Jessica and Nicholas

Date: 9/15/18
Location: Garfield, New Jersey
Venue: The Venetian

Our Story

Nick and I are what you call high school sweethearts. We crossed paths during my freshman year of high school and Nick’s junior year. Neither of us had any idea who the other was, but both our close friends happened to be dating at that time.

The morning of the wedding was the first time I heard about when Nick first saw me. He wrote me a letter explaining how it was a feeling he never felt before. In the letter he mentioned that our encounters every morning before first period were never accidental. Every day until we spoke our first word Nick would take the D wing! With both of us having an athletic background we would see each other more often than we thought! With him playing soccer and me being in gymnastics a visit to the athletic trainer was the start to something special. I remember the feeling I got when I first saw him, instant butterflies and a shyness that I couldn’t control. My friend’s boyfriend told me how Nick thought I was cute and would be messaging me on Facebook. I replied by saying “no he’s not” “who is this Nick Kyp kid” and surely, a message from “Nick Kyp” was what I received as soon as I got home from school! “Hey Lil cutie” were the first words that he ever said to me, with months of talking and taking things slow we finally made it official and started dating. He asked me through text while I was sitting right next to him, YES I KNOW TEXT lol!

Nick and I started dating November 15 of 2008. Just like any relationship we’ve had our highs but had our share of many lows. Meeting as a young couple and continuing our relationship as young adults was a very trivial time but was a huge testament when it came to our love for one another. No matter what we faced as a couple we always fought when it came to our relationship which proved how serious we were for one another. 9 years later on May 5, 2017, Nick proposed. September 15, 2018 was when we said “I do” and started the next chapter of our lives together as husband and wife.

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Garfield, New Jersey


The Venetian

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The Venetian


Abella studios

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Abella studios

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