3 Charming Boho Bridal Accessories

Boho chic as a fashion trend has found itself coming and going for the past 25 years or so. Drawing on both bohemian and hippie influences, it’s a varied style that places emphasis on loose, flowing skirts, natural materials, and various other elements. If you’re a fan of the boho look and are looking to incorporate it into your bridal outfit, here are a few accessory ideas to help you get started.

Hair Chains


Photo Courtesy of NaynaJewelry via etsy.com

Hair chains are not only very beautiful and regal looking hair pieces, they’re also super comfortable and easy to wear. That’s one of the advantages of boho chic – you look so stylish without all the hassle of feeling uncomfortable! You also have a lot of options here with a hair chain. Keep it simple and minimalistic with the chains and colours if your bridal affair is of a subdued nature. If you’re looking for more sparkle, feel free to pick a hair piece with more beads and jewels.

Raw Crystal Jewelry


Photo courtesy of poorsparrow via etsy

Raw crystal jewelry, despite lacking the polish of cut stones, have their own special charm. They refract light in more mysterious ways, their colours are more varied and interesting, and their shapes are not as predictable. Pick a stone that matches your colour scheme, your theme (all stones have meanings!), or, if you can’t decide, layer them! Layers are always good.

White Statement Sandals


Photo courtesy of wheretoget.it

Boho chic is all about casual stylishness, so what could be more casual and stylish than a pair of snazzy sandals? Pick a white pair to up the fanciness (wouldn’t want to be too casual) and don’t be afraid of embellishment. Feathers, stones, and metal coins are just some of the many decorations you could go for. Comfort and style – what could be better?

 – Samantha Muraca

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