Gone Sailing Adventures: The Perfect Wedding Excursion

If you’ve been looking for a bit of adventure and something to do outdoors throughout your wedding process, we may have found the perfect solution for your bachelor/bachelorette needs, your anniversary or honeymoon celebrations and even your wedding! Gone Sailing Adventures offers couples or groups private sailing or luxury yacht experiences around the Toronto Harbour and Lake Ontario. It’s the perfect mini holiday celebration, especially when traditional travel is off the table.


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Gone Sailing Adventures specialize in romantic excursions for couples, which makes them ideal for proposals. You and your soon-to-be spouse can explore the Toronto Island Lagoons and the captain can give your or your partner a little wink and nudge when you get to the perfect spot for a surprise proposal. Other than the stunning backdrop and the intimate and romantic atmosphere on your private boat, Gone Sailing Adventures also offers a proposal package including a video of the proposal and photography to capture the moment forever.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

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If you want more of a party experience than an intimate and romantic date, Gone Sailing Adventures also offers bachelor or bachelorette packages. You and your wedding party will start with a tour of the Toronto Island Lagoons, blasting the music, sipping mimosas and enjoying the sun. Then you’ll stop for a swim break at Toronto’s famous Hanlan’s Point Beach. It’ll be the perfect day on the water and a great option for you and your best friends when traditional bar and restaurant options are limited.


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If you’ve been struggling to find a wedding venue that will be perfect for a small group of people that still packs the excitement and thrill of a traditional wedding, Gone Sailing Adventures offers private wedding packages for up to 10 guests. Without compromising on atmosphere, you and your partner will get married with a stunning view of the CN Tower and the Toronto skyline behind you aboard a 41 foot luxury yacht. Captain Howie is one of the only Ontario Licensed Officiants that can marry you on Lake Ontario, so it’s truly a unique and unforgettable experience.

Mini Honeymoon or Anniversary Celebration

Gone Sailing Adventures also rents its sailboats and yachts for more customized experiences. If you and your partner aren’t able to have a honeymoon abroad, maybe a day on the water soaking up the sun with the wind in your hair will make you feel like you’re found a little bit of tropical paradise right here in the Toronto area. It’s also a great option to celebrate anniversaries.

For whatever event or activity, Gone Sailing Adventures promises a fun-filled day that will be one of the highlights of your wedding experience.

Check them out on social media on Instagram or Facebook and head over to their website to book and plan your wedding excursion.

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