Bro-Dal Showers: The New Pre-Wedding Tradition

Photo courtesy of BuzzFeed

Photo courtesy of BuzzFeed

In the months leading up to a wedding, women seem to reap all the benefits and even get a special party thrown to celebrate their soon-to-be new lives as someone’s wife. When you take a step back, you realize just how sexist the bridal shower ritual is. So, grooms are starting their own pre-wedding traditions with the “Bro-Dal Shower.”

The term has been making its rounds on the Internet after an article appeared on BuzzFeed about two bro-dal showers staff recently threw for two grooms-to-be.

“More and more guys are deciding against the traditional bachelor party with a stripper and Vegas, and are looking for a more laid back way to celebrate with their friends,” BuzzFeed Senior Lifestyle Editor Rachel Wilkerson Miller told The Huffington Post. “And when guys marry other guys, their loved ones often still want to throw them some sort of a party to show their support for the couple.”

The first was a Lumberjack-themed shower that featured a menu of a meat and cheese board, trail mix and beer brat sliders. Games included beard decorating and getting inked with temporary tattoos.

The second of the bro-dal showers was a mix of comic books and elegance, which made for a pretty cool theme. The tablescape was inspired by Batman’s Gotham, with buildings made of 3D puzzles and the cocktail menu included seven drinks inspired by different Batman characters. Guests could take photos in a photo booth with Batman-inspired props, and they played classic shower games.

Check out more details of the bro-dal showers at BuzzFeed Life.


– Rosemina Nazarali, Editor

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5 Unique Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal Showers are usually only fun in theory. Once you’ve been to a few, you realize that they all seem to include the same games, which makes playing them over and over again pretty boring. If you want to jazz things up at your bridal shower, check out these five unique games.

Wedding Mad Libs

Photo courtesy of KreativeCupcake/Etsy

Photo courtesy of KreativeCupcake/Etsy

Okay, this isn’t exactly an original idea. But the great thing about Mad Libs is you can personalize it for the couple getting married. The one pictured above is more sentimental, but you can make this funny, include aspects of their relationship and even turn it into a game to see which shower guest knows the couple best.

Memory Lane

In this game, guests anonymously write down funny and embarrassing memories they’ve had with the bride on cards.  Collect the cards, shuffle and hand them out again to the guests. The guests then have to try and guess who the memory belongs to. This is likely to result in a lot of laughs and serves as a great ice breaker.

Who Am I?

Similar to HedBanz and Heads Up, this game involves guests holding up cards with names, places or things up to their foreheads while the rest of the party acts it out to try and get them to guess what is written on the card. You can give the game a wedding-inspired theme, like celebrity couples or popular wedding songs.

He Said She Said

Photo courtesy of Wedding Paper Divas

Photo courtesy of Wedding Paper Divas

Before the bridal shower, create a set of questions to ask both the bride and groom. Then ask them both the questions separately while recording their answers. You can put the answers on paper and have the guests guess who said what. Or, you can have the bride and groom guess each other’s answers. The questions can include anything from their habits and pet peeves, to questions about their relationship.

Wedding Jeopardy

Have the guests play a round of jeopardy based on their knowledge of the couple and their upcoming wedding. Categories can include “How They Met,” “Travel,” and “Wedding Plans.” Guests can work together in teams, giving them a chance to get to know each other.


– Rosemina Nazarali, Editor 

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Exciting Bridal Shower Games


[Photo courtesy of Wedding Party App]

Have you been to a super exciting bridal shower? Have you been to a totally lackluster one? Bridal showers can be a ton of fun, or kind of a drag. No one wants to be the bride with a boring shower…So how do you prevent that? We think the best way to have an amazing shower is to plan great entertainment that involves all guests. Look no further than the Bridal Guide for some exciting bridal shower games.

Two Truths and a Lie

Have every guest tell three memorable stories about themselves and the bride. Two will be true, and one will be a lie. Have the guest to their right guess the lie. If they get it right, award them with a small gift. The best part? The outrageous, heart warming, or quirky stories that will be shared.

Pin the Facial Hair on the Groom


[Photo courtesy of Glynis Ronchetti]

This game will get all guests up out of their seats and having fun. Hand out facial hair cut-outs with guests names on them. One at  a time, blindfold guests, spin them around, and direct them towards a photo of the groom on a wall. Watch them attempt to pin the moustache on the photo. Give a prize to whoever plants their facial cut-out most properly.

How Well Do You Know Your Groom?

Have the Maid of Honour ask the groom around 20 questions about himself, the couples’ relationship, etc. and record his answers. Then, pose the same questions to the bride and see what her answers will be. We guarantee some serious hilarity here. Want to make it more fun? For every answer the bride gets wrong, make her have a sip of wine.

Dream Hollywood Husband

Who hasn’t dreamt of a Hollywood celebrity husband? The answer is no one! Whether your guests are Johnny Depp or Adam Levine fans, everyone is bound to have a good answer. For this game, have everyone write their dream celebrity husband and make the bride guess who wrote what.

Gift Bingo


[Photo courtesy of Something Tourquoise]

Make or buy blank bingo cards for this game. Have everyone fill in the blank bingo boxes with what you think the bride will receive for gifts. When a guest gets bingo, hand out a fun prize. If they call bingo falsely, hand out a fun punishment.


Lauren Chan is the Editor of the Bridal Guide.

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