Alexis and Dan

Date: 18-06-2016
Location: Wainfleet, Ontario
Venue: Rustic Country Wedding, at a friends property

Our Story

How did you meet?

Dan and Alexis met on a blind date.  Alexis knew nothing about Dan prior to the blind date, other than the fact they were meeting at a pub in Port Colbourne; Don Cherry’s.  At first Alexis admits being frightened by the fact she was going on a blind date, but she later had her expectations flipped after the two spent several hours longer than they had planned, talking and enjoying their company.  They both recall admitting to themselves that, this was the one…

Describe the Engagement?

Alexis recalls Dan trying to be romantic about the proposal but in twist of fate, it ended up being quite funny due to the weather.  It was the coldest day of the year, at the end of February, and they had planned a trip to Decew Falls for a hike.  Enthusiastic about the idea of hiking around the area in the beauty of winter, they couldn’t find the inner strength to get out of the warm car after feeling how cold it actually was.  They sat in the car, and unknown to Alexis, Dan was planning to propose to her.  Staying true to his intentions, he proposed to her there in the parking lot.

Describe the Wedding:

Alexis recalls being stressed out up until the day of the wedding.. But once the day came, she was calm, cool, and collected.  She was ready to get married to the love of her life!  On that day she felt so in love with Dan, on a level unlike anything she says she has felt before, it was truly magical for her.  The day went flawlessly without an issue, and was better than they both had anticipated.

One special memory they both loved, was the champagne-blast they did to celebrate at the end of the night. This was orchestrated and captured in the most stunning detail by the photographers.  The McDonalds cheese-burger-bar that was delivered to the party, and the fun and exciting memories everyone had to share.

Flowers were a cherished gift from a friend, and the location was a rustic-style, country out-door wedding

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Wedding Details

Wedding Date



Wainfleet, Ontario


Rustic Country Wedding, at a friends property

Ceremony Location


G3 Designs Photography, Mike Farkas, Matt Macpherson

Tuxedo & Suits


Wedding Planner

Wedding Gown Designer/Vendor

Vintage Lace Dress


Storm, St. Catharines



Rosa Flora

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The Happy Baker

DJ-Live Enterainment