2022 Weddings: What to Expect

The 2021 wedding season is coming to a close as we ease into fall, and wedding professionals and newlyweds alike had yet another difficult year managing expectations and abiding by the ever-changing restrictions related to Covid-19. At the start of the pandemic, many hoped 2021 would be a redemption year after all the cancelled wedding receptions in 2020. That was sadly not the case. The wedding industry continued to struggle and newly engaged couples had to temper their excitement, worried that their plans would need to be changed at the last minute. Those with dreams of a big wedding ceremony or nuptials in front of family from out of town had to adjust their vision and come up with a new wedding day dream. Despite everything, couples have continued to commit and forge ahead with wedding plans.

The 2022 wedding surge

Both engaged couples and wedding vendors are optimistic about what summer 2022 has in store. According to American market research firm, The Wedding Report, an estimated 2.5 million weddings are planned in the United States for 2022, the most the country has seen since 1984. We can likely expect a similar surge in Canada. Florists, photographers, DJs and more can expect a packed schedule and lots of overtime to fit several years worth of weddings into one wedding season.

What to anticipate for a 2022 wedding

It’s impossible to know if there will continue to be restrictions on the number of guests at weddings by next summer, or whether or not it will be feasible for families from out of town to travel in for the big day. Concerts and travel are slowly opening up with new safety measures in place. Why shouldn’t weddings be the same? Restaurants and public venues are now open for those who are vaccinated, so it is only logical that weddings follow suit. Variants and future waves continue to be a threat, however if other industries are any indication, we’re on the right track to return to something resembling normal by next year. Hurray!

Have faith that your plans will come to fruition. Believe that the wedding experience you’re dreaming of will become your reality. Worst case scenario, your celebration may look a little different from what you’d imagined, but at the end of the day, the love of your life will still be standing by your side as your new spouse, and that’s all that matters.

Don’t let the fear of what may happen prevent you from designing the day you deserve. Continue to move forward with your wedding preparations. In the end, whether 2022 is the best year or yet another challenging one for newlyweds, it’s an adventure we’re eager to experience by your side.

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