Simple Satin Wedding Gowns

Your wedding dress is the single most important gown you’ll ever wear. No pressure!

To make sure you look absolutely stunning on your big day, the key is to choose a dress that highlights you and not the other way around. That’s why more salons are offering simple satin wedding dresses, to highlight brides’ natural beauty. Disappearig inside an over-the-top dress can be a bride’s worst nightmare, and that won’t happen with a simple satin gown. You never want your dress to wear you! You’re the star of the show, afterall. 

Here are some things we love about simple satin wedding gowns:

Stunning shilouette

image via nars bridal

A simple satin dress is likely the most classic look you can choose on your wedding day. Satin gives the gown the necessary sheen to shine bright and look stunning in photos, and the simple shilouette will highlight your assets beautifully. Plus, there are pockets! 

Full body beauty

image via cweddingdresses

Simple satin dresses can still be show-stoppers, especially ball gowns. This Cinderella look keeps it simple without any jewel embellishments, lace or beading. But wow does it make the bride look gorgeous! 


image via loverbridal

Satin gowns have been popular for generations. A simple satin wedding dress will make you look elegant, regal and truly timless on your big day, especially an of the shoulder look. 

Sexy and Chic

image via alex perry bride


Last but not least, satin can be incredibly sexy! For a more intimate ceremony, a bride with all the right confidence can rock a sleek sheath dress in satin to highlight her petite figure. 

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