything, including your mother’s or grandmother’s old wedding dress or veil. With that kind of sentimentality, your walk down the aisle will become that much more special. As an added bonus, this bouquet can serve as your ‘something old’.

Feathers. For those opting for a more glamorous and grand wedding, this bouquet is definitely a step in the right direction. Perfect for black-tie events, this bouquet just screams old Hollywood glamour. The soft feathers add gorgeous texture to the all white bouquet and really give it that vintage feel. 

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10 Bridal Makeup Before and Afters

Nothing inspires your bridal makeup fantasies more than seeing some awesome before and after photos of regular brides-to-be who are just like you. And we’ve got some serious inspiration for you. Check ’em out.

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The Rose Behind your Bridal Bouquet

Roses are practically synonymous with love. From perfectly shaped tea roses, to lush, fragrant garden roses, and all the way down to the smaller spray varieties,  roses offer perfection for primary stems in bridal bouquets. With all the colours, shapes and varieties, it’s no wonder the rose is the most sought after wedding flower of brides. 

Although traditional, the wide-array of rose varieties available today make these classic blooms much more versatile than you may think. Check out some of these gorgeous blooms to inspire your flower bouquet. theme


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10 Gorgeous Gown Details to Steal

Do you love the bodice of one dress and the back of another? Want the beading and lace that only comes on the mermaid? If you want a wedding dress that’s as unique as you are, you’re not alone. With so many dresses to choose from, finding the right one with every detail you want can be an impossible task. But, if you happen to know someone who knows someone who’s a talented seamstress, then consider creating your very own gown with the details you love. Arm yourself with loads and loads of pictures. Here are some magnificent details to get you started.


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Bouquet Recipes for Gorgeous Fall Weddings

It’s that time of year. Well, it doesn’t feel quite like it yet, but the cooler weather is coming. And with it, the stunning array of fall flowers. Bursts of burnt orange and fiery reds. Lush greens, browns and deep purples. Fall is a fabulous time for creating floral wedding bouquets. Here’s a few stunning showstoppers for your consideration. 

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10 Bridal Plugs for Stretched Lobes

Lobe stretching is probably the most common body modification out there today. The rise in popularity is not limited to alternative crowds anymore either. It’s all walks of life, and it can be a thing of beauty. If you’re looking for something traditional and feminine in large gauges for your big day, the internet has you covered. Shops like Etsy make it easier than ever to find wide varieties of bridal plugs. (See what I did there? Wide varieties… heh.) Here’s a few to inspire.

Image / Etsy

Image / Etsy

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Art-Inspired Bridal Backdrops for Wedding Day Photos

The big day is going to go by fast. Set aside some time for a real photography session that will give you art gallery worthy bridal shots. Bring the photography studio to you with muslin backdrops, vinyl wallpaper, graffiti walls, or get create and paint your own. Regardless of your wedding theme, style or personality, there’s a painted backdrop out there with your name on it.

Check out some of these gorgeous and inspired photos.

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Image / Pinterest

Image / Pinterest

Image / AliExpress

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Tips for Walking in Heels (Like a Boss!) on your Wedding Day

If you’re determined to wear heels on your big day, then go for it. Even if you’ve never worn heels before, you’ve got plenty of time to get comfortable. The best tip for high-heeled elegance is practice, practice, practice. Here’s how the models do it:

Buy your wedding shoes (or another pair of heels of the same height) and wear them around the house every day for a week or 2 for a couple of hours. Also, try wearing them out to places in public. It might feel awkward at first, but after a while of breaking them in you’ll feel more comfortable. Be sure to scuff up the bottoms a bit so that you don’t slip and slide in them.

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10 Instagram Inspired Bridal Shoe Ideas

The shoes are a big part of the look. You want comfort, but after that, anything goes. Sneakers, boots, flats, heels, sandals… the possibilities are absolutely endless. Check out some of these gorgeous Instagram finds.


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Bridal Hats for the Bride with Panache

There are some brides who don’t dream about veils, headpieces or diamond-studded tiaras. They dream of hats. In fact, hats have become the bridal accessory of choice for some of the most fashionable brides. To give it a try, find yourself a millinery boutique. Hats are measured in circumference and it’s very important that the hat finds harmony with your proportions, the shape of your face, and the style of your wedding. It should sit above the ears and frame the face to make your eyes stand out. Check out some of these gorgeous options.

Image / Weddbook

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Choosing your Bridesmaid Gifts

Your bridesmaids are an important part of your wedding. They’re your people, the closest of the close, the inner circle, the BFF squad. Not only do they stand with you on one of the most important days of your life, but they also invest a great deal of time, money and effort into making sure your day is the best day that it can be. 

Getting them a gift is non-negotiable. Budget this in at the beginning. It’s important, and shouldn’t be an afterthought. When it comes to picking out gifts for them, there are two ways to go about it. The first, is that each girl gets the same gift. Jewelry and/or handbags are quite common. 

Image / Pinterest

This is a great idea for a group that is super close. Having something that is the same (with minor variances) will make them feel forever part of the tribe. If this sounds like your “I do” crew, consider splurging for something a little more personal and a lot more permanent. Your sisters are forever, right? They are the anchors that keep you grounded. Together you have unbreakable hearts. (Or something like that.)

Image / Pinterest

Image / Tattoos

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The second school of thought is to shop for each one like it’s their birthday. This allows you to be sentimental and choose something personal and appropriate for each girl. 

Whatever you choose, don’t cheap out. You don’t have to spend as much as they did on their dresses, but make sure that you put thought and effort into their gifts. And don’t forget the card. A personal note to each girl acknowledging what they mean to you individually is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Write brilliant prose and make those girls cry big ugly tears!

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Unique Wedding Rings to fit your Vibe

Wedding rings are the single most important piece of jewelry that you will ever own. They will be on your finger every day for the rest of your life. You need to LOVE it.

Image / Pinterest

If traditional bridal sets just aren’t your thing, get started early finding out the different styles and types available to suit your unique personality. (Anything goes, really.) If you also want to enjoy the romanticism of having your groom surprise you, don’t be shy with spamming sharing your favourites with him to give him an idea of your style. Then you can leave the rest to him. Or, if you want to be certain you get what you want, pick them out together as a couple. Here are a few unique wedding rings we found to get you started.

Image / Bitsy Bride


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Fleurs De Villes Blooming Mannequin Series Tour

The Mapleview mall in Burlington, Ontario is the last stop of the Fleurs De Villes Canadian Tour for their Blooming Mannequin Series that showcase high fashion gowns made completely from real floral components.


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If you’re a Boho Bride looking for a natural floral gown for your outdoor wedding, make sure you check this event out. Each mannequin blooms in partnership with the creative talents of local florists, and is a great place to snoop around for your wedding flower partners.  

Check out some of these stunning gowns!


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Swoon-worthy Summer Wedding Gowns

Off the shoulder, plunging necklines, delicate appliques, sheer lace, blush ruffles… the 2017 summer wedding gowns are dominating the runways. Here are a few of our favourites. 

Image / DHGate

Image / InStyle

Image / DHGate

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DIY Flower Crown for any Bridal Look

Even if you’re non-BOHO, a flower crown adds sweet romance to your bridal look.

It can be full of large, colourful flowers that take centre stage, or all one colour for seasonal inspiration. Small flowers on a crown can be used braided into your hairstyle for a more subtle statement.

Image / Pinterest

Whatever style you choose, here’s a simple how-to for your DIY inspiration.  

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Summer Wedding Bridal Bouquet Inspiration

Summer brides get all the flowers to choose from. Where do you even begin? Let some of these inspiring summer bouquets warm your heart on this cold March day. #FridayWeddingFeels

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest


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The Sweet and Sparkly Bridal Clutch

The perfect accessory for your perfect day might just be your bridal clutch. Find something sweet and sparkly with a side of old-school charm for your big day.

Photo Courtesy of Davie and Chiyo

Photo Credit: Laura Pennace

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest


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Photo Courtesy of Brown’s Fashion

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The Wedding Sneaker Wishlist

If you’ve never worn a pair of heels in your life, why start now? Sneakers or tennis shoes offer practicality, personality and comfort. Let your wedding guests glimpse a sneak peek under your traditional gown on your big day as your sprint down the aisle.

The choices are endless. From classic white Chucks, TOMS, and bedazzled Keds to blue Nikes or red Vans. Be empowered. Be who you are. Be comfortable.

Photo Credit: AppleMoon Photography

Photo Courtesy of WeddingDress26

Photo Courtesy of Etsy

Photo Credit: Furious Photographers

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Photo Credit: Abby Rose Photo

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10 Gorgeous Backless Wedding Gowns for the Modern Bride

A backless dress is a jaw-dropping statement, and one of our favourites. It’s undeniably sexy, ridiculously alluring and still offers that wee hint of skin mystery that will cause knees to buckle and grooms to swoon. Here are 10 stunning gowns from Instagram to inspire you to show off a little of your back skin.


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6 #Insta Bridal Bouquets that stole the Show

The bridal bouquet is an extension of you (the bride) on your wedding day. It’s an integral part of the ceremony and must match your style and elegance. The bouquet will be with you most of the day and will have a strong visual impact on your entire presence. Not just in person, but in the wedding photography as well. It’s important that the bouquet match the theme of the wedding along with your vision. Colour, budget and season are the three main considerations when selecting your ultimate bouquet partner. Looking for bridal bouquet inspiration? Check out these jaw-dropping Instagram beauties. 


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Wedding Party poses with Adoptable Pups for Wedding Photos

Matt and Sarah Cain are animal lovers. For their big day photo shoot a few weeks ago, they decided to work with the non-profit animal rescue where the bride works to include adoptable pups in their photos and then let the naturally adorable chaos ensue. I mean, who doesn’t love puppies? Of course the photos went viral.

The wedding took place at Moonstone Manor in Pennsylvania and included a litter of eight-week old boxer-coonhound sisters. It’s all pure puppy bliss.

Check out the rest of Matt and Sarah’s wedding photos on Caroline Logan Photography.

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Brides-to-Be and Beautiful Scarves

You’ve seen tons of shrugs, shawls, capes, cardigans and jackets to accessorize on your big day, but why not consider a beautiful scarf? A splash of colour, an intricate lacey number or a family heirloom. Go old-Hollywood head-scarf, the modern infinity, or something simple and square. You can choose from an array of fabrics like cotton, silk, pashmina, linen, cashmere, jersey, chiffon, alpaca, satin, wool, and acrylic… just to name a few. Check out some of these brides rockin’ the scarf.


Photo Courtesy of qc weddings


Photo Courtesy of We Fell In Love


Photo courtesy of Wedding Inspirasi


Photo Courtesy of ScarfWorld


Photo Courtesy of AliExpress


Photo Courtesy of AliBaba


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The Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay Salon Experience

This post is sponsored by Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay.

Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay is designed to provide you with the ultimate shopping experience for everything you need on your special day. From your first appointment to your last fitting, we will ensure that the dress you wear on your wedding day is everything you’ve always imagined and more.

Here’s a quick overview of your initial gown consultation:

First, you’ll meet your consultant and share details about your dream dress. Feel free to mention gowns you have seen on our website, but be sure to walk through our beautiful gown gallery to pick out more options.


While you put on your robe in one of our spacious fitting rooms, your consultant will search the salon for a selection of gowns that match your description of the perfect dress. Your consultant may present you with a few gowns that you hadn’t initially considered, so it’s important to have an open mind.


You’ll try on the dresses that you believe will be strong contenders for your special day and show them off to your friends and family.


Many brides find their wedding gown on their first visit to Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay, while others return for a follow-up appointment.


Take some time to browse through our beautiful assortment of shoes and accessories, and try them on with your gown.


It’s always an emotional and celebratory moment when you say “I do” to the dress of your dreams with loved ones by your side.

For your own incredible experience, book your appointment today.

PHONE:            416-861-4800



We encourage you to call to get the best available date and time.


And for a unique bridal shopping experience, visit us during our weekend trunk shows that feature your favourite designers.

Here’s what’s coming up:

Hayley Paige                           June 3 – 5

Tara Keely                               June 10 – 12

Rivini                                       July 22 – 24

Call 416-861-4800 to book a trunk show appointment. See our full list of trunk shows at

Join the Kleinfeld conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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Spring 2017 Bridal Fashion Week on Instagram

The top designers in bridal have been unveiling their new collections at the spring 2017 Bridal Fashion Week in New York City. And what a glorious week it has been. This year the bridal rules have changed. Gowns are now more about personal expression and the versatility of the brides who want to throw caution (and past traditions) to the wind. Brides today have a different way of doing things, and they are definitely bringing sexy back. Check out some of these notable moments from the week.

Flirty and Fabulous


#WTW #WhatsTrendingWednesday Suit me up – “The Modern Bride” Although still a controversial wedding outfit, trouser (pant) suits have been seen all over the catwalks this week in New York during Bridal Fashion Week. For the non-traditional bride #spring2017 is all about structured suits with effortlessly tailored trousers in crisp-white as seen from designers like @houseofherrera. Other designers got even more creative with the silhouette. @naeemkhannyc offered a contoured all white beaded long sleeve jumpsuit while @moniquelhuillier showcased a softer ensemble, a strapless jumpsuit with lace overlay made complete by a delicate tulle train. This fashion choice has got split decision from the Diana Collins Team. It has left us wondering whether the white trouser suit can be just as chic, formal and impactful as a ball gown or if the modern choice is a fashion step too far? We would love to know what you think? #instablog #modernbride #trousersuit #nybfw #carolinaherrera #naheemkhan #moniquelhuillier #bride #bridalgown #weddingdress #wedding #weddingdress #weddinginspiration #bridalwear #bridalsuit #weddingsuit #IDo #weddingsbydianacollins #luxuryweddingplanners #luxuryplanners #luxuryweddings @lovemydress @spraepr @sweetpeapr

A photo posted by Weddings By Diana Collins (@weddingsbydianacollins) on


That’s a wrap! #NaeemKhan #SS17 #BFW2016

A photo posted by Naeem Khan (@naeemkhanbride) on

Peek-a-boo Lace

#BERTA beauty squad ❤️

A photo posted by BERTA (@bertabridal) on

Boho Chic

Winged inspiration

Plunging necklines

– Catherine Thorpe

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3 Charming Boho Bridal Accessories

Boho chic as a fashion trend has found itself coming and going for the past 25 years or so. Drawing on both bohemian and hippie influences, it’s a varied style that places emphasis on loose, flowing skirts, natural materials, and various other elements. If you’re a fan of the boho look and are looking to incorporate it into your bridal outfit, here are a few accessory ideas to help you get started.

Hair Chains


Photo Courtesy of NaynaJewelry via

Hair chains are not only very beautiful and regal looking hair pieces, they’re also super comfortable and easy to wear. That’s one of the advantages of boho chic – you look so stylish without all the hassle of feeling uncomfortable! You also have a lot of options here with a hair chain. Keep it simple and minimalistic with the chains and colours if your bridal affair is of a subdued nature. If you’re looking for more sparkle, feel free to pick a hair piece with more beads and jewels.

Raw Crystal Jewelry


Photo courtesy of poorsparrow via etsy

Raw crystal jewelry, despite lacking the polish of cut stones, have their own special charm. They refract light in more mysterious ways, their colours are more varied and interesting, and their shapes are not as predictable. Pick a stone that matches your colour scheme, your theme (all stones have meanings!), or, if you can’t decide, layer them! Layers are always good.

White Statement Sandals


Photo courtesy of

Boho chic is all about casual stylishness, so what could be more casual and stylish than a pair of snazzy sandals? Pick a white pair to up the fanciness (wouldn’t want to be too casual) and don’t be afraid of embellishment. Feathers, stones, and metal coins are just some of the many decorations you could go for. Comfort and style – what could be better?

 – Samantha Muraca

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The Language of Flowers: 3 Different Floral Crown Looks

Floral crowns have a long and distinguished history. From important ceremonies to fun and carefree celebrations, people have worn these beautiful headpieces for all manner of occasions. If you’re looking to don a floral crown on your wedding day, you have quite a few options. From the real deal to the fabricated, the freshly picked or the dried. Whichever you decide to go with, here are a few traditional crown pieces to get you started.

Crown of Roses


Photo courtesy of creatureshabit on

Roses have been a symbol for love and beauty for a very long time. Ranging in colour from delicate whites, blushes of pink, and vivid reds (as well as some striped and tipped varieties), roses are some of the most traditionally romantic flowers around. Use them in your crown while they’re still partially closed or when they’re fully open, depending on your tastes. Also, if you’re unsure about colour, a soft pink is a great middle ground to accent just about any colour scheme.

Crown of Gardenias


Photo courtesy of avigailadam on

The gardenia, a heavily scented flower nested in dark leaves, is a gorgeous floral accent in any bridal outfit. You can use the flower on its own or arranged alongside others, whichever works best for you. The resulting crown will be a dreamy and elegant thing. Its delicate ivory petals are easily bruised, however, so handle fresh blossoms with care!

Crown of Lily of the Valley


Photo courtesy of Dark Roux Photography

A crown made from lily of the valley is a sure way to delicately enhance any bridal look you’re going for, although they tend to work best with a similarly delicate look. These clusters of bell shaped blooms, although expensive year round, make for some of the prettiest floral crowns around. Their scent, fresh and light, is also simply beautiful.

 – Samantha Muraca

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