Rachel & Marcel

Date: October 4, 2014
Venue: Hazleton Manor

Our Story


1) How did you meet?

We used to work together at a grocery store back in the day. About five years ago, my friends went to go meet her and I was there as well. After this day, we started talking more and officially started dating a month after. I always knew from then on that she was the one. Its crazy how a once in a lifetime moment can change the whole direction of your life. I proposed two years later when the time was right.

2) What was the Ceremony like?

 It’s amazing how quick the ceremony was. I didn’t even have any nerves, I guess it was because I knew exactly what I wanted and that was to marry the love of my life. We had a traditional Catholic wedding and all of our closest family and friends were there to support us. Everything went pretty smoothly from beginning to end. Rachel looked brilliant and beautiful.

3) How was The Reception?

The reception was a lot of fun. The food was great. The atmosphere was dynamic. We enjoyed celebrating the night. In honor of those that passed and were not able to celebrate with us, we set up a table with all of their favorite foods. For Rachel’s Dad was an Indian dessert, for my grandma was Mentos and lastly for my cousin was Coke bottle candies. We were also pretty excited for the photo booth which let our guests take pictures for us. We enjoyed every bit of it.

4) How would you describe The Décor?:

Rachel and I are both simple and we wanted to keep it to our tastes. Plus, Hazleton Manor is already a beautiful hall itself and didn’t require a lot. Petals & Pearls provided Linens, Creations by Helen was our Florist and they did a great job with everything. Rachel really loves lace and we incorporated lace clothes at the head tables and she also wore a lace dress.

5) “She said. He said.” A quote from you, the bride or groom, to future couples. Provide one piece of advice or insight about your wedding.

Don’t forget to enjoy the moment. I can say its like rolling down a hill, it all happens so fast and its not until the end that you realize its all over. We were engaged in June 2013 and had about a year and a half to plan our wedding for October 2014. Don’t spend too stress or worry in the planning because everything always works out.

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Wedding Date

October 4, 2014



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