Nicole Roessner and Bryce Roessner

Date: 01-08-2015
Location: Canmore, Alberta
Venue: Cornerstone Theater

Our Story

My husband and I met when we were both on summer internships for the same company. I was having trouble with my computer one day so I placed a request to the IT department. Soon after, a young man called my office and did a bit of troubleshooting. He fixed my computer and that was that. Something we still laugh at today is whether or not my next computer issue was real or made up, but like before, I placed a call, except this time not to IT, but directly to ‘him’. He answered and said he could fix my issue when I wasn’t working; he would just need my password.

At this point in my life, my password was extremely embarrassing – so I made him promise not to laugh. I think I still use that password on some of my ‘not so important’ websites, so I won’t tell you, but regardless, he was very polite, didn’t laugh at my password, and fixed my computer. I was relieved that all this happened on the phone, so the chances of him seeing ‘the girl with the worst password’ as he calls it, was fairly rare.

However, it was only a few days later that someone (at this point, you can probably guess who) came by my office to ask me how my computer was working, the cheekish grin on his face gave him away. He found me! I can only imagine how red I was as I could actually feel the temperature rising. Here he was, this IT guy who I thought would never see me, was now standing in my office.

I may have also been red because he was very good looking, physically fit, and extremely charming. Thank goodness I can laugh at myself because that embarrassing little password I mentioned earlier was a great ice breaker. We really hit it off.

We spent the rest of our summer internship as friends, going for the occasional coffee and running in to each other in the hallway. I was still going to school in a city 3 hours away, so at the end of our four month work term, we parted ways and promised to stay in touch – which we did not.

It was not until later in the winter semester (March / April) that I received a phone call from a nervous sounding young man asking if I was going back to that same company for another summer work term. I think I played it a bit cooler than he did because he didn’t pick up on the butterflies that were in my stomach. I really liked him! We met up again over the summer and started dating. Unfortunately my work term was a short one as I had enrolled in a spring / summer semester to finish up a few classes early. This meant we would have to do long distance for ten months while we both finished our last year of University.

They say long distance is hard and it rarely works. I will admit that there were times where we both thought we were in over our heads but we battled through. In the end, I credit long distance for making our relationship stronger. We learned how to better communicate, appreciate, and trust each other, and we both recognized that this relationship was something to work for.

Needless to say, at the end of the school year, we were finally in same city. We continued to build on our long distance foundation for several years until we decided to say ‘I do’ this past August.

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Wedding Details

Wedding Date



Canmore, Alberta


Cornerstone Theater

Ceremony Location

Canmore Golf and Curling Club


Krystal Boyd

Tuxedo & Suits


Wedding Planner

Mountain Bride – Rachel Abdallah

Wedding Gown Designer/Vendor

David Tutera


Melanie Dawn Urban Texture Hair Studio


Jessica’s Beauty Service


Flower Artistry – Lyn Chapman

Decor Rental


Cake Creations – Crystal Hum & Cake Topper – Lauren Tse

DJ-Live Enterainment