Dream Bachelorette Parties

Just as weddings have gotten more and more extravagant, bachelorette parties are following on the same path. Bachelorette parties came into being as an answer to bachelor parties but what started out as a few friends getting together for a casual good time has evolved into a flourishing industry to guarantee that your last party as single girl is everything that you ever wanted.

Extravagant Holidays


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Some girls want it all: the big wedding, the romantic honeymoon and on top of that, the most lavish bachelorette party money could buy. A recent article on the New York Times website details the full-on vacations women are taking to celebrate their last days of being single. These destination hen holidays include luxurious accommodations, dinners at fancy hotels, pampering spa days, extravagant shopping trips and nightclub parties at night. The price tag? $4000! But that’s not even the most expensive – travel companies that plan bachelorette getaways have devised itineraries to Paris that cost a whopping five digits and that doesn’t even include the money you might spend there.

Some brides are now having two bachelorette parties to accommodate different groups of friends, a trend these days as you make friends who live or move to all over the country or world. Having an expensive and lavish bachelorette party (or two) may seem very different from how things were before but it’s increasingly more common as women focus on establishing themselves in their careers and becoming financially independent before getting married. Another factor that might be driving this trend is competition. As one bride from the article put it, “When [my fiancé] decided that he was going to have two, I had to even the score.”


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Dawn Lo is a contributor to the Bridal Guide.

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