Is a Minimoon Right for You?

Planning a wedding is no easy feat, and planning a honeymoon at the same time is straight up stressful, not to mention expensive. A great alternative for budget-conscious and time-conscious couples is a minimoon! 

What is a minimoon, Exactly?

A minimoon, or miniature honeymoon, is a shorter, simpler honeymoon. While a honeymoon is traditionally an extensive trip lasting a week or more, often to tropical or exotic destinations, a minimoon is a simpler, more close-to-home, version. Essentially, a minimoon is a glorified weekend getaway for a newly married couple.

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Why you should consider a minimoon

With countless wedding traditions going out the window year after year, the idea of taking a long expensive vacation just days after tying the knot may not be feasible for all couples. If you have children, if you have work commitments or if you simply can’t manage to fit a vacation into your budget, a minimoon might be the best alternative. 

Honeymoons are meant to be a time, soon after getting married, to relax and experience life with your new spouse. For some couples, due to time or budget constraints, they choose to forget the whole honeymoon thing and jump straight into everyday life. While it’s entirely your choice to take a honeymoon, minimoon, or latermoon (a honeymoon a year or more after the wedding), a getaway with your partner is one of the best ways to truly get excited about the commitment you’ve made to each other. That’s why, rather than forgo a honeymoon completely, a minimoon is at least a must! 

Types of Minimoons

Now that you’re on the minimoon train, here are some of the best ideas to consider: 

Spa weekend 

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Nothing says relaxation quite like a spa! After a hectic wedding, why not take a few days to get away with your spouse at a nearby spa. At least one night away is recommended to really disconnect from all the stresses and excitement you’ve experienced over the last few weeks. Bring your bathing suit and a bottle of champagne and celebrate!

Ski weekend 

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Maybe relaxing in the warmth isn’t for you, and you’d rather hit the slopes and get active with your new spouse. For winter weddings, there’s no better minimoon than a skip trip for the weekend, paired with a cozy cottage fireplace and some mulled wine. 

Weekend Getaway

image by Lindsey Roman

If you don’t want to relax at the spa or get active on the slopes, you can explore a nearby city. There are lots of rural towns with sweet bed and breakfast options, or you can take a quick roadtrip to a neighboring state or province. A friend had her minimoon in New York city, and packed all the excitement of a full vacation into a weekend away with her new husband. They had a blast. 

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